Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The shit on my walls (Part 9).

Part 8.

Hokey-dokey, big overhaul this time.
Didn't really even see it coming, just got staring at the stuff, and gut-felt that some changes had to happen, and once they were made, it felt right.
It all came to me like, one or two things a time, across the last couple days.

As always, starting with the big grid...

Fuck yeah!
See here, and here.

Replaces Transformers The Movie.
And, makes a cleaner row with Toxic Avenger, Super, and Avengers.
You've got the whole Lloyd Kaufman/James Gunn/Stan Lee thing all going on there now.
Now, the Awesome Mix songs pop in my head every time I look at it. :-)

Next wall...

The forbidden comics!
Goddamned fucking right.
From Hell's heart, I stab at thee.

See here, here, and here.

Bookends the wall on the other end from Raunchy Hulk.

Replaces the Star Wars book covers thingy.
Episode 7 is slaughtering the novel canon, so it depressed me to look at.
Also, it's above the Harry 25th anniversary.

Next wall, above the stereo...

Upgrade of grid #1...

...and grid #2.

See here, for the previous upgrade, and here for the original versions.

I've actually been upgrading these pretty steadily, but I didn't want to post an update until they'd transformed more noticeably.
#2 has the most.
That wall is the most changeable.
Everything from Burgertime to Swamp Thing, and Pacman/Space-Invaders to Ambush Bug, that can go.
Those two rows as a corner chunk can become Jade-Shade stuff.
(Hint, hint, Paladin/Hyla ;-))

And finally, last wall, where my door is....

A mosaic of lost memory movies.
See here, here, here, and here.

A mosaic of interconnected favorite horror docs.
See here, here, here, and here.

A mosaic of film related documentaries.
See here, here, here, and here.

Underneath Ghostbusters.
Replaces the Heavy Metal covers mosaics.
Got plain sick of looking at those.
I realized, they didn't mean anything to me.
These do.

I unreservedly love the documentaries.
The lost films, well, of the crap I dug up for that series, those are ones that were nagging memories, hard quests, and somewhat enjoyable as films.
Others were harder quests, more satisfying finds, but...the films stunk.
Or, the quality films were easier to find.
Or, it was a great find, great flick, a rarity, just didn't mean as much to me personally.
These had it all.

Like, "Demon Murder Case", could have gone instead of "Burnt Offerings", because it had a deeper meaning to me....but the film is just awful.
Or, "Twice Upon A time", could have gone instead of "Get Crazy", but, I didn't have a connection to it.
Even though I'd only seen both for brief instants, "Get Crazy", represents a time in my life more, whereas "Once..", is its own little esoteric world.
Eh, harder to explain than I thought...

Anyhoo, that's those.

Much better.
Muuuch better.

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