Sunday, April 29, 2018

Big 2018 Movies Part 4.

Yeah, I said Deadpool 2 was next, but first...

Ash vs Evil Dead (2018)


I almost didn't do this, I did the first season, because it was the first Evil Dead in almost 25 years, and then I did season 2 out of habit, but no one seemed to be digging the weekly episode review format I was doing for it, so if I did do it, I was going to skip the episode reviews, and just do the season review.

WELL!! They cancelled it, and then right after they announced that, Bruce Campbell said he's retired from playing Ash.

Thus, this season is the last Ash thing ever, so I'd better fucking cover it.

"Hey! It's not on until 9 tonight, how did you see the finale!?!?".

If you've got digital Spectrum cable, they upload the on-demand one at midnight Saturday night.
*Shrug* I dunno if they're supposed to, but if not, fuck it, that's on them.
Better than piracy, and legal to boot!!

Anyhoo, let's run this season down like a movie...
  • Doesn't quite reach the perfection that was season 2, but still fucking great.
  • The finale is huge. Bigger scope and stakes than even Army Of Darkness.
  • I haven't done the full binge yet, but I saw most of them again, because Starz marathoned them for me. I missed like, the first 2 or 3, but along the way I caught them on repeats when they first came out anyway. Either way, the whole show is in my head.
  • Like I said last time, each season is equivalent in runtime to bingeing the original movie trilogy, we've got three extra trilogies of content now. We wanted Evil Dead 4, we ended up getting Evil Dead 4 through 12.
  • I wish they had hit their target of 5 seasons, but I won't cry over the 3 we got. We're lucky we got anything. 
  • They saw cancellation coming, and the finale is a proper conclusion. The whole Evil Dead mythology is tied up in a bow. You will be pleased.
  • Not only will I miss Ash, but I'll also miss Pablo, Kelly, and Ruby. Damn, they got me to love them. (Brandy was all right, but we didn't get as much time with her)
  • Maybe someday, even if Bruce doesn't want to come back, in a decade or so, they can reunite Pablo, Kelly, and Brandy, and have them carry the legacy. But, again, I won't be greedy, I'm happy with what we got. 
  • Can't wait for the blu-ray. But until then, there's Starz on-demand.
  • My traditional annual 6 hour marathon of Evil Dead is 24 hours now. Not bad. Not bad at all.

And that's it.
I mean REALLY it!

*Gives a military salute to the franchise*
Thank you, Evil Dead.
You got me from my preteens to my 40's through good times and bad.
You done good.

And like I said last time, if you're an Ash fan, but haven't gotten into this series yet, I just don't know what the fuck you're doing.
Even if you don't want to buy Starz, there's the blu-rays.
Go get 'em.

Next time, Deadpool 2 for sure!

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Big 2018 Movies Part 3.'s get right to it...

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Previously on MCU phase 3....

And now the rundown.
  • ending....I'm gutted.
  • Okay, umm......
  • Wow.....
  • Um.....WOW!
  • All right, you will love the shit out of the character interactions.
  • The team-ups are everything you ever wanted to see.
  • It's hard to service every character, but they pull it off, everyone gets a great moment.
  • Thanos gets the most screentime, followed by Thor, followed by the Guardians.
  • The humor you're used to is there, lots of laughs in the theater. And boy, did you need those laughs. 
  • Awesome cameo of a character you thought was forgotten.
  • Thanos is the best Marvel villain. Yep, they topped Killmonger.
  • I heard a critic say Thanos might just be up there with Heath Ledger Joker. Man, I don't know about that, but he's....special.
  • I thiiiink they tossed in references to all 18 other movies. Straining my brain...yeah. I think they got 'em all in. Yeah, they tie everything up in a nice bow.
  • Stay for the after credits, you only get one, and it's waaaay at the end, no middle credits. 
  • This movie gets DAAARRRRK!!! Darkest MCU ever. 
  • I'm gonna have to see this a couple more times, it's a lot to process.
  • Holy shit.....holy shit......holy....SHIT!

