Sunday, July 13, 2014

Acid! (Updated!!!)

Holy fuck, I'm beating quests left and right here!

Okay, so here's the old "Acid!", post.
From that link...

I remember as a kid, I saw some movie on the channel 56 creature feature that was some sort of cowboys vs. mad scientists deal, I wish I could remember what the hell it was, but it had a scene where the good guys had to cross an acid pit by hanging upside down across a rope, sorta sloth walking it, and if they lost their grip "SSSSSSSSS!!".

Found it!

The Wild Wild West (1965-1969)

Specifically, the season three episode "night of the bubbling death".

And there's the acid pit.
Coulda sworn they had to manually cross the rope, but, nope, he had a pulley.

But, that one detail being wrong after 30-something years ain't too shabby.
My brain really is a fucking Holocron.

Anyway, Youtube has it, check it out.
The acid pit is way toward the end.

Well, that's it, I've beaten all my quests!
I found everything!
Well, there's one other thing....and I found that too!
That'll be in an upcoming post.
Soon as I'm done watching it.


Billdude said...

I wanted to say I thought that acid pit thing was really corny looking (looks like raspberry jello) but in retrospect I'm sort of surprised that that sort of thing even made it on TV back then even if there isn't any gore involved.

It MIGHT have screwed up my head if I'd seen it at a very young age. I mean, I was scared of "Squirm" at a young age too, and "Squirm" is pure garbage.

Then again maybe it's NOT really out of tune with the show's concepts. Either way I wouldn't want to watch that damn 1999 Will Smith movie ever again ever ever.

Diacanu said...

The censors have always been ridiculous idiots.

Like, you could show a guy throwing meat into an industrial meat grinder to demonstrate, then have a villain fall into it, but the effect of it be off camera, even though the meat demonstration planted it pretty well into your imagination.

As long as it wasn't ONSCREEN, that counted as censored.

Same deal with the acid.
They establish it hurts to even breath the vapors of the stuff, then a bad guy gets punched into it, and sinks in.

Derp, yep, that's good to go!

Diacanu said...

Heh, heh, and yeah, I bet it was liquid Jello.

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