Saturday, June 29, 2019

Eleven years of Shmegalamonga!

Did a mid-year logo change for a lot of philosophical reasons.

Created "Meedyah Morsels", so I can casually shoot the shit about movie/TV/comic stuff without it being a forced death march to a Halloween/Christmas compilation.

Created "Revisits", so I can correct/update/improve on old posts.
I've covered every topic just about, so it lets me talk about anything.
I gotta use this more.

The 2018 movies all rolled around.

I created the "movies I missed", series.

I created the "spoiler alert!", series.

Ghostbusters 3 is going to be a thing.

Ghostbusters had its 35th anniversary.

Spider-Man Far From Home comes out next week

Disney bought Fox, so Marvel has all its characters back.

Harry turned 30.

Harry books turned 7.

Added "Goodbye, Harry Hembock", and "Hello, Chokecherry", to the canon.

Jade-Shade turned 6 (unobserved).

Krazyfool's Den Of Delusion turned 20.

Harry Hembock: Dark Designs turned 10.

Krazyfool Show turned 19, didn't observe it.
I'll have to do something special for the 20th.

I'm finally ready to get started on my new book.

Now, for this year's logo.

Again, I explained it all here why I'm sticking with that design.

And, I reset the exclamation point "birthday candles", in the title.
There'll be two next year, and so on.

So, I guess that's all the things!
See you next year!

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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #88.

Damn, the Ghostbusters news keep dropping today!

Now, we get the title for Ghostbusters 3, and it's....

Ghostbusters 2020!!

According to Variety, and they're usually pretty solid.

Had a feeling they'd go with that.

Guess I have to dump the Ghostbusters 3 Mooglie ghost logo for my GB2020 updates, and find something else.

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Meedyah Morsels #87.

More Ghostbusters 3 casting news!!

Paul Rudd!!

Yep, just like "GB: Answer The Call", now that our core cast is assembled, we're getting our celebrity guests.

Rudd plays a teacher.
Presumably to the kids.

  • Part 28 (GB3 casting 1) (Finn Wolfhard, Carrie Coon)
  • Part 29 (GB3 casting 2) (Ernie Hudson)
  • Part 47 (GB3 casting 3) (McKenna Grace)
  • Part 62 (GB3 casting 4) (Sigourney Weaver)
  • Part 72 (GB3 casting 5) (Bill Murray)
  • Part 80 (GB3 casting 6) (All of the above confirmed)
  • Part 81 (GB3 casting 7) (Annie Potts)

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Meedyah Morsels #86.

Couple quickie updates on "Transformers/Ghostbusters: Ghosts of Cybertron".

Remember how there was a mystery character hidden behind a box?

Well, the first issue came out yesterday, and IDW dropped the box at the same time, and the character is.....


Yep, saw that one coming.

Oh! Speaking of!
I noted last time that the Ecto-ized truck form of Optimus was "Ecto-35", on the license plate without realizing that meant anything.

As I recently added in comments....


The "Ecto-35", is a shout out to the 35 year anniversary for both Ghostbusters, and Transformers!

*Forehead slap*

So THAT's why this was the crossover for the 35th and not "Crossing Over".
GB and TF share an anniversary year. does Ninja Turtles...but they already did them, so....

And finally, mild spoilers cuz it's only the first issue....

The first issue revealed how Starscream's Ghost is involved, why the title is "Ghosts Of Cybertron", how there can be a million Transformers in Ghostbusters's New York, and why Transformers never showed up before in Ghostbusters's 1984.

1. Parallel universe.
2. The Decepticons are all dead!
3. The reason for 2? A visit from Gozer!

Yep, so that mural, you're really actually looking at one big joint ghost-bust between the Busters and Autobots!!

So, that's all that, I guess.

Previous updates of this series...

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #85.

"All right, let's talk Ghostbusters 3", Part 2.

Or "Ghostbusters: RGB references in______", part 3.
(Part 1, Part 2)

All right, back when we knew nothing, I predicted the plot to Ghostbusters 3 would most closely resemble "Extreme Ghostbusters", and/or "Sanctum Of Slime".

Nope, the new Busters are little kids, so actually, it's more like the Junior Ghostbusters from RGB's "The Bogeyman Is Back" and "Halloween II 1/2".

Yep, the cartoon really did everything.

Y'know, I always found it weird they just didn't grow up the Junior Ghostbusters, and have them be the Extreme Ghostbusters.

...but just as weird, they had one episode with one little nerdy fanboy who was their Junior Ghostbuster, and he just disappears, and gets forgotten about in favor of these other three.

Where did he go?
Where did the other three go?

My morbid fan-fiction?
They all died in school shootings, and came back as ghosts, and got busted.
*Sob* *Sniffle*
It gets you right here *thumps chest*

Okay, so that's the RGB connection part, now the speculation part.

Fans online have assembled various pieces of info, and determined that Jason Reitman is pouring over lost GB1 footage found in a vault in a salt mine which shows he's either gonna splice these lost scenes in as flashbacks un-altered, or he's gonna Frankenstein them into brand new scenes with CGI, or a little of both.

SO, assuming that's true, various of the cast members might not actually physically be in it, but will be there only in old/altered footage.

