Saturday, August 9, 2014

Adding to my collection (Part 22)

Part 21.

Adjust Your Tracking (2014)

See here.

Man, was this late.
This was my other birthday DVD fer chrissakes.
Anyway, to the review...

Oh, wow!
I loved the shit out of this!
I've got joy goosebumps the way I did after the first time I saw "Never Sleep Again".

I worried before if this would would be different enough from "Rewind This!".
It is.

"Rewind This!", talked more about the rise of the tech, and the business end. Both of the movie studios, and the rental stores. It gives you more of a history lesson, with some nostalgia sprinkled in.

This one, they whizz past the history in the first 20 minutes, and then it's all about the individual collectors, and those folks talk about the films, and the life memories they connect to the films.

Pretty much like this blog. ;-)

Like I said in the "Rewind This!", review, I found my people!
You get a lot of the same people who were in "Rewind This!", even Lloyd Kaufman pops up again, but we get a bunch more new people too.

No one set out to rip off, just similar filmmakers had similar ideas, and made their movies at the same time.
They're different enough to be companions.
Get both.

Which is better?
Oh, I dunno, "Rewind This!", felt almost as good as "Never Sleep Again", and this felt exactly as good.
If only because you simply get MORE of "Adjust Your Tracking".

Two commentaries, and a whole second disk of bonuses.

I said in the "Rewind This!", review...

This one covered everything pretty exhaustively, I can't imagine what's left.

Well, it's not so much detail, as the angle, and the tone.
"Rewind This!", is a really great Wikipedia article trying to cram in every bit of scholarly detail it can give you on VHS.
"Adjust Your Tracking", is you and your buddies going out to the video store, and goofing around, and having some laughs.
...then, reuniting 25 years later at the closing sale of that store, and choking up, and pouring malt liquor on the sidewalk.

Not that "Rewind This!", doesn't have heart and laughs too, but it's the closest comparison I can make.

Again, get both.
One is part 2 to the other.
They enhance each other.
Like Superman 1&2, or Halloween 1&2, or Hellraiser 1&2, or Star Wars & Empire.

Anyhoo, there, birthday DVDs acquired and watched.

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Diacanu said...

Also, both films together have given me future viewing/collecting choices to last me years.


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