Friday, October 30, 2009


Another talk I wish someone had given me as a kid.

Look, kid, it's like this. I know you're skeptical of the self-esteemer bullshit they try to pump you with on TV and in school, and I don't blame you.

They say "believe in yourself", as a bald assertion, with no backup reasons, like with "believe in Jesus", or "believe in Santa", and look how that shit turned out.

And in the same breath, they say "be yourself", and when you do, you get a bunch of shit from the shitty little demons you'll be trapped with for the next 12 years.

And on the odd occasion you snap, and smack one of the little fucks, you get a bunch of shit from the dopey adults who fed you this shit to begin with.

And the shit they give you is specifically targeted like a heat seeking missile to undermine the whole "believe in yourself", mess.

Yeah, authority figures specialize in mixed messages.
Their heads were fucked up as kids too.
It's a chain, let's break it.


Well, I'll give you some practical reasons why it's imperative to believe in yourself.

And I won't say it with a bullshit fake zombie grin, or morph into a fucking bee, and sing a prissy saccharine song written by a douche working for a bloodless cynical corporation who have an ominous 3 circles that's supposed to be a fucking mouse for their icon.

First of all, right here...

...see this fuckenasshole?

You think this incompetent, immoral, criminal, baby-eating fuckface ever doubts himself for a picosecond?

Fuck no.

Has this demon done jack and shit to deserve his confidence?
Fuck no.
Think you're gonna knock it down by telling him?
Fuck no.

Well see, the little pricks you go to school with, this is what they pray at night to grow up into.
This is one of those "real Americans", their mommys and daddys think they are, and want their precious hatch-ling to be.

Sick shit, huh?

Still give a fuck about what they think about you?

How about this...

...see this felch-monger?

Another American hero.
Legions of zombies watch his abomination of a reality show drooling over the fantasy of having some of his money.
That's it, that's what they're watching, money.
That's why it's the theme song.
Fish to otters.

How'd he get so rich?
Did he invent a fucking lightbulb?
Cure a fucking disease?
Nope, swapped land with other weasels, and built dick-shaped monuments to himself.
That's it.
This creature produces nothing.

And it has an iron certainty in itself.

Never doubts.

Could strap it to a chair, and pull its face off, wouldn't matter.

Such is the human mind.

And this is the culture you're up against.

While you're busy not believing in yourself, the scurvy little hyenas giving you grief right now intend on being the next generation of these swine when they grow up.

And you're caring what they think?
Come on.

Or, let's look at it another way.

Imagine we take, say, Thomas Edison, pluck him out of the time-stream, and plunk him down in an alternate dimension of fucking morons that don't appreciate the fucking lightbulb.

They spew a few mounds of verbal turds his way, he listens, no lightblub, the world literally plunged into darkness because of morons.

Now, course, you think he would listen?
Hell no, he's Thomas fucking Edison, he'd have an iron certainty in himself, because he'd have the same iron certainty in the lightbulb you and I do.

Thomas fucking Edison would get the lightbulb going, and spread around everywhere in every fucking dimension.

You think he'd get people to listen to him if he was like "'s this thing that might like it..or to bug you"??

Fuck no!!

But that's what it sounds like when you let morons get to you.

Fuck morons, and their obsessive kink for darkness.

Somewhere in you is your lightbulb, believe in that, and you believe in you.

And you'd better fucking believe in you, cuz look at the fucking world when you don't.

Look at the fucking mess we're in.

Get up on your damned feet, and turn on your lightbulb.
And keep it on.
Even if the big people are the ones barking at you to turn it off.
Just remind yourself, people that hate lights tend to be cave dwellers.
They want dark, let 'em go to their fucking caves.

There's your practical reason.

Believe in yourself, because sociopaths already do.
And they ain't even got no fucking lightbulb.

Or, let's really cut right to the heart of it.

See this fella here?

Ooozing confidence off the screen.

Ain't no goddamned angst or doubt with a kitty-cat.
Ain't no evil human bullshit with a kitty-cat either.
They deserve their confidence.

When all else fails, look to a kitty-cat.
They're a walking silent self-help book.

Oh, what? You'd rather listen to Doctor Phil?
He's a douche-nozzle.
I have an iron certainty of it.

Now excuse me while I snap on the lights, and cross someone's path to get there.

(Continue on the the sequel, "pride")

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Universe from nothing.

Die, solipsism, die.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

My wonderful gadgets 2.

(Click to enlarge)
Ahh, look at 'em now.
Now that's a utility belt. :D

Well, the remote took the longest, having just finally received it today, so I'm all gadgeted up now.

For now.

So, let's look at the new additions.

Whelp, let's work backwards from newest to oldest.

The remote.