AND, assuming THAT is true, that may be why they've been so evasive and cheeky about being in the film.

If some of them are only gonna be in it in clips, then "they've read the script", is really all you need for them to give approvals.

So, maybe this thing is going to be an alternating of flashbacks and present day that eventually comes together like "Memento".
OR, maybe it'll be a "Back To The Future II", type deal.

That'd be really fucking cool.
I'm even more excited for this thing now.

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Friday, June 21, 2019

The (seventh) YEAR Of Hembock!


Since last time...

HCC was supposed to come out WEEKS after GHH, so, damn, I slacked off again.
Ah, well, I got it in on the deadline for this one.

There's a part three coming, and I have no idea when.

And, I finished the notes for the next book, and am ready to get started.
Yeah, I kept thinking I was close to done, but I'd get a new idea that changed everything all around, and that happened more than a couple times.
I'm pretty confident I've got it nailed for sure this time.

Anyway, happy 7th birthday, Harry books!

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Hello, Chokecherry.

Harry Hembock Diamond.

Part 2:
Hello, Chokecherry.


Harry Hembock at 60 years old finished his latest and possibly final invention.
The time bracelet, a smaller compact version of his time-teleport remote control with its own self-contained diamond power source/hard-drive.
He switched it on, and it projected a holographic menu screen.
He punched some virtual buttons, set some coordinates, and it de-materialized.

He sent it to Chokecherry in 2016.


Chokecherry stood next to her husband at the big all-superhero victory party.
Just then, time froze for everyone but her.
The time bracelet materialized in front of her, jumped out, and clamped around her wrist.
It fired a green beam from a gemstone and into her eyes, and memories started appearing into her mind.
She instantly understood that it was a time bracelet, how to operate it, that is was from Harry Hembock in the future, and that she needed to use it to resolve some pre-destination loops that he couldn't, and the threat to the multiverse if she didn't.
She sighed in irritation.
"The superhero mission bullshit never lets up does it?".

Just then, her future self appeared, and projected a beam from her bracelet to her own.
Her bracelet responded by projecting another beam into her eyes, and showing a map of future coordinates he was going to go to.

"Thanks", she said to her future self snarkily, because it immediately took a lot of fun of exploration out of the thing.

She opened the main travel menu, and activated the first destination on the list.


Chokecherry materialized in a foggy swirl of colors and shapes.
No sense of up or down, left or right, time or location.

She was in a haze of baby memories.

Before the Harryverse was formed.

She punched up a sub-menu of holographic disguises, and settled on a girl with an elfin face, and a black bob haircut.
A lot like the Mimme chick who sold her the Chokecherry soda factory.

The baby saw her in his head, and in his half asleep state said "Mim!".

A menu popped up with a blinking light indicating that she'd accomplished a goal, and she set her next destination, and beamed out.

Harry from 2019 arrived after her a second later.


Still in the kid's head, she manifested as a space princess from the same film that Harry based his disguise on, and then a warrior queen from a TV show the kid watched who he nicknamed "Tuts".

"Not too woke, kid", she mumbled as she beamed out.


She manifested in another dream as Mimme again, but with an outfit with cupid wings, and a quiver-full of arrows and a bow.

She pulled out two arrows with crayons at the tips.
One purple, one green.
She fired them in a lazy general direction in the white void, and they left streaks in their respective colors as if the void were a piece of paper.

The streaks sprung to life, and started to squiggle.
The squiggles formed scribbles, and the scribbles formed an image.
It was Scribble-Mass.

Another seemingly random mission accomplished, she dropped her disguise, and beamed out a second before Harry arrived.


Chokecherry read her instructions on the bracelet menu in confusion, shrugged, and did as it said.

She mashed her thumb into the void, and left a thumbprint.
First, just the colorless texture, like an imprint in Silly-Putty, but then it lit up red.

The red thumbprint solidified in three dimensions, and became a cherry jellybean.
Chokecherry ate it to be sure.
"Yep, cherry. Ha ha. How symbolic", she muttered.

She created another one.
She used the watch to create a black crayon, and drew stick arms and stick legs and a basic line and dot face on the jellybean.
It sprung to life, and was Jellybean-Man.

"Hi, I'm Jellybean-Man!!", said Jellybean-Man in a high squeaky voice.

"Yeah...I...I gathered", Chokecherry mumbled as she beamed out.

1981, mere months later.

Chokecherry read her next instructions even more confused, but proceeded anyway.

First, she created another thumb jellybean.
Then, she willed it to be filled with energy.
It lit up and sparkled.

Then, she concentrated on a random spot in the void, and images started to emerge.
She saw the kid at the dump watching seagulls fight over food.

She reached out, and snatched one of the seagulls.
It put up a struggle, but she managed to pop the glowing jellybean into its mouth.

She let it drop to the ground, and walk a few paces away, and then a comic book lightning bolt exploded out of nowhere, and struck it.
There was a puff of smoke, and when it cleared, the seagull had become...Tuperbird.

Chokecherry rolled her eyes, and beamed away.


Chokecherry repeated the same process as last time.

