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Adding to my collection (Part 19)

Part 18.

Consider this also the second addendum to summer movies 1.
The first being "flicks I've watched #27".
For the "why?", of that, see below.

Thor: The Dark World (2013)

As referenced last time, I took a Bullmoose trip after seeing Cap 2, and these flicks are what I grabbed.

Okay, this was a fall movie, but its part of Marvel Cinematic Universe, and thus goes with Iron Man 3.
So...I think of it as part of the summer movie set, just arriving late.

Dammit, I should have seen it at the theater.

Anyway...rundown format..
  • Now THIS was the fucking Thor movie!!
  • Vastly superior to Thor 1.
  • The first one was an origin issue, this feels like a really, really, good middle issue of the comic.
  • Almost as good as Avengers.
  • Natalie Portman's character still isn't that great, but she gets more to do than all the fuggin' Star Wars prequels put together.
  • Do you like Kat Dennings? Well, you're getting more of her.
  • Did you like Loki in Avengers? You're getting way more of him.
  • Did you like "Man Of Steel"? This was a smidge better. 
  • Again, dammit, I should have seen this at the theater. 

I mean, my life isn't ruined that I didn't see it on the big screen, it's just a "see it when everyone else is", kind of thing.

So, that's in the (Marvel) collection where it belongs, anyway.

And speaking of collections...

Return To Nuke 'Em High 
Volume 1 (2013)

See here.

Finally hit DVD!

I dig it!
Of course I do, it's fucking Troma!

The first Lloyd Kaufman Troma of the 2010's!!
The first one since Poultrygeist.

Sort of a sequel and remake at the same time.
The Tromaville nuclear facility is torn down, and replaced by a food company that's just as toxic as the old nuclear plant ever was.
Continuing the theme of peeing on agribusiness started  by "Poultrygeist".

Anyway, virtually the same stuff happens to a new batch of kids.
This time, the lead characters are a lesbian couple, instead of a hetero couple.
And, the Cretens are mutated from the glee club, instead of the honor roll kids.
And, there are lots of new side-plots and characters, and the culture references are updated.

Speaking of those references, it's the usual Troma grab bag of those, that deliberately make the flick a time capsule.
Right up to the Colorado Batman theater shooting that happened right as they were making it.

Let's see...on a scale...not quite as good as Nuke 'em 1, but it's hard to compare, they're different just by the time that's passed, and nostalgia adds glitter to Nuke 'em 1...anyway, better than "Terror Firmer", not quite as good as "Citizen Toxie", (although I suspect both parts together will balance it out), almost as good as "Tromeo & Juliet",  juuust about as good as "Poultrygeist".
Yeah, it hovers around there.

Oh, and of course, it slaughters Nuke 'em 2, and 3.
Although, it does reference them.
There's a similar joke at the beginning to ignore them as in "Citizen Toxie", to disregard part 2-3 of that series.
BUT, at the same time, Lisa Gaye and Brick Bronsky pop up in the background as their characters.

Pretty good, but it feels like half a movie.
The really good shit's gonna go down in part 2 I think.
You're buying an episode.
But...ever since "Tromeo", they feel like episodes of "the Tromaville show", anyway.
I'm fine with it.
It's a reunion with friends every couple years.

I also wanted "Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic", and Bullmoose's site said they had it, but..nope.
PPPT! :-(
Ah well...

And...that's the end.

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And it had the theme song!!! "At Nuuuuuuuuuuke 'em high!"

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