Thursday, July 31, 2014

My new quest (update/clarification)

See here for the first bit.
No, really read/re-read that, I don't wanna have to re-hash.

So, I've had time to lay in bed at night, and ponder if that future undertaking is the same as Ebert's damned fool moralistic crusade against "I Spit On Your Grave".

I don't think it is.

Go back to my original review of "The Demon Murder Case", I'm not going after that flick because it sucks (it does though), I'm not going after Lorraine Warren because all of these ghost movies based on her cases suck (haven't  seen 'em all yet), I'm not even going after her because real life ghostbusting is bullshit, and she's a quack (it is, and she is).

Ed and Lorraine Warren tried to help a murderer walk Scott-free.

Let me repeat that.

Ed and Lorraine Warren tried to help a murderer walk Scott-free.

That crosses the fucking line.

It's not just ghost stories with a flashlight in the teller's face, it's not just "thrills n' chills", it's not just "harmless fun", and it's not a subjective taste thing about movies.
This bitch is a moral slime.
Not in a vague church-lady "eew, yucky, people are having sex somewhere, I can smell it", way, but a A PERSON IS FUCKING DEAD way.

It ceased being cute with that little move.

And (unlike Ebert) I'm not out to (financially) destroy the cinematic art of the filmmakers.
I have no delusions that I could if I tried anyway.

And I'm not out to destroy Lorraine Warren's ability to make a living.
Again, I couldn't pull that off if I tried. 
Some people are always going to be superstitious suckers, and some of them will inevitably have too much money.
I may as well try to fight the laws of magnetic attraction.

What I want, is for people to stop fucking thinking Lorraine Warren is Mother Teresa.
(Although, Mother Teresa isn't Mother Teresa, but that's a whole other thing).

I probably can't make a dent in that either.
It's probably pointless and hopeless.

But....I've got to try.
The alternative is to sit back, and say/do nothing.
I can't do it.
I'll go crazy.

If I can get one person to employ critical thinking to this ghost/possession horseshit who didn't before, I can sleep a little better at night.
That will have been worth it.

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