Except this time, the memory was of a cartoon duck being bonked on the head, and seeing stars, and then the stars started marching like on a fashion catwalk, and the duck identified them as old 40's movie stars.

Chokecherry snagged one of the stars, and gave it the power-pill treatment she had given the gull.

It became Superstar.

She beamed out.


Same process again.
Sort of.

Except this time, it was a fusion of two memories.
One of the kid playing the arcade game of Pucky, the other of the kid stress puking in the school cafeteria.

She merged them into a stress puking version of Pucky.

The kid drew a cartoon of it, and it pissed the teachers off.
Because it depicted their cruel reaction to the kid of making him mop the puke up with non-absorbent cheap brown paper towels thinking the cure to stress puking was shame.

Chokecherry flipped off the teacher through the memory portal as she beamed out.

Pucky kept puking.


Same process as the gull and the star.

This time, she turned a memory of wind-up chattering teeth into Supersmile.

Supersmile created a world around himself of giant teeth and gums, and plaque monsters to fight.

"That's new!", she observed.


Same process as the chattering teeth.
Except this time, she scooped a whole arm-load of action figures out of a memory of the kid's toybox, laid them out and arranged them in order of size, pulled out the black crayon she used to create Jellybean-Man, wrote new names underneath them, and squiggled extra little details to change them.

Then, she popped power-pill jellybeans into their mouths to jolt them to life.

This was The P-Team.


Before she left 1984, she did the same process as the P-Team, but this time with changing robots.
Plus, she added some female ones.

They became The Roboton Defenders.

She brought them to 1985 where her ability to create reality would be gone, since the Harryverse would be solidified by then.


Chokecherry used the bracelet, and paused time, scanned her own memories of her marriage to Jade-Shade, ran them through an editing software, and changed herself to this 80's chick with a mullet and feathered bangs, JS to Glob, Lentilville to Glob's neighborhood, un-paused time, and downloaded the memories into Glob.
Then, she disguise cloaked herself as the 80's chick, and called herself Renet.

She hung out with him for awhile to make sure the graft took.

Any time Glob wanted sex, she gave him a memory implant of it.

After a couple days, when she was sure the ruse had stuck, she jumped ahead a year.


Glob was naturally horrified that "Renet", had run out on him so abruptly.

"Renet", gave him a memory implant of her having been there the whole time.

Just then, she and the Superior Seven got beamed aboard the Burger Boy.

"Renet", jumped ahead another year.


Still aboard the Burger Boy, Chokecherry dropped the Renet disguise in front of everyone, erased Glob's memory of their fake marriage, and jumped ahead to the Harry books.

"Renet", just needed to leave her ripple marks in history, not be real.


Chokecherry went through, re-purposed the Renet/Glob sex memories, and made sure every time Harry Hembock sexually exploited a woman, it was just with a mental hologram.

Then she rescued the real flesh and blood versions all of his former sex partners, and jumped them ahead to 2016 to join in on the superhero party, and giggle and point at Harry.


Chokecherry went to the "Zone Dweebies", time-line, gave Harry memory implants of marrying the nameless "Harry's Wife", holo-cloaked as her, and re-enacted her Zone Dweebies scene.

Ferrin cut in
"Excuse me, I'd hate to interrupt this heartwarming reunion, but a ship almost as big as this one is approaching, and it's armed to the teeth".

Moomin switched over to his backup lung and intestine and hopped back to his feet, "don't worry, the hull of this craft is made of Top-Matter it's realer than normal metal. Nothing short of Top-Antimatter can even touch it".

Jel went for his gun and saw it was completely disassembled and scattered all over the floor.

Horseradish, who had just recovered from laughing at the car (which he had now interpreted to look like 280 obscene appendages) snapped back into seriousness.
"The ship is sending a signal, want I should answer?".

Harry itched his butt.
"Yeah sure, let's see what they want".

Horseradish projected a clear 20 inch image against the ship's wall.
The image was if a tall beautiful woman clad in tight, clingy, red leather from head to toe. She had a shiny mane of Crayola red hair and green lipstick.
She had purple eyes, hips you could light a match on, and breasts so round, so firm, so fully packed, that everyone aboard immediately fell to their knees and began howling, and cat calling, and barking like seals, all except Harry who had a sneer of disgust.
"It's my wife, she would have to come along and ruin everything".

Donovan rotated his buggy eyes over to Harry in disbelief.
"What are ya? A homo or something? That's the hottest babe I've seen in, well ever!".

"Trust me, that Wears off quick when you move in with her. She makes seppuku appealing that's why I took off and never mention her", Harry replied.

"I suppose that makes sense", added Ferrin.

Jel bubbled ten times in rapid succession.
"Since you don't want her can I have a poke at her?".

"Sure, you're welcome to her if you can crowbar the damn sea-hag op... ", Harry almost finished.

"Are you pigs finished?", said Harry's wife
"And please inform your little friend that my name is not "my wife" but..".

"Shuddup!!!! You don't deserve to be called by a name you trollup!! What do you want now? As if I give a rat's ass".
Harry grinned at the others.
"Sure told her didn't I ?".

Harry's wife frowned "look, I wouldn't think of messing up your little super hero games, I just want you to sign these divorce papers."

