Sunday, July 6, 2014

The shit on my walls (Part 8).

Part 7.

Well, there, that last ink cartridge lasted me since last April.
Got a lot out of it.
Now I'm on a fresh one.
And we begin with...

The Streetsweepers!

YES!!! Ahhh, there. Been waiting to see that image since I invented Eidolon in my head, which was somewhere way back at ah, Christ, chapter 11 when I hinted at Dr. Herbert, before anyone knew it was a hint towards Dr. Herbert.

Oh, and Eidolon started off a modified version of Ennui from The Legion Of Liberty.

Just like Chokecherry started off "Harry's Ex-Wife", from "Zone Dweebies".
Take an old idea, tinker it around, nothing goes to waste in my shared universe.

Anyway, this goes above Chokecherry vs. Deathgrasp, and replaces Zoria & Captain Redundant.

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