Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The shit on my walls (Part 5).

A mosaic of the latest Paladin Jade-Shades, and Hyla's Chokecherry logo (the black and white sketch to go with the others).

Goes above Jade Shade cover 2,  and replaces the Jade Shade mask mark 2 protoypes.

I couldn't decide on which of them to go with, so, I was like "fuck it, let's do all of em!".

I'll admit, early on, I was struggling every chapter of the way, trying to find these characters, trying to get them to come to life in my mind, and talk to me as easily as the Harry Hembock days, and I knew it would click sooner or later, and it finally did right at chapter 24.

Everyone came to life, and the series became itself for me right there.
So, those pics help even more with that.

I look up at my posters, get ideas, put 'em in the story, Hyla and Paladin make art, I put those up, get ideas from those, those new ideas become more Hyla/Paladin pics, and so on, and so on, and the chapters come easier and easier.
I've turned the corner now.
It feels natural now.

But, hey, fellas, keep 'em coming.
Let's transform my walls into a self-regenerating Jade-Shade cocoon.

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