Saturday, July 26, 2014

Also, Age Of Ultron stuff.

Last update.

The slowly assembling A:AOU poster is complete, and here's that.

In the upper left corner, you can see The Vision.

This is going to keeck so much ahhhsss.

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Billdude said...

Guess you already saw the Mad Max Fury Road trailer? It's happening, weirdly though it's apparently going to be in between the first two films chronologically (when the nuclear actually took place) but Tom Hardy is like 37, when Gibson was like 23 when they filmed "The Road Warrior," so that's gonna be awkward. But apparently, it's not going to be filled with horrible CGI though too, even though it's rumored it went through horrible postproduction.

Go see the trailer.

For a second, I fantasized that this, Star Wars Episode VII, Age Of Ultron, and Batman vs. Superman were all coming out at the same time which would be hilarious but I guess then again the Star Wars movie is actually gonna be December 18 this time and B vs. S is 2016.

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