Thursday, August 29, 2013

The big summer movie recap.

There they all are.
Pretty much in the order that I liked them.

Wow, this was really a summer to fucking remember!
I think this is the most movies I've seen in a year...certainly in my adult life.
Certainly since I've gotten picky, and gone into "I only see a couple a year, because most movies are shit", mode.

Here, we had everything I like to see coming out in one huge grab-bag.
It's a rare celestial alignment.

And there were even more, stuff like Elysium, I almost saw that, probably should have seen it instead of Pacific Rim, but...ah well...I'll see it on DVD.

So...let's go back through these in that order.

1. The World's End.

Hands down best, nothing more to say there.

2. Kick-Ass 2.

This just made me feel great.
I hope there's a three, but the box-office returns look pretty grim. :-(

3. The Wolverine.

Really dug it, but dug Kickass just a tiny tad more. This was the best big flashy Hollywood-y one of the superhero flicks.

4. Iron Man 3.

Liked Wolverine better than this, but only by a gnat's nose hair.
I thought there was a smidge more character depth stuff.
But this is still fucking great.
These are all so veeeeery close in my heart.

5. Man Of Steel.

Its good parts were great, but its flaws were kinda standout. Still dug it though.
Really crossing my fingers for Superman/Batman to deliver the goods.

6. Star Trek Into Darkness.

I dug it a lot, but it didn't lose the nitpicky stuff of the first one, and isn't likely to in the third one.
I'm really hoping part three isn't just "Star Trek: Another One", but with Lindelof back on

7. Evil Dead (remake).

I'm still stunned by how fucking good this one was compared to my expectations.
I've watched it...I think 4 more times since I got it on DVD.
I'd like to put this higher, but it's so hard to compare horror with sci-fi/action, which one would I bump?

8. Pacific Rim.

Gawd, I'm still struggling with this one. I didn't DISlike it, but I'm still so bummed that I didn't LOVE it.
Well, perusing IMDB, a lot of people felt the way I do, so I'm not a mutant.
With "World's End", out there, the hype for this as "the big summer movie", even more dumbfounds me.
You'd think the Brits would've piped up, and said "nuh-UH!".
Ah, well, I guess I'm glad I saw it. I would have been paranoid forever that I missed some big life event if I didn't.
...but if I had a time machine, I'd see "Elysium", instead.

So, there, that was the summer of 2013.
One for the history books.
I really think so.
I think you have to go back to 1993, exactly 20 years ago, for that many milestone hits all together.
Before that, 1989.
Hmm, yeah, 88/89, that's when I was seeing a shitload of movies, and that was when I was a kid.
In adulthood, hasn't been one like this.
There have been decent movies, but only ever one or two a year that were theater worthy.
Some years, none.

Yeah, this was a big one.
Got ME out of the house, anyway.
That's a feat.


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