Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Happy 39th birthday to myself!

No gummi bear or Reese's cake this year.
Did have a bucket of Ben & Jerry's Hazed & Confused.

Last year, I navel gazed about how I no longer give a shit about society's opinion.
Now, I don't even give a shit that I don't give a shit.

There's no longer a speck of me left that's on the defensive, and I feel even pluckier about not taking anyone's shit.

My new philosophical mantra is, I'm not on this Earth to leave everything the same.
Totally going to incorporate that into my outlook going forward on Jade-Shade.
Got a lot of new ideas for that I'm excited about.

Oh, yeah, need to log it down somewhere, this post is as good as any...
All the weird leftover memory flickers in my head bouncing around and driving me nuts...turned out to be real, and I hunted them all down and ghostbusted the fuckers.
Quests over.
Brain de-bugged.

Next year, is the big four-oh.
And, I don't even mind. :-)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday.

- Lanz

Diacanu said...

Thanks. :)

Billdude said...

"Hazed & Confused" was good but "Scotchy Scotch Scotch" is even better, happy 39th!!!

By the way, the Aerosmith song "Flesh" really sucks ass and is even worse than any of their obnoxious 90s power ballad trash. I'm serious, it just plain blows!!!!

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