Um...yeah, go see it.

Up next, Deadpool 2.

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Star Wars animated series three title!!


And it's....

Star Wars: Resistance.

Set just before "The Force Awakens", with cameos by Po and Phasma, and with BB-8 as a regular character.
I'm betting some Clone Wars and Rebels characters show up to tie it all together.

Starts this fall, so a trailer should drop pretty soon.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Ghostbusters: Crossing Over update.


Ghostbusters comics news for 2018!

And now...

Ghostbusters Crossing Over: The Teams.

From last time...

It's going to have all the Ghostbusters teams!!!

Original movie, Answer The Call, Real, Extreme, Sanctum Of Slime, and maybe, just maybe, Filmation Ghostbusters.

If they could work in stuff from the Kenner toys, and Lego, and Playmobile, and the Nintendo game, that would make my whole existence.
But...I won't get greedy, I'll take whatever they're allowed to give me.

Well, now we know what teams are being used!!
And here they all are!

The series is going to be 8 issues, and each one is going to have a file by Janine about a different team, so that means 8 teams besides movie universe (called "prime universe", in the comic).
There's 9 teams besides prime in that pic, but there's a loophole which I'll mention.

So, starting from the bottom going up, and going left to right...

Bottom row, prime universe.
Janine, Ray, Jenny (Ray's ghost girlfriend), Kylie Griffin, Egon, Peter, Winston.

Next row, above Prime, are Real Ghostbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters, and Answer The Call. 
Underneath Extreme are the 8-bit game sprites for "New Ghostbusters 2".

Above Real are Sanctum Of Slime, above ATC are Chicago Ghostbusters.
Chicago are from Prime universe, made up by the comic, and founded by The Rookie from the '09 video game.
That's the loophole I mentioned.

Top row, the RGB variants from the "Slimer!" spinoff cartoon, then the anime parody Ghostbusters from one episode of "Tokyo ESP", and the prime universe cartoony variants from certain platfrom versions of the 09 video game.

Between Slimer-verse, and Tokyo ESP, are Kevin Tanaka and Robobuster.
Kevin Tanaka is from Prime-verse, and is Janine's assistant, based on the guy in real life who runs the Ghostbusters Wiki.
Robobuster is from RGB originally, but he dies in his episode, so this is an alternate-alternate version from a  dimension made up for the comic.

Between Tokyo ESP, and '09 game variants, is Mike The Golem.
He's from the same made up dimension as Robobuster, and he's a made up stand-in for Tracy The Ape from Filmation Ghostbsuters, which they couldn't get the rights to.

After '09 game variants, and kind of beside Chicago, is Kevin Beckman, the male secretary played by Chris Hemsworth from ATC.

Oh, and standing a little outside of Chicago is Melanie Ortiz.
She's formerly of Chicago, but now is more of an auxiliary Buster for the Prime team.
She washes her hands of Chicago, but they had to stand her somewhere.

So, all together, that's..

1. Prime Ghostbsuters (movie)
2. Real Ghostbsuters
3. Extreme Ghostbusters
4. Answer The Call
5. 8-bit.
6. Sanctum Of Slime
7. Chicago
8. Slimer-verse
9. Tokyo ESP
10 '09 game stylized
11. Greenwich Village Ghostbusters (Robobuster and Mike The Golem)

So, 11 "teams", but Chicago spins off from Prime, Greenwich Village is just 2 guys, and the Janine files aren't counting Prime, because they see themselves as the "real", dimension.

But anyway, that's all the characters.
Unless they spring some surprises, which they might.

See you in 6 months for the final review of all 8 issues!! 

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Solo: A Star Wars Story update 3.


From last time....

I keep waiting for one to come out in the Drew Struzan style, but...yadda gut says this is it.

Haha!! Wrooong-guh!

