Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Big Summer Movies Part 4. (Part 2)

Part 1 (Civil War)

*Checks date from last time* The 10th? Fuck, why did it take me so long?
Shoulda gone last week.
Ah, well, anyway....

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

All right, so covered the movie well enough last time, so I'll just do my viewing experience.
  • Yheeep, that $8.95 price ain't going down. We're stuck with it.
  • Theater was almost empty. An older couple was there, and they were quiet as mice.
  • Got to see the second after-credits scene without the mouth-breathing knucklehead from last time saying "D'aaabbuuh dubbuh duhhhh Baron Zemo!! Aauurr!!". It was actual words, but anger has melted the memory leaving only a parody. It's better than he deserves. Anyway, it was perfect this time. I picked up more on the double meanings in the dialogue.
  • That one disturbance antidoted, I feel much, much better.
  • There's a backlash of people that acknowledge that this is the perfect movie, but whine about "superhero fatigue". Fuck you. You weren't fatigued for "Deadpool". It's the lying that gets to me. I could almost forgive the feeding of self-importance and vanity if it weren't for the lying.
  • Anyway, fuck the leftover baggage, this time, I had 100% fun. :-)

Next time, "X-Men: Apocalypse", then....GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!!! (8-D

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Friday, May 27, 2016

The Ghostbusters of Christmas future.

Something else along with "In defense of the Ghostbusters reboot", and "Ghostbusters: The Lean Years", to add to my GB16 review.

So here, I lay out the future of the franchise as revealed by Ivan Reitman.

Reitman and Aykroyd have created a production company within Sony called "Ghostcorps", to develop this stuff, and they seem to have a hand in the merchandising, but that's another post. Maybe.
Anyway, here's what Ghostcorps has baking in the oven.


This one's made, and ready to go in 50 days.


The mysterious animated film.
Ivan Reitman is co-directing it with Fletcher Moules, who directed the "Clash Of Clans", commercials.

So, for sure, it's going to be CGI, and not hand drawn.

But, who will the crew of Busters be?
Youth-ified versions of the original guys (minus Egon) picking up in 1992?
3-D versions of the 80's animated?
Animated versions of the comic book versions?
A crossover of the originals and the GB16 girls?
Or, some entirely new crew we haven't met yet?

I think we can rule out strangers if Reitman is directly involved.
I'm betting heavily on the classic Busters.
Whether they'll be realistic, or stylized, or if they'll crossover with the girls, that's the million dollar question.

Then there's the one with Channing Tatum.
It's supposed to be "futuristic", and also have Chris Pratt.
Reitman says we weren't supposed to know about this one yet.
Reports were that this was optioned alongside GB16, and GB16 beat it out, and killed it, but Reitman says it's in limbo, but not necessarily dead.
There's going to be a 21 Jump Street crossover with Men In Black called "MIB 23", would this also be a Jumpstreet crossover, or would Tatum be an entirely new character leading an as yet uncast crew of Busters?
No way of knowing.
A veil of secrecy hangs over all this stuff, but I'm just passing along what's known, and speculating.

Then there's a mystery live-action film that's being written as we speak.
Nothing is known about this at all, but Reitman says this exists on top of the Tatum one, so it's not the Tatum one.
And if it were a straight GB16 sequel, I think he might have said so.
I infer that this comes right after the animated one.

A third GB crew? Who? Who??? Who, dammit, who?? ARGH!!
Maybe the belated torch pass to Oscar?
No way to know, but it's driving me crazy.

And finally...

A TV series.
Again, nothing else known about it.
Animated? Live-action?
Network? Cable? Netflix?

Reitman says of this one "there's remarkable ghost lore in every tradition. It's totally different in China and Japan and Korea, and there's extraordinary opportunity in that".

So, sounds like Ghostbusters International.
But how would they handle that?
One crew that travels the world, or an anthology like "True Detective", with a new crew every season?

Anyhoo, I hope all this shit happens, cuz they need to make up for all the lost time where the franchise had nothing but cricket chirps.

Oh, you Boomer-age Trekkies think you had a long wait between TOS and TMP?
*Points to left buttock* kiss it.

And you GB16 haters wanna sabotage this?
Go climb into an oven.

Anyway, this is the time capsule.
We'll see where this stuff stands in the next 5 years.
Stay tuned!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Happy 7th observed Towel Day!

A nice article on Douglas and Towel Day this year.

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Ghostbusters: The Lean Years

A companion to "Star Wars: The Lean Years", and something else to add to my upcoming review of Ghostbusters (2016).
Or, GB16, as I like to abbreviate it.

Much as I love the shit out of Marvel and DC movies, my favorite film franchises are Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and Freddy Krueger.
In that order.

Ghostbusters are my favorite superheroes, because anyone can be one.
Even with Batman, you have to be a fucking billionaire.
Ghostbusters, you fill out an application, get interviewed by Janine, and Egon gives you a proton pack.
They're the Bob's Heating And Plumbing of heroes.
I get a huge kick out of that.

Anyhoo, down to business...

1984, 1989

The movies. Said it all in the link.


The Real Ghostbusters. Again, at the link.
And that got us to the 90's.

