Saturday, April 6, 2019

Big 2019 Movies Part 3.

And we're back to the DCEU with....

Shazam (2019)

Previously on the DCEU....

Loved it.
The most fun DC movie yet.
And that includes pre-DCEU moves too!

  • The DCEU curse is broken, DC is all the way back.
  • It's as funny as you see in the trailer, and then some.
  • It has more heart than you see in the trailer.
  • The villain is fucking scarier than the trailer lets on!!
  • Seriously, the villain demonstrates his powers on some people he has old grudges with, and a woman behind me with kids softly muttered "omigawd, this is fucking horrifying!".
  • There's a big twist surprise at the end I had spoiled for me by toys, but my eyes still watered up with joy when it happened, so this movie (at least for me) is spoiler-proof.
  • Zach Levi was born to play Shazam.
  • You'll walk out with a Jack O Lantern smile plastered on your face, and you'll want to walk right back in, and see it again.
  • When I get this on Blu-Ray, I'm gonna watch it a million times.
  • Stay for mid and after credits. 
  • Second best of the standalones. 
  • My new ranking, Wonder Woman, Shazam, Aquaman, Man Of Steel, BvS, JL, SS.

Can't say much more without spoiling.
Go see it.
You'll be happy.

Next for DC, Joker.
If that one lives up to its trailer, I think it'll be in my top 20 movies period.

Next for these, Pet Sematary.

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Paladin said...

Pretty much agree. DC's on a winning streak, and Shazam is a lot of fun.

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