Harry shook with rage.
"It's that damn tennis instructor! It's always the tennis instructor! You tell that pretty-boy that if I ever see him on the street, I'll rip his scrotum off with a pair of rusty pliers!!!".

"You'll what?".
A huge, hulking, steroid saturated, ape of a man walked into frame
"What did you say, pussy?".

Harry grinned nervously "oh nothing, you know, I was just opening my mouth you see, and these sounds kept coming out, as they're likely to do, and...".

"You keep your dorky trap shut, or I'll go over there and kick your stupid ass", the Tennis Instructor said.

Harry walked quickly over to Moomin.
"This ship has guns, right? I mean, you said you'd shoot if we didn't park, right?? So that must mean you've got guns, right?? Come on, man, start nodding yes or something! Jesus Christ!!".

Moomin nodded his head.
"Nope, not a weapon to be had whatsoever. I was Lying to get you here so I could arrest you and feel big".

Harry broke out in a cold sweat.
"Yeah, hut he can't Teleport aboard right? That shielding keeps him from teleporting, right?".

"Oh no, this thing might as well be made of screen doors when it comes to teleports", Moomin answered.

Harry frowned and furrowed his brow.
"Couldn't have lied or said you didn't know could ya?".

"Sign the papers, or Rolph kicks your ass, and makes you sign in your own blood, Harry".
Said Harry's wife with a bitchy grin on her face.

Ferrin's eyes bugged.
"Horseradish, turn the sound off! Moomin can your ship teleport stuff on to their ship?".
Moomin raised all four eyebrows.
"Well, yeah, I guess so".

Ferrin cranked the slider on his gun to the maximum notch at the very tip of the gun which read "this suckers gonna blow! Run, fool!!".

"Then teleport this", Ferrin said.

"Oh I get it ", Moomin said, and then lined up the gun into position in the yellow square painted on the macadam.

"Hey, metal pants", Moomin hollered over to Horseradish.
"Have your computer tell my computer to lock on to this spot, and Teleport this gun right next to the lifeforms on that ship".

"Is that all?", remarked Horseradish, just as a purple ball of light enveloped the gun and shrank away leaving nothing behind.

"Hey!! What the", said Rolph and Harry's wife simultaneously.
"That's murder, Harry, you'll be a fugitive for life after this one ".

"Justifiable homicide, no court in the universe would convict me", Harry said as he grinned.

Harry's wife pushed a button off frame.
"This ship is armed with Top-Antimatter cannons I'll take you with me".

"Wow, she is a bitch", remarked Moomin astonished.

The ship fired, Moomin's ship disintegrated into a puff of sparks and cosmic gases, then the other ship was washed in an orange glow that destroyed it as well.
Then, silence.

That's what 1995 audiences saw.
What really happened, was Chokecherry paused time before the explosion, teleported the overloading gun into a blackhole, created a hologram of the ship exploding, and then dispelled the very ship itself, which was a hologram in the first place.

She was really aboard a small shuttle-pod from the Burger Boy.
Armed with two Top-Antimatter torpedoes (now spent).

She dispelled Rolph as a hologram.

She dispelled her "Harry's Wife", disguise cloak.

"Glad that little vignette of moronic toxic masculinity is over", she grumbled.

She targeted her teleport to seconds before Moomin's ship exploded, beamed everyone onto Harry's space Lambourgini, and beamed Harry's space Lamborghini out into space far enough away from the explosion.

She then holo-cloaked her shuttle to invisible.

Harry's space Lamborghini took off, and streaked along at it's maximum speed of 8 light years per minute.
"Boy, that was a close shave, let's not ever do that again", said Harry relieved.

"You're welcome", Chokecherry said over their radio.
They were freaked out for a few seconds, but then seemed to forget about it.

She smirked.
"Little boys".

She beamed herself, shuttle and all, back to the Burger Boy a second after she swiped the shuttle in the first place, and then beamed just herself to the next place on the ever diminishing list.


She went to the "Nobody Loves Harry Hembock", time-line, and punched out Deathgrasp.
She went back again, and took a picture of herself doing it.
She went back again, and prevented herself from doing it, but gave herself the photo.


She e-mailed the Deathgrap punching pic to everyone in the "Dark Designs", universe but Harry.


She gave her past self the wardrobe ideas for both of her looks, then blanked her memory of meeting her future self.

Then, she cloaked as Mimme, gave Mimme's parent's false memories of raising her, created the fake paper trail of her existance, bought "The Plant", turned it into a Chokecherry soda factory, gave it to herself, and then dropped the Mimme cloak.

"Mimme's parents are just gonna have to grieve", she thought to herself with a shrug.

2019 (immediately after the end of "Goodbye, Harry Hembock").

She gave Harry the idea and blueprint for the time bracelet.


She beamed back within the time-pause to give herself the coordinates of where to go.

Then she beamed in a femptosecond after she left, from the physical location of where she left, so no one noticed her gone.

She then sent the bracelet back to 2029.


Harry received the bracelet with the memories of Chokecherry's adventures, and downloaded them into himself.
He stowed the the bracelet in a junk drawer in the teleport console.

