Monday, August 11, 2014

Big Summer Movies Part 2. (Part 6.5)


Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014)

Heehee, yep, I fuckin' saw it again. :-D
My first double dip since Iron Man.

So, entry wise, this is like when David Tennant Dr. Who cheated a regeneration. ;-)

What? You thought it was gonna be fuckin' Ninja Turtles? B-)

  • Had to catch all the Easter eggs. *
  • Had to have a pure experience without the assholes from last time.
  • Ahhhhh sooooo much better! Good as it was last time, it was magnified tenfold.

* As to the Easter eggs, here's two I'll give away.

The pink chick in Quill's ship at the beginning is Bereet!
Longtime Hulk reader, so...yeah, geek-gasm! :-D

The slug things in Collector's collection are meant to be the worms in "Slither", so, that makes "Slither", part of Marvel-canon, and thus so too all of Gunn-canon, and Gunn-canon splinters off from Troma-canon, so....Toxic Avenger is actually an Avenger. ;-D

Ahh, I'm high now.
That's the stuff.

Up next "A Dame To Kill For", for sure.


Diacanu said...

Ope, right, the reference to Kevin Bacon is also an Easter egg.

Kevin Bacon was in "Super", also by Gunn.

So, Gunn was kind of playing the Kevin Bacon game in that scene.

Billdude said...

Uerrghgh, uh, RIP Robin Williams. Was not expecting that.

Diacanu said...

Yeah, what a fucked up capper to the day, huh?

Talk about emotional roller coaster.

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