Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The (fifth) YEAR Of Hembock!

All right, now that we're five out, let's review...

The Summer Of Hembock.

Where I recorded every mind numbing little detail of the release of each book.
I thought I had to stagger them out monthly like comic book issues.
In hindsight, I should have just dumped them out there in one big load, and been done with it.

The YEAR Of Hembock!

Where I did anniversaries of every little milestone, and reflected on stuff.
The only one I kinda regret, was justifying the artwork.
Kinda, but not really.
Screw it, if you don't like it, go read something else, I apologize for nothing.
Oh, yeah, and Jade Shade was on the horizon.

The (second) YEAR Of Hembock!

Harry had had his first Jade-Shade crossover, and I had come to grips with the whole being published thing, and was proud of it. My next goal was to make a buck off Jade-Shade somehow, and well...I still gotta get on that... My life has come together in crazy unexpected ways before, we'll see what happens.

The (third) YEAR Of Hembock!

Was still plugging away at Jade-Shade, and my plan after that was still fuzzy

The (fourth) YEAR Of Hembock!

The plan after Jade-Shade was coming more into focus, but wasn't quite there yet.
Also, some funny joke stuff.

And now, today.

Harry turned 28.

And the final version of the plan is, Jade-Shade/Quantum Dissolve, and the Harry text story compilation book are going to be merged into one thing, and then after that, comes a Krazyfool/Shmeglamonga/Facebook rant compilation book.

And after that, I have another novel idea I've got outlined out that I'm going to try to sell to a publisher, so I won't blog it here.
It's Jade-Shade/Harry Hembock adjacent, but it's more off on it's own tangent.

Turns out I needed Jade-Shade as practice and world-building for this thing.
It's not costumed heroes, but there will be my usual blend of sci-fi/horror/action/comedy with a dash of social commentary.

So, there, that's that, and now THIS will be the final bonus feature for the Harry/JS hybrid book.
See you next year, when hopefully, the books will be assembled, and you'll be reading this off of paper.

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