Friday, June 29, 2012

Four years of Shmegalamonga!!

Wow....this year ended up being really frikkin' eventful.

First, let's recap the years...

Year one.

Eh....just kinda playing around.
Figuring out how blogs even worked.
Laying down the foundations.
Pumping out links to, and stories of, everything that'd happened up until then.
Trying to grow enough content that it counted as a full-fledged blog to my mind.
By the time of that post, it felt like it was starting to happen.

Year two.

We busted into the 2010's during that time.
Things were forming, but...didn't quite have a clear direction yet.
Looking back, I kinda had it under my nose....but it was blurry to me for some reason.
But, I was excited to move forward.

Year three.

Um, I'll fess up, I thought I'd lost my way.
I dunno, I'd pounded out a lot of work like a demon, a lot of it was even good, I'd gotten some positive accomplishments done, like completing Dark Designs, but....after that, it felt like I was "lost in the wilderness".
I was kinda flailing there for awhile.
And, you even see in that post, I was making myself buckle down.
Well, I think this year really delivered on that promise.

This year.

Holy crap, where to begin??

"The year of Hell", kinda stretched from winter to winter.
Glad that's over. :(
Not a good start,
Although, in hindsight, it was probably why the 3rd anniversary was so bittersweet....

Found Hyla, and that's led to a buncha stuff, not the least of which, is we're buds again.

Also, this little thing called ThatGalaxyNextDoor was born. ;)

Radically overhauled the skeletal structure of the blog.

Decided on what a Shmegalamonga even is.

Wrapped up that whole pesky "yearbook", thing.

Did all the stuff that became "En-Mike-lopedia".

Did a compressed "best of", of all that stuff.

Have been keeping up meticulously on the holidays section, because that was severely neglected, and that was bugging me; and when I get bugged in the back of my mind for a couple years, I get compulsive.
So, I'm gonna slaughter that this year.

9/11 became 10 years old.

A bunch of dictators croaked.

Harry Hembock turned 23.

I self-published Harry's first book.

My first customer received his.
(And, to my other customers, feel free to post pics, anecdotes, reviews, etc, etc.) ;)

Upgraded my profile to reflect those events.

Aaand, yeah, wouldn't have guessed based on how the year started, but...pretty goddamned good year for ol' Shmeggy.

Coming up next for year 5?

Well, there are 3 more Harry books coming up the pike.
I definitely plan on those all being out in time for Harry's 24th birthday, so that will be a proper bash.

Someday, I do wanna sort out the technical issues, and get the Kindle editions out there for you folks.
Hopefully that'll be worked out this year.

Got a brand spanking new thing I wanna do after all the Harry stuff is squared away, dunno for sure if that'll be this year, but hope y'all like it.
Think ya will.

Yeah, the vision is coming together now.
Where I am now, is about where I fuzzily envisioned being in year 2, even though I didn't know how in the hell to get there.
But yeah, it's coming into focus.
I'm really fucking excited now.
Think there'll be some stuff to chest-pound about next time this anniversary rolls around.
Pretty sure of it.

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