I won't declare it the final, but this looks pretty definitive, and it's exactly the style I wanted.

Now, let's put it with TFA, R1, and TLJ

Aaaaah, beeeetter!

And, here's the infographic update.

Now to retro-link it to the infographic timeline sequel thingy.

Also, all the stuff I said last time.

See you May the 4th for Star Wars day 7.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Journey through Star Wars info-graphics part 2.

Part 1.

Yep, one year anniversary of the first one, time for an update.

Last time, we got through 0-12.

....and that got us from the Disney deal, to Last Jedi prepping to come out.

From last time...

December is "Last Jedi", next year is Han Solo.
By then, we'll have a clearer picture of the third anthology.
See you then.

Well, yes on Solo, yes-and-no on third anthology....

13. Boba-Fett became Obi-Wan. It seemed like a solid announcement at the time, but we haven't heard a single goddamned thing about it ever since. So, anthology three is still as vague and murky as DC's future slate.

14. Last Jedi got its final poster. 

15. Han Solo became "Solo: A Star Wars Story". And unlike "Rogue One", the correct logo dropped at the same time.

16. We got the Solo teaser posters which later turned out to be controversial.

17. And finally, Solo got its final poster.


18. Nope!! This one!

And we got word on a third trilogy by Rian Johnson, and a fourth trilogy by Benioff & Weiss, as well as the live-action TV series by John Favreau.

So...if I choose to continue this timeline thing past the 6 movies, it's going to branch a bit.
I think I'll make something else to follow those.
I'll play it by ear.

Anyhoo, Solo comes out next month, next year is Episode 9, and who the Hell even knows if anthology three is even happening with all these multiple trilogies buzzing around.

We'll probably know something next year.
Here's hoping.
See you then.

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Monday, April 9, 2018

Solo: A Star Wars Story update 2.


So, here's the full trailer.


And here's poster.

I keep waiting for one to come out in the Drew Struzan style, but the flick is 1 month away, and the ones for TFA, TLJ and R1 came out two months before the flick.
Plus they usually put the final release date on when when everything's a lock.
And...there's just no hint towards a Struzan style one.
Even the Rogue One buildup ones had the final background with different props standing in for the character faces.
For this one, they just keep re-arranging those same characters and backgrounds with different color filters on every poster, cup, cardboard standee, this really looks like it's the ad campaign they're going with to the death. gut says this is it.
I don't dislike it, it's actually kinda cool, just...if they're gonna break the old tradition, I'd like to be told openly, instead of being jerked around.
That's all.

Let's put it with its friends like I did with TFA, R1, and TLJ.
But, where it doesn't quite go with the old style posters of the classics and prequels, let's instead match it up with R1 and TLJ, cuz I think that'll go better.

Yeah! That goes good!
I like it!
All right then!
I want them to get a green one in there somewhere.

And, here's the infographic update.
We're 4 down, 2 to go on that damned timeline finally.
Closing in.

Anyhoo, now that TLJ has finished its run, and come to Blu-Ray, and pay-per-view, the Solo stuff should start ramping up more.
I'm jazzed for it.
I dig the trailers, especially this new one.
Hope the flick delivers.
It's Lawrence Kasdan, it's Ron Howard, no matter how it rates against the others, at bare minimum, it'll be a fun time.
It won't suck.

And...that's that.

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Big 2018 Movies Part 2.

Part 1 (Black Panther)

Holy Madballs! It's....

Ready Player One (2018)

Previously from Steven Spielberg....

All the movies.
Come on, it's Spielberg.

