Sunday, September 28, 2014

Crossovers #40!!

Yeah, I said no more crossovers, but I also said...

The only ones I really want to update, are the Simpsons/Family Guy and Simpsons/Futurama episodes when they come out.

So, here we are.

Family Guy: 
The Simpsons Guy (2014)

It just aired, and I loved it.

Was it the best episode of either series?
Did I expect that?
Do I think less of the intelligence of anyone who did?

As a crossover, however, it was perfect.
Everything you'd want.
Similar/parallel characters meet, funny interactions, everything you'd want them to say or do was done, both series brutally roasted, Homer and Peter fight, etc, etc.

It was the Freddy vs Jason/World's Finest/Batman vs Hulk of animated sitcoms.

And, it felt so...RIGHT.
I wanted the shows to permanently fuse, they belong together.
I felt the same way about Superman/Fantastic Four.

Now, bring on Simpsorama!

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