Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Adding to my collection (Part 21)

Part 20.

Rewind This! (2013)

See here.

Ahhh, it finally came in the mail!
Arrived as I was walking out the door to see "Guardians", actually.

So, it's everything I wanted it to be, and way more.

I said in the review for "Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship, & Videotape"....

Hopefully, "Rewind This!", will also cover some of this stuff.
If Lloyd Kaufman is in there, you can bet he'll touch on it.
He's even more ranty than I am.

Well, there wasn't nearly enough of Lloyd, and he didn't really get his rant on.
Although, he did contribute a classic clip from Toxic Avenger III where a guy gets his arm shredded off by the heads of a VCR.

But, they do devote 8 minutes to the whole "video nasties", controversy in the bonus features.
Which, actually turns out to be enough.
Even "Moral Panic..", had to waste a lot of time building up the backstory of VHS for the young 'uns out there, so, *balancing scales gesture* ehh, it evens out.

Biggest thing I got out of it, was a feeling like being the Bee Girl in the "no rain", video finding the bee community.
All these (well not all, but enough) VHS devotees are these same weird, fat, scruffy, bearded, hairy guys like me.
And as kids, they were the same nerdy oddball kid I was, hunting for movie treasures in flea markets, lusting after the ones that scared the shit out of you to collect, and watch again, to beat the boogeyman, some of them even related being traumatized by just the box art (see "Xtro", and "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things").
I found my people!


Big bucket of nostalgia.
I think I love this as much as "Never Sleep Again"., NSA still edges everything else out, but this is close.

So, scratch that one off the future documentaries list.
Now, I can't wait for "Adjust Your Tracking", to get here to see how it differs.
This one covered everything pretty exhaustively, I can't imagine what's left.

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Diacanu said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention David "the Rock", Nelson.

He was the most inspirational part.

He's this dude that makes zero-budget monster comedy movies with his home video camera, and people love them.

Guy's 55, and keeps doing it, no matter what anyone says.

He even gives a great speech where he basically says "you people out there going 'oh waaahh, I'm getting to old for this!', bullcrap, I'm 55, I'm never gonna stop!".

And he won't.
He got diagnosed with prostate cancer, had it removed, and as soon as he was in good enough shape to be on his feet, he was right back shooting scenes for movies.

If he can keep it up, we all can.
Screw these "put away your dreams", people.

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