Saturday, September 13, 2014

Okay, Evil Dead fans, here's where we are. (update)

Last time.

Right, right, talked about this on Facebook, and message boards, but not here...

Okay, so there's going to be an Evil Dead show with Bruce Campbell.
So, unless Bruce and Sam can quantum duplicate themselves, this has to nix "Army Of Darkness 2", and "Army Of Darkness 3".

And Fede Alvarez and Jane Levy (Mia, ED remake), have both said they don't think remake-2 is happening.

So this is it.
Maybe there'll be a Mia cameo on the show to tie it all together, who knows?
Right now, no other details.
No plot, network, title, nothing.
Good or bad, I'll watch it.

Lotta horror coming to TV. We've already got "Bates Motel", and "Hannibal", and there's supposed to be an "American Psycho", series, a "Dusk Til Dawn", series, a new "Friday The 13th", series with Jason actually in it this time, and I heard a rumor awhile back of one based on "Lifeforce".
As long as they don't do one based on "Ghost". Wait, what? Fuck.


B. D. said...

Don't forget the one based on "Scream," if that's still happening. (Not that I'm going to be watching it unless the entire world literally explodes raving.)

Diacanu said...

That's right.
There's also the serious version of "Teen Wolf", on MTV I always forget exists.

B. D. said...

I didn't know anyone even remembered "Teen Wolf" for anything other than that there's apparently a guy with his junk hanging out in the stands in the end credits. I'd forgotten that existed, too. Is it even the same character?

And what, a show based on "Ghost"? Uh, aside from how horrible that'd be, wouldn't it be a hideously unoriginal concept at this point?

Diacanu said...

OMFG!!! Billdude, look!!!!

B. D. said...


I wasn't actually a fan of Surge, I just had a fun memory of those overblown extreme-sports style 90s ads, which inspired one really fucking funny Youtube parody.

The soda itself was gross pseudo Mountain Dew and I never liked Mountain Dew except "Code Red."

Also, yep, I'm 31 now and I have to cut back on soda. I think the trick was to not eat so many things at mealtime that soda goes well with. That said I was never a fast food addict at least.

Diacanu said...

Okay, so the title is "ASH VS. EVIL DEAD", the network is Starz, it'll be 10 half hour episodes, and it'll come out sometime next year.

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