Saturday, June 29, 2013

Five years of Shmegalamonga!!!!!

Bam, half a decade already!

And, this one was as beefily eventful as the last.

Last year.

So, where did we leave off there?

Right, there were 3 more Harry books, and the tech issue with Kindle publishing had to be sorted out.

Well, those happened.
...and no one bought the fucking Kindle books anyway.
Good thing I didn't start with them like the original plan, or I might have fucking given up.

Anyway, here's a link to "The Summer Of Hembock", that recaps all of that.

The "brand spanking new thing I wanna do after all the Harry stuff is squared away", I mentioned then was/is The Jade-Shade.

And, I got that up to where both main characters are introduced in the nick of time for this.
Now the thing can really get going.
This time next year, hopefully the novel will be compiled.

The holidays are compiled into the Calendar page, and I've decided on the anniversary of making that, I'm going to go over that whole OCD project, dissect it, streamline it, get something out of it.

The second volume of En-Mike-lopedia rolled around.
That's probably gonna be an annual tradition.
I want to keep streamlining that.

Speaking of streamlining, I did an overhaul of the whole goddamned blog.


Harry Hembock turned 24.

Krazyfool's Den Of Delusion turned 14.

The Krazyfool show turned 13.

Harry Hembock Classics turned 1.

As did its first sale.

And...that might seem like a light entry compared to year 4, but all the meaty bits are in the links.
See? Streamlining.
This thing is becoming a serious operation! ;-)

Now....just need a new logo for year 6....


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