Sunday, June 29, 2014

Six years of Shmegalamonga!!!!!!

Well, first, let's update all the shit I talked about last time....

The Harry books turned 2.

Jade Shade and Chokecherry turned 1 year old.

I completed season 1 of Quantum Dissolve.

I finally conquered the calendar project.

The third volume of En-Mike-lopedia rolled around, and ended up being a fucking doozy, and damned near crippled my whole 2013.
I'll be scaling that back now.
I've already scaled the holidays way back.


Harry Hembock turned 25 (the quarter century mark! Also, he met JS).

Krazyfool's Den Of Delusion turned 15. (and met JS).

The Krazyfool Show turned 14.  (ditto the above)

So, that updates all that stuff, what else?

Harry Hembock: Dark Designs turned 5.

Stan Lee turned 91.

Twinkies vanished for 9 months.

Freddy vs Jason turned 10. (and is on "I love the 2000's")

The Punisher turned 10. (..and isn't. Come on, it had Travolta, and the song charted!)

Winamp died (it got archived though)

Batman turned 75.

Tim Burton's Batman turned 25.

Ghostbusters turned 30.

GPKs turned 29.

Gameboy turned 25.

Windows turned 30. (and Windows 8 gargles dick)

The Boston marathon bombing turned 1 year old. (and fucked up TV for a week)

I bingewatched some popular shows.

So, for year 7, I'm gonna keep plugging away at Quantum Dissolve until it's done, blow through the dates on Calendar 2, and have an even more streamlined one for next year, aaand, yeah, that's it.
Mostly Quantum Dissolve.
Hopefully, that'll be done next time, but...who knows?
I'm not setting a deadline.

Up next, the logo for year 7.

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