Saturday, August 2, 2014

Flicks I've watched (and intend to collect)

Part 40.

There, this'll be the capper to the journey.
Breaking down the ones that are actually worthwhile.
Then, eventually merging it in with "adding to my collection".

Without further ado, the good ones.
Going in chronological order down the list of 40...

Shockwaves (1977)

See here.

Yeah, out of all the ones that scarred me as a kid, this is the only one that really holds up as a real fucking movie.
Go figure.

Mother's Day (1980)

See here.

Collected all my Lloyd Kaufman Tromas, now for the Charlie Kaufmans.

When Nature Calls (1985)

See here.


Brain Damage (1988)

See here.

The definitive addiction allegory horror flick.

Manborg (2011)

See here.

Been meaning to get it all this time, but something always keeps stopping me.
I'm gonna win, dammit.
I always do.
I'm a slowpoke, but I get there.

The Collector, The Collection (2009, 2012)

See here.

Ditto "Manborg".

Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer (1986)

See here.

Ditto the three above.

Oldboy (2005)

See here.

Yep, Henry and Oldboy, I've got all the others.

Justice League: 
The Flashpoint Paradox (2013)

See here, and here.

Gotta get my superheroes up to date...

Firestarter (1984)

See here.

Another one like "Manborg", that just keeps slipping through my fingers for some reason.

Father's Day (2011)

See here.

To go with "Manborg", natch.

Galaxy Of Terror (1981)

See here.

Fuck, yeah.

Everything by Hitchcock.

Seriously, I've just got to get this done already.

The Visitor (1979)

See here.

This finally hit home video, and Showtime played it a couple weeks back.

This Is The End (2013)

See here.

Yeah, why the hell not?

Justice League: War (2014)

See here.

Ditto "Flashpoint Paradox", above.

The West Wing (1999 - 2006)

See here.

Worth owning.
Price needs to come down a little though.

Son Of Batman (2014)

See here.

Ditto "Flashpoint Paradox", and "Justice League: War".

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 
Season 1 (2013-2014)

See here.

Hurry up, and release it already.

All the Resident Evils in a cheap box-set in the bargain bin.

See here.

Won't have to wait long....

Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone (1983)

See here.

Yes, cuz Molly Ringwald.

How many is that?
Eh, not many.
Some box sets in there, but still, not too bad.
It's doable.

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Diacanu said...

Adding "Assault On Arkham", to the list.

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