Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Big Winter Movies (Part 4).

I'm never gonna dance again, guilty feet have got no rhythm.....

Deadpool (2016)

All righty, so here's the first one of 2016!


  • Loved it!
  • You'll be laughing from the opening credits onward.
  • BvS, Suicide Squad, and Civil War have a lot to live up to.
  • I dunno what's left for sequels, cuz they made fun of EVERYTHING!
  • Stan Lee cameo!
  • After credits scene!
  • 80's music!
  • Boobies!
  • Counting me, there was only 7 people there.
  • I got the captain seat per usual.
  • I had a fucking nosebleed halfway through. Nose just randomly popped like a soda can, and started dribbling down my lip. Luckily, I had the weird premonition foresight to have a paper towel in my pocket. Plugged it up, and kept watching. Wasn't gonna miss a second. 
  • The blood on the screen and the blood in my nose gave an extra smell-o-vision dimension. ;)
  • Hard saying where this stacks up to other Marvel movies. This is the Marvel meta-movie.
  • Hmm, I guess I'd put this somewhere in Guardians & Ant-Man territory, need to think it over more.
  • Definitely in my top 5 Marvels.

So, yeah, everyone go see it.
It's got something for everyone.
Laughs, gore, sex, in-jokes, a love story that doesn't suck, the whole shebang.

Next up, Batman v muthafuckin Superman!!!!!!!


B. Dee said...

Hearing good things about the new "The Witch" (still haven't gotten to any of these 2014-15-16 horrors yet)

Bee Dee said...

Or, alternately, THIS:

I haven't seen it yet myself, but apparently a backlash is in place.

Diacanu said...

We've got a generation of knuckleheads raised on shitty jump-scare movies, and I guess "The Witch", is the opposite of that.

I'll probably catch it on video.

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