Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Big 2019 Movies Part 4.

And, we're finally back to horror with...

Pet Sematary (2019)

Previously from Stephen King...
Previously with Pet Sematary...

Ehh, it's all right.
The 80's one is better.
The novel is better than both.

It's pretty much an Elseworlds.
It's "what if Ellie died instead of Gage?".

That's not a spoiler, they spoil it right in the trailer.
I figure, if it's in the trailer, they wanted you to know.
And if you're a "dammit, I even avoid the trailers!", type of person....well, shit, I dunno what to tell ya.
I don't like spoilers, but it's not frigging virginity either.
Lighten up a little.
The book is a fucking spoiler, and its been out over 30 years.
If you cared that much, you would have read the goddamned book.

Fast runtime.
It flies along, it could have used more time to stew and dwell to build tension, but nope, it cruises right along with its foot on the pedal.
Lot of subplots and side characters sent to the butchers.
I kinda missed 'em.

I'll give it this, it's well made, and it's a hundred times better than "Pet Sematary Two".
Yes, that was a thing.

Everyone turns in a good performance.
Zombie Ellie is good and creepy.
Zelda is creepy again, but they use her for jump scares instead of slow creepy like the old one.

A female cover of "I don't wanna be buried in a pet cemetery", is in the credits, but no "Sheena is a punk rocker".

I'm glad I saw it, but in hindsight, it's a rental.

Save your ticket money for Endgame I think.

Up next, Hellboy.
Critics are shredding it, but I'm gonna give it a shot.
Fuck 'em.


B. D. said...

I watched "Don't Breathe," that had Stephen Lang from "Manhunter" and "Avatar" as a blind guy who fights back against three young robbers. Not great. Passable. It was directed by the new "Evil Dead" director. Lang is way better here than in friggin "Avatar."

I'm surprised that that "Hellboy" remake even exists...only time I've seen them crank out a remake faster was that weird "Cabin Fever" remake a few years back.

Diacanu said...

Don't Breathe-
Yeah, I saw it, forgot to mention it on the blog for Halloween or something.
Like you said, merely watchable.
I guess I wasn't impresed enough to bring it up.

Fede Alvarez also did the fourth "Girl Wih The Dragon Tatoo", movie.
That too was just all right.

He needs to get back to Evil Dead.

I forgot to mention in the main review, there was a slow little old lady in the ticket line ahead of me that was going to see "Breakthrough".
It's about that kid who fell through the ice, and drowned, and died, but the cold preserved his brain so they were able to bring him back after 8 minutes dead.
It was totally science, and the doctors, but his stupid parents have made it a religion thing, so the movie takes that bent.

I kept wishing she was in the Hellboy theater with me with her eyes being Clockwork Orange-ed open.

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