And now the rundown.
  • Loved it. Dunno if I love the SHIT out of it, but I left the theater feeling warm and happy.
  • It's Easter Egg the movie!
  • It's "the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny", the movie.
  • I won't list all the Easter eggs, you can find sites and Youtube videos that rattle them all off. I saw the juiciest ones. (I think)
  • I shoved hints at 3 Easter eggs in the intro up top. 
  • Definitely gonna have to go over the Blu-Ray with a fine toothed comb.
  • Very Spielberg-y. If you were an alien, or a cave hermit, or a rainforest native that got none of the pop culture references, the story still plays well, and tugs heartstrings in the right spots. 
  • It'll give you that 80's Goonies, E.T., Gremlins, Indiana Jones feeling.
  • No fancy credits, no post-credits. Spielberg is an old fart about that. "I put it all in the movie! The movie's done! Go pee, and go home!". 
  • Worth seeing. At least once. Dunno if it's going to be an all time classic, but it's up there in Spielberg's good ones. IMHO.
  • I was right, it gets all the Bacon points for crossovers. It ends that category. I'll slap that tag on it.
  • Uuum, what else? Wish I had more to say, but all the juicy stuff is in the Easter eggs, and I refuse to spoil 'em.
  • Go see it!


Next time,
INFINITY WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The blog in review part 3: Part 2, FAQ.

Part 1, Home.

And we continue with....


And we start of with....

The Shmegalamonga coat of arms.

I've never been more proud that I put a snowflake in there.
The Republicans turned full Nazi, and one of the Nazis favorite epithets is "snowflake".
Anything from a fucking Nazi is a compliment.

I'm proud to have it on there, proud its right next to a middle finger, and proud I saw fit to stick it on all the Harry books as my "corporate", logo.

A lot of future predictions in this category coming up.
And a lot of "I fucking told you so", because I fucking told you so.

Now, the links.

What IS a Shmegalamonga?

A whale from the quantum sea.
And the quantum sea is a word I made up for the internet.
So, a quantum fish I guess was good news on the internet, so the blog itself is REALLY good news if it's a whale.
Kind of arrogant, but it's in jest.

Who IS Harry Hembock?

Well, DUH!
But, a newbie might need to know.

The Shmegalamonga mission statement (Part 1)

Two terms of Reagan, two terms of Jr. Bush, and the existence of Dave & Busters are pretty much all I have to point to to show why I'm given total leave once and for all to not take most people seriously anymore.

And now Trump is the final straw.
And it seems like everyone else (with a functioning brain-cell) is finally on the same page as me with this.
And Europe can't even look down their nose, because Brexit is their version of the Trump election.
"The smartest people in the room", have all either turned out to be circus clowns, or failed miserably to stop the circus clowns.

I fucking told you so!!

The Shmegalamonga mission statement (Part 2)

Why I don't censor my blog in excruciating detail.
Cuz you have to head off all the stupid arguments from the meatheads.

The sequel in comments is the Miley Cyrus rant.

While the left were trying to censor each other, the Nazis were saying whatever the fuck they wanted, and used their twisted version of "freedom", to grab power.
Now the left side censorship voices have vanished.
Funny that.
Why, its like they lost the argument, and can't face the music.
Or the guilt.
Huh. Imagine that.

The Shmegalamonga mission statement (Part 3, The Shmegalamonga Coat Of Arms)

It's an illustration of my four I-word rants, so let's dig into those.

Snowflake is for individuality.
And its rant is about all the creeping fascism in our culture.
And if you thought I had a tinfoil hat on then, well, who's fucking laughing now?

I fucking told you so!!!

Middle finger is for insolence.
That rant is about how authority figures are meatheads, and not to be trusted.
I used Toys R Us as an example.
Toys R Us very recently mis-managed themselves into oblivion.
They're gone.
I win that argument.

I. Fucking. Toldyouso!!!

Smirk is for insouciance.
That rant is about fighting/resisting stress, and humorous passive resistance to the Nazis.
My fellow lefties are waking up, and learning that lesson now.

Toldja so.

Hand held up in "no", gesture is insubordination.
Don't salute, don't march in line, don't bow, don't kneel, don't lick boots.
Don't knuckle under to the Nazis.
Quit, flee, strike, protest, obstruct, sabotage, bring their evil machine careening down.