"And that's all done", he said.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #84.

And now, the Marvel Disney+ shows...

Endgame spoilers ahead (again)

Okay, so these are 100% canon, because they use MCU characters, and the actors that play them.
They are as follows....


As of "Endgame", Vision is dead as a doornail.

So, this is either a prequel, or Wanda has discovered the upper limits of her reality altering powers, and created a fantasy world where he's alive.

We'll have to see.

Falcon & Winter Soldier

At the end of "Endgame", old-Cap passed the shield to Falcon, so he's the new Captain America, whether he actually takes the code-name or not.

Falcon and Bucky have both been the replacement Cap in the comics.
Now, you get both!


Loki dies in "Infinity War", but during "Endgame", Tony Stark and Ant-Man accidentally created an alternate timeline in 2012 (during Avengers 1)  where Loki escaped with the Space Stone.
This totally has to be the setup for this show.


This one's just rumored, but I believe it.
The epilogue of "Endgame", had Hawkeye buddying up to Wanda over their shared traumas, so it makes sense that their shows be about how they're coping with the aftermath of "Endgame".

Which makes me lean all the more toward "WandaVision", being a fantasy created by her powers.

Anyway, the Hawkeye one is supposedly about him training his female replacement like in the comics.

What If?

I think I'm most excited by this one.

Based on the comic of the same name.
An animated series doing alternate universe stories of the MCU.
Episode 1 is "What If Peggy Carter Became Captain America?".

I always liked the "what ifs", better, because with the regular Marvel Universe, you mostly had to put all the toys back into place at the end, but in "What If?", land, you can do anything, and brush it off as "that didn't really happen".
You can kill characters permanently, you can have characters get mentally scarred, you can have alternate marriages, alternate offspring, you can do alternate universes of alternate universes to change even those endings, you can go crazy.

And now that the MCU constitutes 22 movies, 11 shows, and more on the way, there's more than enough nooks and crannies to play around in to keep this show on forever.

I just hope it's hosted by Uatu The Watcher like the comic.

And that's Disney Plus.
Or, Disney+
Whichever nomenclature you wanna go with.
I think "+", is the official one they want you to use.

Incredible time to be a Marvel fan.
I just hope Hulu rescues the Netflix shows.
I want more Jessica and Punisher.
Yeah, so I'm greedy.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #83.

Now, to the Marvel Hulu Universe.

Starting with the Marvel Hulu Animated universe.

They're going to follow the Marvel-Netflix-verse model right down to a parody of the crossover name.
Four shows, MODOK, Hit-Monkey, Tigra & Dazzler, and Howard the Duck, then a crossover special called "The Offenders".

The tone will be adult, like Adult Swim and Comedy Central shows.

Here's the official descriptions-
(Extra updated details in yellow)

Howard the Duck:

Marvel’s Howard The Duck is trapped in a world he never made, but America’s favorite fighting fowl hopes to return home with the help of his unstoppable gal pal Beverly before the evil Dr. Bong can turn him the crispiest dish on the menu. 

Produced by Kevin Smith. Smith wants Lea Thompson to reprise her role as Beverly from the '86 movie. 


Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. centers around an egomaniacal supervillain with a really big head and a really little body, who struggles to maintain control of his evil organization and his demanding family.

Produced by Patton Oswalt.


Marvel’s Hit-Monkey tells the tale of a wronged Japanese snow monkey, mentored by the ghost of an American assassin, as he cuts a wide swath through the Tokyo underworld in this darkly cinematic and brutally funny revenge saga. Writers Josh Gordon and Will Speck will executive produce along with Jeph Loeb.

Tigra & Dazzler:

Marvel’s Tigra & Dazzler Show is a story about two woke superheroes and best friends, Tigra and Dazzler, as they fight for recognition among powered people who make up the eight million stories in Los Angeles. Writers Erica Rivinoja and Chelsea Handler serve as executive producers along with Jeph Loeb.

The Offenders:

Marvel’s The Offenders, is a story in which nobody asked them to — and we’d be better off if they didn’t — but MODOK, Dazzler, Tigra, Hit Monkey and Howard the Duck are all forced to team up in order to save the world and certain parts of the Universe. Jeph Loeb will executive produce.

If it's the Howard from "Guardians Of The Galaxy", (how could it not be?) then that's automatically canon.

Now, for live-action....

Ghost Rider!
Yep, the same Ghost Rider from Shield, played by Gabriel Luna.

I even said here...

I want a fucking Ghost Rider spinoff goddamit!

Whelp, looks like I willed that into existence!
That, and Punisher.
Too bad my willpower can't seem to poof Trump away....

Oh, yeah, and there's a Helstrom series too.
I dunno what that's about.
Something about a brother and sister with Hell powers.
They're in the pic above.

Anyway, that's those.
Disney is majority owner of Hulu, and Disney Plus is going to be PG-13 tops, never R, so the edgy stuff is being put over to Hulu.
I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually scarfed up the Netflix shows.
Netflix has a deal that no one else can have them until 2 years after their cancellation though.
So, we've got awhile to wait...

Next up, Disney Plus.

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Meedyah Morsels #82.