Well, I ordered the white one, which is the one I showed in the last one, and I ordered it, because the site said if they ran out of black, they'd give you the white anyway, and other visual clues gave me the hint they had an over-abundance of white, cuz everyone wanted black, so I said "meh, fuck it", and ordered white.

But, I got black, so YAY!!
Goes with my other gizmos better, and just plain looks smooth.

Whelp, it works, but only on one TV in the house, and one I never watch, so that's a pissah...

..but, I got it for controlling TVs out there in the world, so I'll have to do a location blog of when I do a proper field test.

At least the one TV that it worked on showed me it was even doing something, and wasn't a dead piece of plastic I wasted a couple bucks on.

So, I'm excited. :)

The microscope.
I ordered this just last week, and STILL it beat the remote to the mailbox.

Now, I used to love playing with magnifying glasses as a kid, and at about oh...12, 13, 14 round there, can't remember exactly, I got a full blown microscope for christmas.

Buuut, alkaline batteries were total shit back then, and they leaked, and ruined the electronics, for the light, so..PPPT!!

So, it's collected dust in a box somewhere.

Now, later on, in the 90's, I saw that episode of Aeon Flux where she pops this mini microscope out of a belt pouch, and uses a micro robot inside the scope to torment this little alien fetus.

I immediately said to myself "ooo, I want one!!", and mentally filed it away.

Well, looking for gizmos to complement my first 4, Aeon's microscope popped into my head, and except for the little robot inside, it seemed to me such a gizmo should not only be feasible, but out there on the market somewhere.

So, I scoured Amazon, and they didn't have anything under 100 bucks for one, and all their mini ones plugged into the computer, which means at the least, I had to lug my laptop around, and that didn't make for decent portability, I wanted something you whip right out of your pocket, and get down to business with like my other gizmos.

Didn't seem too unreasable.

But, DealExtreme, and Amazon didn't have 'em, so it seemed I was sunk.

Anyway, I had noticed in browsing DealExtreme, a couple items overlapped with ThinkGeek, so to price compare, I went there, and then got looking at other things, and bam, the microscope jumped out and bit me in the "users who bought this also bought....".

There it was, black, little, cylindrical, no tray, no slides, no pieces to lose, no plugs, and palm sized, roughly as big as my lighter.

What I'd been looking for in my subconscious mind since 1993.
Had to have it.

It's sweet.
60-100 magnification.

Makes my skin look like an exotic plastic, and the fibers of my bedsheet look like shiny nylon ropes.
Pretty decent.
Lotta fun things to do with that.

The lighter.

Ahh, it's beautiful.
Haven't burnt anything yet to inaugurate it though.
Melting a hole in a soda can would do.
But it's been raining outside, so....

But, it lights up slick as shit.

Came with only a couple drops of fuel in it, just enough that there was a little "fssss...(dead)", when I flicked it, not even a full flame.

Soo, I had to make a hardware store run for butane, but now all is well.

Fire's always a good tool to have.
Especially in a Maine winter.
I feel secure having that on me now.

Be nice if it came in black, but that's a minor quibble.
They have a black one, actually, but they just came out with it, and it only has one burner, and half the heat.

Screw it, aluminum/chrome is cool too, black isn't required, it's just been a happy accident so far.

Hmm, gonna need something to carry all this junk in now.
Fall's here, with winter creeping up, so I can pack it all in my denim jacket, but for summer...maybe a fanny/belt pack.

Then it really would be a utility belt..hmm...

Anyhoo, got my eye on the next precious.
The king gadget.

The Dingoo!!



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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Fourth Kind.

....why would remembering being levitated (presumably by an external technology) under hypnosis make you levitate?

There, the thought is planted, the movie is ruined for you.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spiritual values.

I asked this question of someone, and the person blatantly and rudely blew me off for an answer.
See if you think it was unreasonable...

What exactly constitutes a spiritual value anyway?

Is it love of ghosts/fairies?

Or is it religion's usual co-opting of inborn human altruism/affections/solidarity/kindness as not only coming from ghosts/fairies, but corporate trademarked and distributed (in miserly spoonfuls) by the power structure of a particular church?

Because the former is meaningless piffle, and the other is not only wrong, but wicked.

I of course await the magical third alternative.

Yeah...maybe I was a bit on the rough side, but he was using "spiritual values", in the context of knocking a whole continent (Europe), so, I felt it was the right tone for popping his bubble of pretense.

I'm going to go right ahead, and assume I got no answer, because there is no answer.

I mean, let's dissect this dopey phrase.




Meaningless without a list of some kind.

And the values twits are notorious for not giving you one.

And on the odd chance they actually do, it's fucking horrible.

No wonder the more sensible yahoos stay tight lipped, they know their "values", are repulsive to sane people.

