Monday, July 28, 2014

Big Summer Movies Part 2. (Part 5)

Part 2 of a cyber-enhanced two-fer.

Lucy (2014)

Better than "Transcendence", but that ain't saying much.

Chock full of pseudo-science, but so are shitloads of other popular flicks, including the Treks, and Ghostbusters, so, turn your brain off to enjoy.

Brushes its fingers up against all kinds of cool ideas for powers possessed by Lucy, but doesn't really dig into the nitty-gritty with them.
Something like this needs to be a novel, not a big dumb action movie that only clocks in at an hour and a half including credits.

Not awful, but not theater-worthy.
Wait for video.

Next, Guardians Of The Galaxy.
That should redeem everything.
That's THE summer movie everyone's waiting for.

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