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Flicks I've watched (Part 40)

Part 39.

So, I got to thinking "what would be a fitting flick/set of flicks to view for this, the 40th entry"?

Ideally, it would bring the series full circle.
Also, since the pattern kept emerging within the last few, of the magic year being 1983, it/they should be from that year.
Also-also, it/they should be one/ones that got play on HBO in that year.
Finally, it/they should be one/ones I haven't seen in so long, I've damned near forgotten them, and should be obscure to find, even if they're well remembered.

Well, damned if I didn't luck-stumble into two that fit the bill for all of those.

1983, heavy HBO airplay, haven't seen 'em in over 30 years, fairly well buried in the fog of history, and loops back to my "Star Wars ripoffs", category.

Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone (1983)

With Peter Strauss, Molly Ringwald, Ernie Hudson, and Michael Ironside.
Produced by Ivan Reitman, and score by Elmer Bernstein.

A space station is blown up, we never quite find out if it's by malfunction, or saboteurs.
Three space princesses escape in a pod, land on a shithole desert planet, are kidnapped by mutants, a ragamuffin Han Solo clone goes searching for them, he picks up Molly Ringwald as his sidekick, they pick up Ernie Hudson as a third teammate, and they must overcome several annoying mini-bosses before finally facing Michael Ironside as a creation out of the mind of the creepy kid from "Toy Story".

Pretty good, for the budget.
Better than "Yor: The Hunter From The Future", by leaps and bounds, not quite as good as "Beastmaster", in the effects department, but it's a bit more fun in the character department.
Yeah, about on par with "Beastmaster", except sci-fi instead of fantasy.

It lags in the middle for a bit, but the start and finish are engrossing enough.

The Bernstein score made it feel like a live-action extra chapter of "Heavy Metal".

Molly Ringwald's character can be annoying, but she's supposed to be.
I was charmed and delighted by her, but, I still carry my crush for her from 1983 too, so...that had to be a factor.

Anyway, worth the re-watch for me.
Your mileage may vary.

Metalstorm: The Destruction Of Jared Syn (1983)

Okay, these two did the same trick to me as "Child Of Glass", and "Daughter Of The Mind".
They fused in my mind into one movie, so I had to see both again to peel them apart.

Similar titling conventions, the same year, almost identical dirty "Road Warrior", meets "Star Wars", look to them, and the first has a guy with metal teeth, and two claw arms, this one has a green guy with metal teeth, and one claw arm.
Oh, and both pimped being 3-D at the theaters.

Easy for them to blur.

Except, "Spacehunter", was the better flick.
Hands down.
I almost passed out on this one.

Only famous faces in it are Kelly Preston, and Richard Moll.
And Tim Thomseron I guess.

Directed by Charles "Puppetmaster", Band.
So, y'see...

Oh, and spoilers.
Come on, the flick is 31 years old...
The title is a lie.
Jared Syn gets away.
Were there supposed to be sequels?
Wasn't Charlie Band the eternal optimist!

"Spacehunter", filled my heart with blood.
"Metalstorm", almost put me into a coma.

Was the x-factor Molly Ringwald?
Could very well be.
I leave it for you, dear reader, to decide.
Watch the flicks.

Now, a recap of the previous 39 chapters, like I did with "Adding to my collection (Part 20)".

Hmm, and looking back over these, this whole thing started as a quest to conquer fear, and replenish my memories, and I've done both, the latter to death, so....I hope I'm actually done with these.

Next time,...hopefully, nothing!

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