Then the world moved to to...I 'unno, Ninja Turtles, or somethin.

Then, a long drought, and....


Extreme Ghostbusters.

Then, a huuuuge drought, and.....


Ghostbuster The Video Game.

As I said and linked to here, it's Ghostbsuters 3 in every single way.


The IDW comics series.
Fairly recently, last year I think, they did an arc called "Ghostbusters: Get Real", where the comics Ghostbusters dimensionally crossed over with the animated Ghostbusters.
I've been fuzzy for awhile if the IDW Ghostbusters were the movie Ghostbusters, a hybrid of the movie and animated, or what.
I guess this nails down, they're actually a third universe.
Also, they've added an IDW-verse version of Kylie from Extreme Ghostbusters to the crew as a helper for Janine. Fan popularity made her canon the way it did for Harley Quinn, I guess.
Oh, and they also did a crossover with the Ninja Turtles, which given how they're what superseded Ghostbusters in pop-culture importance in the 90's, is quite ironic.


The 30th anniversary, and a reunion in Entertainment Weekly, and on the Today Show.
Dan didn't make it to the Today Show thingy with the rest of 'em, so here he is sometime later.

And, as you can see in those clips, they briefly hint towards what would become GB16.


"Cleanin' Up The Town: Remembering Ghostbusters".
About the two movies, and with interviews with absolutely everybody, including Harold Ramis before he died.
They've been working on this for 8 years, and just got the final push from Kickstarter.
A real bitch that Harold couldn't see it. :-(

About the fandom.
This one cleared its crowdfunding too.
Paul Feig, director of GB16, pops up in this one.
He might also be in "Cleanin' Up The Town", I dunno, but this one for sure.

And of course...


And the controversy that's come with it.

This afternoon, the girls will be on Ellen.
Not an Ellen watcher, but I've followed every detail of this film, so I'll be checking it out.

So, that's been a timeline of the thin trickle of officially sanctioned stuff.
Now, here's stuff during the drought periods that were almost Ghostbusters.


"Ghostbusters: Hellbent".

So, from right after the cartoon ended, to almost now, Dan Aykroyd tried to get Ghostbuster 3 going with little to no success.

Over the years, he rewrote the shit out of it, but the central concept of the Busters going to a Hell dimension version of New York was always the core.

Chris Rock and Chris Farley were supposed to be in the early versions as new Busters, then one token female, then all new Busters with the torch being passed, then when it got really late in the game, Oscar, the baby from GB2, was supposed to be a new Buster, cuz he'd be an adult now, and it was going to be revealed he is in fact Peter's kid.

And all along the way, Bill Murray was the lone holdout.
Turns out Ivan Reitman, and the 4 guys share ownership of the property, and if any one of them doesn't agree, it doesn't get done.

At one point, Bill agreed to do it if he could be dead, and voicing himself as a ghost.
I think he was just dicking Dan around in hindsight.

The big stick in Bill's butt was apparently, GB2 wasn't as fun to make as GB1, and it was a traumatic experience after 1 was so magical, so he never wanted to go within a thousand feet of another sequel.

Anyhoo, an altered version of this finally ended up as the video game.
Which Bill was in as the voice of his younger self.
Dan still plugs away at the "Hellbent", version though.
Who knows, maybe it'll be that animated one that's coming after GB16.
If so, I hope they say Egon is on a honeymoon with Janine, and not, y'know, demised.
Give him a classy send-off.



Dan Aykroyd makes a quick cameo as Ray Stantz.

1997, 2002, 2012

MIB trilogy.

It's essentially Ghostbusters with aliens, when you really think about it.

UFO culture exploded in the late 90's, so it's natural everyone went over to Alienbusters as their flavor for awhile.
Then, 3 was a nostalgia trip.


Men In Black: The Animated Series.

Said it in the link, it was up against "Extreme Ghostbsuters", and poor EGB got its clock cleaned.



See here, and here.

Directed by Reitman, has the same plot skeleton as Ghostbusters 1, and has a Dan Aykroyd cameo.
It's a sneaky Ghostbusters 2.5, really.
Cute flick, liked it at the theater, hasn't held up well, still okay though.

They were clearly aware that MIB was the competition, and tried to clone that success.
Didn't work.
Ah, well, nice try though.


"Alienators: Evolution Continues".

A.K.A. "Evolution: The Animated Series".

Well, at least it didn't have MIB to compete with anymore, and it lasted a little longer than EGB.



Bill Murray cameos as a parody version of himself, and plays "Ghostbusters", in his screening room, and re-enacts it with Woody and the girls.



Described by several critics as "Men In Black with ghosts".

Well, MIB was already GB with aliens, so MIB with ghosts is Ghostbusters again.
Except this time, the protagonists are also dead.

Anyway, this was awful, and bombed.
Good riddance.

So, as you can see, us Ghostheads have been jerked around for long enough.
Time for this damned movie already.

Month and a half left to go...*taps foot*

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happy 5th birthday, Dr. Herbert!!

Last year.

Hmm, I dunno, I covered it all in pretty good detail last time....