Avengers: Endgame quietly and sneakily canonized all the Marvel shows.

Spoilers ahead (but you really should have fucking seen Endgame by now).

Okay, so the Marvel shows have made reference to the MCU all along, and "Agents Of Shield", even had Nick Fury and Lady Sif, so you'd think that'd be enough to do the trick.
But no, some stubborn sticklers insist it doesn't count until the connection goes both ways, and show characters pop up in the MCU.
First of all, fuck you if you're one of those people.
And second, Endgame just broke this barrier down, so even using your own logic, you need to shut up now.

All right, so Endgame contains a scene where Tony Stark and Steve Rogers go back in time to the 70's, and meet Howard Stark.
Howard has as his chauffeur, Jarvis from "Agent Carter".
Played by the actor from "Agent Carter".
It's really Jarvis!
Boom, there you go, the shows are canon.

Here's how.

Jarvis canonizes Agent Carter.
Agent Carter shows up in a flashback in "Agents Of Shield", and the arc of her second season is mentioned and picked up in the Ghost Rider season of Shield.

So, Agent Carter Canonizes Shield.

The global outbreak of inhumans from Shield is referenced in "Inhumans", so Shield canonizes Inhumans.
But that one's awful, so let's just ignore that.

Absorbing Man A.K.A. Crusher Creele is in Shield, and he's referenced as the guy Matt Murdock's dad boxed (presumably pre-mutation) in season 1 of "Daredevil".

Claire (Rosario Dawson) is in all 5 Defenders-verse shows, and Punisher spins off from Daredevil season 2, so they all have an unbroken continuity.
Canonize one, you canonize all.

So, Shield canonizes the whole M-Netflix-U.

"Runaways", has the same news channel and reporter as the MCU and Shield, so its Shield connected.

Roxxon oil from the MCU is central to the plot of "Cloak And Daggar", and they mention Tony Stark and Danny Rand, so it's adjacent to to both MCU and M-Netflix-U.

So, that folds in Freeform, Hulu, and SyFy.

And that folds all the pieces together into just the MTVU.

*Dusting hands off gesture*
*Smug grin*
*Smug nod*

Next up, the Hulu animated universe, and Disney Plus.

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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy 30th anniversary, Ghostbusters 2!!

And the 10th for Ghostbusters The Video Game.

GB2 related stuff.

And, biggest story of all, Brownstone Boy #2 from Ghostbusters 2, AKA Jason Reitman is directing Ghostbusters 3.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #81.

A (final?) bit of sorta Ghostbusters 3 casting news.

Annie Potts!!


Like I said last time....

The audience and moderator forgot to ask, but I'd be shocked if they couldn't get Annie Potts.

So, it was just a matter of no one asked yet.
Well, someone just asked.

In this interview, she gives a vague "I've....heard some things...", which as about as vague as the other rumors were before they were confirmed at Fan Fest, so....yeah, pretty much count her in.

So, that's essentially everybody of the main cast.

I mean, Rick Moranis would be a good get, but lately he's reclusive, and picky, so....don't hold your breath on him.
It'd be awesome if he showed up though.

I bet they could get William Atherton to be Peck again.

But, point is, they've got the main surviving Busters, and the two girls.
We're ready to go!!

As with last time, I'll retro-link this back to the Ghostbusters 35th anniversary post.
After this, all new news will be standalone, and fodder for the 36th.

Previously with casting...
  • Part 28 (GB3 casting 1) (Finn Wolfhard, Carrie Coon)
  • Part 29 (GB3 casting 2) (Ernie Hudson)
  • Part 47 (GB3 casting 3) (McKenna Grace)
  • Part 62 (GB3 casting 4) (Sigourney Weaver)
  • Part 72 (GB3 casting 5) (Bill Murray)
  • Part 80 (GB3 casting 6) (All of the above confirmed)

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #80.

Okay, so here's the thin trickle of GB3 news that came out of Ghosbusters Fan Fest.

Jason Reitman said he had the vision in his head years ago of this 12 year old girl with a proton pack, then it became a family, and then it evolved from there.

When asked how this family connects to the original team of Busters, he said.

"You don't know their connection yet, and they don't know their connection yet either".

And in regards to what originals are coming back, he said that Sigourney, Dan, Bill, and Ernie have all read the screenplay.

So, everyone on this magazine cover.
The audience and moderator forgot to ask, but I'd be shocked if they couldn't get Annie Potts.
They got her for ATC.

So, it's confirmed we're getting the originals all in, and that the kids are gonna be Busters, and McKenna Grace is the star.

And, if THEY don't know their connection, that throws a lot of my fan theories out the window.
Course...he didn't say what he meant by "they".
Does it mean all three, or just the kids, and their mom, Carrie Coon knows?

It's a teeny bit of info, but it's a lot to speculate with.

Anyway, that was at the end of the panel that was the end of the whole thing.
Everything else was previews of video games, and toys, and Ectomobile car shows, and...y'know, where they held it outdoors, it was kind of like a town fair, but Ghostbusters.

It was Ghostbusters: The Fair.

They needed fried dough Stay Puft men.
Well, I dunno, I wasn't there, they might have.