The #metoo people and the the gun control teenagers are learning this one.

And its about fucking time.
I got really tired of the left thinking it would be all right if they just played the game.
How'd that work out?

Toe-jya so.

The Shmegalamonga mission statement (Part 4, The War On Bullshit)

The Trump administration embodies all the shit I talked about in this one.
Religion, pseudo-science, anti-enlightenment, anti-education, poisoning the media, treating the underclasses like chattel, or worse, expendable meat. The whole mess.

I goddamned warned you people.

The Shmegalamonga reading list.

Antidotes to the various poisons.
I've got to add "Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me)", by Carol Tavris, and Elliot Aronson.
Ah, wait, I kinda just did. ;-)

I thought going in that this old material would feel cringe-y.
Maybe my execution was a little sloppy and meandering, but I was on point.
Even in the face of cricket chirp abandonment from people that used to cheer me on.
That shit made me doubt myself, but even in that doubt, I knew if I followed the path of Carlin, and Twain, and Goya, I'd be in the right.

I was right to stick to my guns
If you just wait long enough, history will hammer home the punchline for you.

I'm proud of these ones.
They're what the blog is about, what I'm about, and it turns out, I don't need to change a goddamned thing.

I think I'll even retro add this review to the FAQ itself.

Next up, Harry Hembock.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The blog in review part 3: Part 1, Home.

Part 1: History of the internet 6- Shmegalamonga in review.
Part 2: First-world problems.

The 10th anniversary is coming up in June, so I figure I ought to start preparing for that.
It occurred to me, in the style of my big 90's retrospective, I could go through, and narrate the whole damned blog.

So, I'm gonna.
Using the page list bar, category by category.

Starting with..


Well, that just takes me to the front page, so I'll just go through a time capsule description of what's here....

The year 10 logo.
Which is going to rotate to year 11 soon.

The afformentioned page list, which includes...

Home, FAQ, Harry Hembock, Jade-Shade, Archives, Biography, Links, and Bookstore.

Gonna go through those individually.
And who knows? These could all be different by year 15 or 20.
Good to take a snapshot every now and then.

Now let's go through the latest posts...

Happy 19th anniversary of Krazyfool's Den Of Delusion!!!

Yep, one away from 20.

From that post...

I think that one will be the big update nostalgia stroll through the old site link by link.
See you then!

Well, turns out I'm doing that to all of Shmegalamonga!
I'll get around to Krazyfool's along the way, and link that back to the 20th when the time comes.

Ghostbusters: RGB references in ATC.

Proud of that list.
Wish someone cared.
Well...maybe I'll risk it, and put it out there to the larger Ghostbusters fandom community.
Problem is, is when you open to a bigger community, you take a lot more sneering troll shit.
We'll see...

Ghostbusters 101, a year later.

I sure do like these time-capsule posts. ;-)

Black Panther hits 1 billion!!!

Suck it, racists. :-)

Star Wars the series.

Hopefully next year, we'll know the title of this thing.

Couple other random pop culture updates.

Ghostbusters World the phone game, and the Han Solo poster controversy.
We'll see if anyone remembers either of those in a couple years.

Fango lives!!!

Yep, Fangoria magazine is back.
...for now.

After posts is the blog archive gadget, which goes back to 2008.
You can just scroll right down, and see that.

After that is the labels gadget.
Which right now reads...

Going down through there, society has kind of died off, I don't do news stuff on the blog, I save my bile on current events for Facebook.
That's a whole other show you're missing.

Videos is dead. I've been either throwing Youtube clips in there without using the tag, or using a link instead of embedded video, because loading those slows the browser down.

World-events, ditto society.

Songs, ditto video. I throw a song in on Halloween for tradition, but all my other song sharing is on Facebook now. one gives me stuff anymore, that breaks my heart, but I'll keep the archive of old stuff up forever.

