Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Speaking of horror TV series...

Hannibal season 2 comes out on DVD/Blu-ray today!

Bryan Fuller says this one has more commentaries and goodies than season 1, so, buckle in.

Also, he's mashing the ideas for season 3 & 4 together into season 3.
So, here's how the arc looks now.
  1. Garret Jacob Hobbs.
  2. Mason Verger.
  3. Flashback to "Hannibal Rising", then "Red Dragon".
  4. Silence Of The Lambs.
  5. Hannibal.
  6. Hannibal sequel.
And, he might just mash 5 & 6 together, we'll see.

I guess this updates "Masters Of Horror! (Thomas Harris)".


B. D. said...

Dude, nobody cares about that, all the kids are lining up to read the new Chick tract!!!


It's a howler!!! Don't you love how evil those kids are? Don't you love the preacher at the end actually using the word "stinky"?

Diacanu said...

The implication to this one being, all those kidnapped kids who got raped and/or murdered were either not prayed for, or their loved ones picked the wrong God.

Chick Tract the TV series, now that would be scary.

Diacanu said...

These guys just got around to reviewing this one (Chick Tract, I mean).


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