So, there's that.
Naturally, I wanted more.
A title.
A teaser poster.

They couldn't have a trailer, they haven't started shooting frame one of the thing.
But, over the next year, we'll get everything.
Costume tests, character names, all of that.
Just like ATC.

So, stay tuned.

Now I'll retro-link this back to the Ghostbusters 35th anniversary post.

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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Happy 35th anniversary, Ghostbusters!!

Previous years-
So, yeah, all this happened...
Plus, this other stuff...

That's everything from this year.
Surely new stuff will drop during Ghostbusters Fan Fest.
If/when it does, I'll retro-link it below.

-And here.

Next month, 3rd anniversary of Answer The Call.

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Friday, June 7, 2019

Big 2019 Movies Part 8.

19 years of adventure culminates with....

Dark Phoenix (2019)

Previously with the X-Men franchise...

  • I dug it.
  • It made me realize, damn, I'm gonna miss this series. I had this iteration of the characters for almost 20 years, and I've grown to love them, and I didn't really know it until it was time for it to end.
  • Is it among the best of the X-films? No.
  • Is it among the worst? Oh, fuck no. On that score, the negative critics can go fuck off.
  • I'd say, not as good as "Future Past", definitely better than "Apocalypse".
  • Leaps and bounds better than "The Last Stand".
  • Hans Zimmer does the score, and it's magnificent.
  • It leaves you with a twinge of sadness, cuz they leave a teensy tease for a possible sequel, and there's never gonna be one. But you can fill it in with your imagination that things eventually synced up to the happy ending future in "Future Past".
  • I'd give it a 6.5 out of 10.
  • I have nitpicks, but I'll save them for the eventual spoiler review. 
  • Worth seeing. It's entertaining, it reminds you why you love these characters, and it being the last one before the reboot  is a special occasion.

You were a good little movie series, Fox-X-Men.
You had your ups and downs, your highs and lows, but overall, you entertained, and what's more, we wouldn't have the Golden Age Of Superheroes without you, and that includes the MCU.

In spite of the temporary Rotten Tomatoes crap, fans will remember the positive legacy.

Bravo, Fox-Men.

In...phew, damn, a month and three days, Spider-Man: Far From Home

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

All The Movies!! 1997-2018

Here's all of it!!
In one handy link!

And now, to retro-link this to "Glass", to tie it all together.

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Spoiler Alert!: Compilation: 2012-2018

And here's those.

And that's that series done (for now).
Next up, the compilation of everything (theater) movie review related.

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Spoiler Alert!: 2018

Previously with 2018-

Big 2018 year end movie recap.

Previously with these-

Here we are!
Movies from just last year!
You'll definitely get spoiled, unless you got up off your ass, and saw everything important.
Or you rented it, cuz it should all be out by now.
Don't proceed unless you did.
You've had every chance.

1. Avengers: Infinity War

Thanos wins!!
He gets the stones, he snaps his glove hand, half of everyone turns to dust.
Only Cap, Hulk, Widow, War Machine, Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Rocket, and Nebula remain.

In the after credits, Nick Fury pages Captain Marvel.
Everyone had to ask their comic geek friends whose logo that was.

2. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Peter Parker Spider-Man dies!
But, it's okay, there's another one.

Miles's uncle is the Prowler.
And he dies.
But we don't get a spare for him.

Anyway, Miles, Peter 2, Gwen, Peni, Spider-Ham, and Noir have to keep the multiverse from collapsing on itself.
They do.

In the after-credits, Spider-Man 2099 goes into the dimension of the 60's Spider-Man cartoon.

3. Black Panther

Black Panther's dad killed Killmonger's dad.
Killmonger is Black Panther's cousin.
Killmonger kills Klaw as part of his plan.
Killmonger almost kills Black Panther, and everyone thinks he's dead.
Killmonger becomes king of Wakanda.
Some Wakandans follow him, cuz even though he goes too far, he kind of has a point.
Black Panther comes back, and there's a mini civil war for the throne.
Black Panther's side wins, and Black Panther kills Killmonger.
In his death scene, Killmonger delivers one of the greatest lines in the MCU.
I won't spoil that.
Black Panther buys Killmonger's old neighborhood, and is going to turn it into a science academy.
After credits, Shuri fixed Bucky's brain.

4. Bumblebee

All the classic 80's (AKA Generation 1) Transformers (plus Arcee) are in the opening scene on Cybertron.

Bumblebee comes to Earth, his voice box is damaged, and he becomes the radio-talking Bumblebee from the Bay movies.
BUT, he also becomes the Volkswagen like his Gen-1 self.

He and the girl from "True Grit", have a little "E.T", adventure.

Then, Decepticons show up.
The military sides with Decepticons, cuz the military is retarded in movies, but especially so in 80's movies, and this is set in the 80's.

Bumblebee wins, and Optimus comes to drag him to the next mission.
He's in his Gen-1 form too.

This is the Transformers movie they should have made in the first place.

5. Aquaman

The current king of Atlantis (Ocean Master) is an asshole, so even though he doesn't want to be king, Aquaman has to step up.

Ocean Master kicks Aquaman's ass.

Aquaman goes on a quest that takes the rest of the movie.