Mobile, that's dead.
My gum stick camera is basically dead, and my flip camera is grainy as fuck, and makes a bunch of obnoxious baby toy sound effects, so it ruins ninja sneaking.
Gotta find a camera that isn't an expensive bulky shutterbug thing, or isn't a fucking phone.
When you tell people you don't want a fucking phone, they think you're a maniac.
I want something that takes photos with an easy interface LIKE a phone, but without the phone part.

On this day, Facebook curates that for me now.

Part of me wants to trim this list down, but there's no magic bullet to kill a tag, you have to go through every fucking post snipping the tags off until its zero.
I did that with "Re-sequenced Photons", and it was a fucking nightmare.
I'm leaving that the fuck alone now.
Oh, wait, *pokes around* there's a thing to edit the list after all....well THAT would have been nice to know!!
Fuck it, I'm trimming this list after I post this!!!

Okay, now the sidebar....

About me.


Author, cartoonist, comedian, and aspiring monster slayer. Oh, and my name is Mike Meggison, not Harry Hembock.

Hmm, nothing in there I'd change.
For now.
Who knows what the future holds.

Harry Hembock bookstore.

Damn, I gotta get that stupid Jade-Shade book done to add to that, and use that to justify cleaning that mess of a page up.
Facebook defaults to this as a thumbnail when I don't put a graphic in the post.

Jade-Shade saga.

Another redundant button.
Well, you gotta get people's attention somehow.

Search this blog.

Love this thing.
Hate it when it breaks.
Which seems like once a year.

Recent comments.

Don't be a stranger, Billdude.
Or Paladin.
Hyla rage/butt-hurt quit the internet, so...invitations out there, but I don't think he hears me.

My blog list.

I'm down to just "I don't go out for brunch", and "Zarbi".

I deleted everything that hadn't been updated in 2 years or more.
I figured, if you stopped giving a shit, why should anyone else?
A lot of my friends old blogs were abandoned so long, they got hacked, and turned to spam ads.
I ain't helping spam hackers.
Maybe I'll replace this with an RSS list of goodies, and fold the two blogs into that.
Yeah, that goes on the to-do list.
And hey, if any of you out there revived your old blog, or started a new one, speak up!!

Follow by e-mail.

I dunno if anyone uses this, but it couldn't hurt.

Subscribe to.
(Puts posts and comments on your RSS reader)

Ditto the e-mail subscriber.

I deleted the feedjit map, because support for it died.

I deleted subscribers, because it was taken over by spammers, and there was no more function to ban the spammers to get my real friends back to the front of the list.
And again, their blogs died, so their profiles went blank.
So, the fun went out of that gizmo.

And, that's the front page.
On April of 2018.

Next up, FAQ.

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Monday, April 2, 2018

Happy 19th anniversary of Krazyfool's Den Of Delusion!!!

  • 2013 (saga of the site)
  • 2014 (saga of Krazyfool Show)
  • 2015 (TFA was coming soon)
  • 2016 (Rogue One was being whispered)
  • 2017 (Rogue One was out)

I talk about Star Wars on these, because Phantom Menace was brand new in 1999, and a big thing on the old site, so 1999 me would have kept up on the sequels.
And he did, because he became me, and Krazyfool's became Shmegalamonga! ;-)

So, I saw The Last Jedi twice at the theater, and nabbed it on Blu-Ray right on day one.
Marathon-ed it with TFA.
Gorgeous, fucking gorgeous.

Speaking of the prequels, I re-reviewed those, and then spun it off into re-ranking the 8 up to that point.
(TLJ comes right after ESB for the ninth now)

The prequel thing was part of a larger thing re-assessing all of the 90's.
Including the internet of the 90's.

Soooo, there was no final Krazyfool fourquel in QD, but.....I miiiight work something in to the new thing.
Stay tuned.

Anyhooo, 1 more year to 20!!!
I think that one will be the big update nostalgia stroll through the old site link by link.
See you then!

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