Friday, April 26, 2019

Big 2019 Movies Part 6.

A year to the day later, it's.....

Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Previously on MCU phase 3....
Previously with the Avengers...

The rundown...
  • Holy fucking shit!!!!!!!!
  • Infinity War was Empire Strikes Back, Endgame is Return Of The Jedi.
  • You needed every speck of that 3 hours.
  • Don't stop to pee. Pee everything out before you go, and don't drink a drop until you get home.
  • You will walk out of the theater with a smile on your face.
  • Don't wait for an after-credits, there's nothing. Not even mid-credits.
  • Although, there's special mid-credits, watch those.
  • No special dedication to Stan Lee, they blew that wad in Captain Marvel.
  • Although, this is his last cameo. :-(
  • The third act is the greatest thing in human cinema ever.
  • Continuity porn for the other movies out the yin-yang.
  • I managed not to bawl, but you just might.
  • I got lucky, and got a little theater full of quiet old people. No bullshit with teenage shit-lords like my first viewing of Infinity War. It was damned near perfect.
  • That tears it, no more Westbrook Cinemagic, I'm sticking to the new place.
  • I just might just go see it again!
  • I hope it curb stomps Avatar.

Um...yeah, everything else from the opening frame practically is a spoiler, so....

I don't need to tell you to go see it, the whole planet is going to go see it.

Next time, probably this again, then Brightburn!


Diacanu said...

Opening weekend smashed all records.

Diacanu said...

Second viewing!

Caught all the Easter eggs I missed last time.

Spotted Howard The Duck!

Spotted the Hulk Ben & Jerry flavor being eaten by Hulk.

Knew who the kid from Iron Man 3 was this time.

Caught the significance of lines repeated from other movies.

This movie rewards multiple viewings.
It's a treasure trove.

There were only three old people there, and they were dead quiet, so I caught every line.
No bag crinkling or coughing.

So, yeah, it was bliss.
Second time always is.

B. D. said...

I haven't been watching GOT but that Starbucks coffee cup that got left in one scene in one of the recent episodes was pretty funny.

Diacanu said...

Heard a good fan theory for the coffee cup.
Bran's warging is getting stronger, and he plucked it out of the future.

....and you have no idea what that means if you don't watch the show.

Trust me, it's funny.

B. D. said...

I'll get to the show eventually but I have already had who all dies spoiled for me.

Oh well. Sopranos was spoiled for me too and that didn't ruin that...

Right now doing "The Americans" and finishing 24.

Diacanu said...

It beat Avatar.

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