Aquaman kicks Ocean Master's ass, becomes king.

I'm probably over-simplifying.

6. Deadpool 2

Deadpool wins again.

Also, his girlfriend dies, but comes back.
Time travel, y'see.

In the end credits, he kills fake-Deadpool from "X-Men Origins: Wolverine".
And Ryan Reynolds before he can be in "Green Lantern".
In the Blu-Ray cut, he tries to kill baby Hitler.
It's an awesome scene, they were pussies to cut it out.

4. Ghostbusters: Crossing Over (Part 1, Part 2)

I spoiled it pretty well already in the reviews.

8. Creed II

Creed loses.
Creed wins in the rematch.
Drago Senior has to throw in the towel, cuz Drago Junior won't give up, and he's gonna get killed.
The Dragos are revealed to be tragic.
The past enmity from Rocky 4 is gone, and everyone respects each other.

9. Ash vs Evil Dead (Season 3)

Ash finds out he has a daughter.
A whole bunch of stuff happens, but where we end up is Ash kills Kandar, the God of the Necronomicon, and ends up cryo-frozen into the future.
His daughter and sidekicks think he's dead.

Unless they do another movie, we'll never find out their fate.
Well, maybe Dynamite could do a comic.

10. Ant-Man & The Wasp

A bunch of stuff happens, but what's important, is in the after credits, Ant-Man gets stuck in the quantum tunnel, which sets up the solution for "Endgame".

I said here..

We all know he's the savior in Endgame.

Mmmm...pretty much!
Everyone else added their contributions, but he was the secret ingredient.

11. Incredibles 2

The Incredibles universe pulls its own Superhero Registration Act, and naturally, a villain is behind it. The Incredibles save the world, and the act is repealed.

Also, everyone finds out Jack-Jack has every super power.

12. Venom

Pretty straight ahead superhero origin stuff.
Except with Venom, he eats people.

In the mid-credits, Woody Harrelson is the guy that becomes Carnage.
In the after credits, a clip of "Into The Spider-Verse".

13. Ready Player One

Billionaires are trying to ruin the internet with ads, and paywalls.
Just like now.

The world is a festering dystopia, and everyone escapes into fantasy.
Just like now.

But hey, look, a Madball!
And a holy hand grenade!

The good guys win...but it's kinda bittersweet.

Anyway, it's a better Tron 2 than "Tron Legacy".

14. Solo: A Star Wars Story

"You just like anything with 'Star Wars', stamped on it!!".

Oh, yeah?
Then why do I have "Solo", so low?
Fuck you, trolls.

Anyway, everything referenced in ANH and ESB happens.
Some fan-canon becomes canon, some doesn't, or the film does it with a twist.

Biggest spoiler, Darth Maul shows up on hologram phone.
Han Solo doesn't see it, so he still hasn't seen the force, so his un-belief in ANH is preserved.

15. Elseworlds

A minor villain gets ahold of a book that rewrites reality, and Flash and Green Arrow swap lives like Quantum Leap, and Superman becomes bad Black-Suit-Superman.

Arrow-Flash, Flash-Arrow, Supergirl, and Batwoman have to fix reality.
They eventually do.

Also, 90's-Flash shows up.
So, the 90's Flash show is canon with the Arrow-verse.

But, it's really a 3 hour sneak preview to next year's crossover that's gonna have everybody.
And it's a backdoor pilot to this fall's Batwoman series.
That misogynists are already bitching about.

16. The Girl In The Spider's Web

Lisbeth suddenly has an evil sister we never heard about.
She's suddenly gone totally romantically cold on Blomkvist.
Blomkvist is reduced to a useless damsel who doesn't do hardly anything.
The guy who plays Blomkvist is a pretty-boy.
The plot revolves around protecting an autistic little by who has the password in his head to a doomsday program that'll launch all the nukes in the world.
Lisbeth beats her evil sister by them having a tearful chat that leads to her sister just jumping off a cliff, which renders all the chasing, and fighting, and hacking, and shooting meaningless.
Lisbeth erases the doomsday program, resetting everything back to zero.

Performances and action are good, Claire Foy is a good Lisbeth, but when you really stop and look at the story...yeah, it's pretty cynical.

If they continue this franchise anytime soon, I'll be shocked.
Critics were brutal, and box-office was mediocre.

17. Halloween

Laurie Strode kills Michael Myers.
...or DOES she?!?!?!?

...same ending as all the others.

But, the road to that ending was done with style.
More style than parts 4-10, anyway.

18. Ghostbusters: Answer The Call:What Dreams May Come

Covered it last time.

19. Death House

Ahh...I dunno.
Seriously, I don't know.

Something about the worst maniacs on Earth are kept in this top secret super prison, and the maniacs are kept in holodecks where they get to live out their kill fantasies, except the people that run the jail kidnap real victims for the maniacs to kill, because holograms don't give off the right hormonal stink to give them a boner, or....some shit.

How that's even a prison if they still get to kill makes no fucking sense....

Oh, and the prison is secretly run by literal demons.
It's a fucking mess.

And that was 2018.
And that wraps all of this up until 2019 finishes off in December.
So, up next, the compilation of these!

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