Monday, September 1, 2014

The Big Romero Dead Series Review (addendum).

All right, so George has said he doesn't want to do anymore zombie movies now, because "The Walking Dead", has over-saturated the market.

So, kiss the two quadrilogies goodbye... decide to count....

Toe Tags: The Death Of Death (2005)

For DC comics, by George Romero.

About a zombie who gets injected with an experimental preservative that saves his brain, and retains his memory and personality, so he becomes a zombie hero.

This was adapted from an unused script for a sequel to The Dead Series, so it's as close to canonical as you can get.

Empire Of The Dead (2014-2015)

Also by Romero, but this time, for Marvel.

About...well, basically, zombies vs vampires.
Whether you count this as canonical to the The Dead Series depends on how purist you are about bringing in other supernatural elements.

I say, hell, can't be as weak as "Survival", so bring it the fuck on.
Shake things up.

So, adding those...

Ahhhh, there, that's done.

Barring an absolute fucking miracle, that's going to have to be it.


Billdude said...

I'm kinda glad he's hanging it up on the zombie thing--"Diary" and "Survival" didn't exactly do much of anything for me. I also find it weird that anyone actually cares about the chronology of these--does it actually matter if the NOTLD massacre is taking place nearby? Oh well.

Diacanu said...

It's not so much that I care for its own sake, but I'm OCD about Easter eggs.
If the director cared enough to cram it in there, I care enough to find it.

The TV announcer from NOTLD is in there?
Okay, Romero wanted me to see that.


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