Well, the Doc pops up plenty in season 2 chapters 3 through 18.
No Doc-centric ones yet though.
But soon...

Stay tuned!

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Happy 2nd birthday, Eidolon!

Last year.

Ugh, didn't get as much done as I would have liked last year, especially in the winter months.
Fell into a blue funk worthy of Ennui.
Winter really gets to me I guess.

BUT, QD chapters 12, 13, and 14 of season 2 had a decent amount of Eidolon in them.

AND, I figured out the role she plays in the ending of the whole book, and how and why she's actually the most important character.

I just gotta get off my ass and write this shit out.
Stay tuned!

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday The 13th part 11-12 (2016)

Explained the progression of these last time.

It's all up to Paramount to get that next movie out now.
Haven't heard a damned thing about it though.
We'll see.
Fingers crossed.

Anyhoo, here's "I REDO the Jasons", for the scadzillionth time.
And "The Final Girls".
And "Welcome to the monster cluuub! (Part 3!)".

Hopefully, next time, there'll be a poster and review for "Friday The 13th: The 13th", for ya.
I dunno if I'll just do the new one, or a triple recap of the series.
We'll see.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Big Summer Movies Part 4. (Part 1)

The cycle begins anew!

Previous cycles.
And we start off with.....

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Since we're starting off a third one, let's recap the phases...

So, let's jump right into rundown.
  • Best. Marvel. Movie. EVER!!
  • Enhances "Age of Ultron", and gives us what we wanted that to be.
  • Makes a great trilogy with Either Cap-1 and Winter Soldier, or Winter Soldier and Ultron.
  • Some will say they like Winter Soldier better, some say this still doesn't touch the first Avengers, fuck that, I'm calling it, best ever.
  • Everyone gets a cool moment. Perfectly balances everyone.
  • More Spider-Man than I expected.
  • Way more Black Panther than I expected.
  • Black Panther is awesome, can't wait for his movie.
  • Spider-Man is great, can't wait to see "Homecoming".
  • Ant-Man is great.
  • Airport fight, fucking incredible.
  • Two credits scenes, stay for both.
  • I got my usual seat.
  • Some say this is Cap's movie despite all the Avengers, some say this Avengers 2.5, I say....they're both right and wrong. You can't really shove it into a cube. It's Civil War. That's what it is.
  • Um....I can't really think of any flaws worth a damn. *shrug*
  • Yep, as close to perfect as one of these can get.
  • Way better start to a phase than "Iron Man 3", was. Sheesh. I mean, I liked it, but come on, come out swinging. Well, they did this time.
  • Better than BvS? Yes, but...as I said here, Marvel has had way more movies to build their world. It's like saying season 5 of "Breaking Bad", is better than season 1 of "Better Call Saul", um, yeah, but no shit. Meaningless comparison. Talk to me when DC phase 1 is done.
  • Definitely gonna see it one more time.
  • Trailers were "X-Men: Apocalypse", "Dr. Strange", and "Rogue One".
  • Almost zero percent idiots in the theater. Almost. Couple teensy little moments, but nothing bad.
  • Oh!! They've jacked the prices from $8 to $8.95!! Unclefuckas!!!
  • Pretty easy drive up there and back.
  • Radio was lame though.

And, there we go.
Summer movie season has started.

Next, this again, then "X-Men: Apocalypse".
Hearing pretty wavey-hand early reviews for that.
Probably gonna see it just once.
See you then!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Happy fifth observed Star Wars day.

"The Force Awakens", came out, it was awesome, I saw it in the theater 4 times (1, 2, 3, 4), it made over 2 billion worldwide, and Star Wars is back.

Winning fixes everything, even prequels.

From last time.

By next year, "The Force Awakens", will have long ago come out, I'll have reviewed it, and maybe it'll be on DVD.
And of course, we'll be heading towards "Rogue One".

It has, I did, it is, and we are.

Here's the Rogue One Trailer.
And here's the first poster with just the logo.

Also from last time...

So, from here on out, there'll always be a Star Wars movie, there'll always be new news, and I'll always have a fresh poster to use on Star Wars day, so I never ever have to use the fuckin' prequels. :D

Well, look upward, and there it all is. :-)
See you next year for a Rogue One full poster and review(s).
And some Episode 8 news, possibly a title.
Disney just made celebrating May 4th really fucking easy. :-D

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Crossovers 45 (Batman v Superman)

D'oh! Forgot to do this!
Numbered 45 to cancel out the decimal-ized ones I did or the Simpsons crossovers, and get it back to the real count.

Anyway, as I said here...

Whelp, that's it for TV mashups.
Next up, "Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice", I guess.

Batman v Superman:
Dawn Of Justice (2016)

Short version, I really dug it.
Rotten Tomatoes, not so much.
But, fuck them, I parted ways with 'em on Human Centipede 3 too.

And it made a profit, so the next ones are coming.

Next up, Justice League.

As for the comic book realm, lots of neat new crossovers continue to happen, but they're not bringing in anyone new that I hadn't already Bacon-ed into the uber-canon.
If something fresh and spectacular pops up, I'll be sure to cover it.

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