Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Big Summer Movies Part 2. (Part 4)


Godzilla (2014)

Here again, is my beakdown of all the other Godzilla flicks...

Gotta say, overall, this is the best one I've seen, in terms of a believable monster.
They finally did it, and by "did it", I mean they didn't fuck it up like the '99 version.
Bury '99 it's dead, this is the antidote.

Now, nitpickery....
  • Should have been called "Godzilla vs. MUTO".
  • Too much humans, not enough monster.
  • Too much MUTO, not enough Godzilla.
  • WTF is this shit with nighttime monster fights? Is this a new rule? Fuck you, do it in broad daylight, and let us see that shit.
  • Too much buildup.
  • Not enough Bryan Cranston. Once he exits the film, you don't give a shit about the others.
  • The last half hour or so makes it all worth it. You finally get the goods.
  • Even then, you'll be thinking "get those fucking Army guys out of there! Sick of them! Show me monsters!", in the tiny back corner of your mind.
  • Enjoyed it more than "Pacific Rim", just like I thought I would.
  • Paladin was right, "Edge", was the better flick. Still glad I saw this though.

There, back on track.
Up next, "Guardians Of The Galaxy".
...or maybe "Lucy".

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