Friday, July 25, 2014

Another superhero documentary.

"The Death of 'Superman Lives', what happened?".

About the failed Nick Cage Superman of the 90's.
Ultimately, of course, we ended up with "Superman Returns", and then the "Man Of Steel", reboot instead.

Methinks the doc'll make a nice companion to "Doomed!".

I was aware of this one months ago, but it was in such early Kickstart phases, it wasn't worth reporting on.
Well, now, they've got a trailer, and only need completion funds.

I followed this saga back then through all the movie sites at the same time I was anticipating "Freddy vs. Jason", and "The Phantom Menace".
What crazy days those were.

They touched on this film a teensy tiny bit in "Look, up in the sky! The Amazing Story of Superman".
But, this one'll give us the goods.
Can't wait.
It'll be a nostalgia trip.

Up to 8 of these now. This, and...

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Diacanu said...

Actually, I'll have to take "Rewind This!", and "Adjust your tracking", off the list in future updates, as they're on route from Amazon as we speak.

Reviews of those coming real soon.

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