When you ask someone about "values", when they're the one who brought the fucking topic up, and they snottily button their lip, just assume they're a Nazi.
Go right ahead.
Saves time.

I mean, really, why would a simple thing like that be like pulling teeth, unless your values system was creepy?

Here's my values; don't kill, rape, or steal from anyone.
See, how hard was that?
I rattled it off in under 3 seconds, and there wasn't a flicker of shame involved.
No hemming, no hawing, no "it's complicated", no "you wouldn't understand", nothing.

And you don't have to believe in magic and/or spooks to follow a code that simple.

So where exactly, and why exactly, does the fucking "spiritual", come in?

And why and how exactly are you a bad person, or nation, for lacking in these values?

How can you NOT lack in them if you can't even fucking verbally convey them?

Doesn't make any damned sense.
It's not supposed to.
Meaningless slogans aren't for making sense, they're for stroking egos.

Anyhoo, moral of this story is this...
Be wary of people who can't give a simple answer to a simple question.
My experience is, they're usually completely full of shit.

Shit like "spiritual values".
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Harry Hembock hair on chicks.

Noticed it first on this chick in the E-harmony ad....

But, it's been spreading.
Seen it on a chick in a Snuggy ad, seen it on this blonde actress from some show I don't watch on Letterman, and seen it on some chick on CNN.

Wish I could remember the blonde's name, hers was more Hembocky.

Anyhoo, I've noticed the two big infectious dos for chicks lately have been the Hembock, and the mini beehive bump in the back started by Palin, and made more popular by Flo from the Progressive ads.

Will continue to investigate this.
Will look for more Hembocks and Flos in daily life.
I advise the same from my readers.
Submit pics.
We have to get to the bottom of this. Read More......

Monday, October 19, 2009

And to complete the trilogy...

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another odd bit of 80's nostalgia....

Not to be outdone by Fat Albert covering V.D., Disney got on the awareness wagon with this...

Winnie the fuckin Pooh talking about child molestation.

I'm pleased to see by the Youtube comments I'm not the only one of my generation who thought this was majorly fucked up.

All you millenials out there missed out, but now it's back to scar you and your kids.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Sidebar update.

Added the last post to "some times of my life".

Screw it, for future reference, all big biography updates will go there.
Just assume it, enough with these petty updates. Read More......

History of the internet part 5- More Shmegalamonga!!

So, last we left off, this pace was born, and was learning to walk.

Since then, I hit the 1 year anniversary of this place, and cracked the 100th rant.

And what a year it's been.

Got out some this summer, and did the location blogs.
Still sorting out the navel gazing of those trips.

Pumped the critical thinking section full of goodies.

Made "greatest hits", and "some times of my life", which is an organized glossary for the biography entries, and added a handy reading/viewing list for the edumacation of the chilluns.

So, aside from a year's worth of decent material, this place is a lot easier to navigate.

So, yeah, from nothing, to a whole site, not too shabby.

Stick around for year two.
More to come.
;) Read More......

Thursday, October 15, 2009

'Nother song of the day.

Fuck it, all I can think of clearly is my damned lighter & remote, and why they're 2 weeks late, so, until that drama resolves, I'll keep posting videos.

Here's Fishheads.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Song of the day.

Hee hee.
Back when I worked at UNE, they brought in this touchscreen video jukebox gizmo for the cafeteria.

This was the only video I could stand.
Everything else blew.
One time, when me n' my crew had the cafeteria to ourselves, I programmed it to play this 4 times in a row.
Hey, I liked it, okay?
There were no students there to consider, fuck it, right?
The janitor kid flipped the fuck out, ripped the power chord out, and said "What the fuck is WRONG with you, man!?!".

I just glared at him like a nut, and stood my ground.

Tch, fucking janitor kid, get the fuck back out there in the kitchen and mop, fucker.
But, cuz he had his tantrum, I couldn't listen to my Alice N' Chains, and nobody could listen to anything.
*Sigh* fucking people.
Anyway, here it is, and I'm gonna click it as many times as I fucking want.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Let's lighten the mood...'s the episode of Fat Albert about V.D.

Maybe I'm odd, but things like this give me a raucous gut laugh.

If you share my sense of humor, well...enjoy.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Glenn Beck, you greasy turd.

Nasty vulgar little demagogue.
Fuck you, and anyone who likes you.

Now, I idly speculated some posts ago, that the cancerous little thug was saying Atheists were anti-American, but he had the wiggle room of that you didn't have to agree with the totality of his nasty little list.
And some idiot fan of his I debated said his shitty list were fuzzy suggestions.
Well, that wiggle room is gone.
This video nails it home.
This is a shit stirring hate-monger of the first order.
Case closed.

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