Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Big summer movie recap-recap (2013)

Let's take a look back.

Starting with the first of these.


1. Man Of Steel.

Way up from #5.
It gets better every time I see it.
I see more layers and get more out of it.
The Nolan Batmans are crime thrillers that happen to have Batman in them, so MoS is an alien invasion movie where one of the aliens is good, and happens to be Superman.
The stakes are big, the sequels are going to have consequences.
I think time, and the building up of the DC universe will make this one be appreciated more as we go along.
I also think I was like everyone else, it's such a different take from the Reeve/Routh universe, it took me a while to process it.

2. The World's End.

Bumped down from #1.
Still excellent, but MoS has to be #1.

3. Evil Dead (2013).

Up from #7.
I kicked myself at the time for having it so low.
Fixed now.

4. Kick-Ass 2.

Down from #2.
I still love it, but the new top 3 has to be the top 3.

5. Despicable Me 2.

From one of the updates of stuff I saw on home video that I missed in the theater from that year.
It was good, and slaughtered the box-office, and this is about where I'd put it.
Look for the Minions spinoff to make a cool billion.

6. The Wolverine.

Way down from #3, but only because the top 5 have to be what they are.
I put it higher than the next two, because Wolvie has more movies worth of backstory to rest on, he was a broodier character to begin with, and Jackman has him nailed by now.
Could have stayed in the top 5, but "Days Of Future Past", slaughtered this one.

7. Thor: The Dark World.

Another one from an update.
At the time, I said this was a smidge better than "Man of Steel".
Big things happen in this one destruction wise, but it's all cleaned up in one fucking episode of "Agents Of Shield".
Direct opposite of MoS.
There's some fun Loki stuff, Kat Dennings is cute, but mostly, this helps set up "Guardians Of The Galaxy", and "Infinity War".
But, it's still a bit better than the next one.

8. Iron Man 3.

The first building block towards "Avengers: Age Of Ultron".
Still good, but Thor 2 was better, and "Winter Soldier", was even better.

9. Star Trek Into Darkness.

Yeah, this hasn't held up for me.
I own it, and just haven't had the desire to pop it in since last Christmas.

10. Pacific Rim.

I don't hate it, but I wanted to love it.
And it wanted to be a movie I love, so I'm not wrong in holding it to that standard.
The weak characters drag it down, I'm sorry.
If a damned Voltron cartoon could make me care about the heroes, why couldn't this?

11. Elysium

Another one from an update.
Yeah Blomkamp is fumbling the ball.

12. World War Z

Final one from the updates, and this goes where it belongs.
'Nuff said.

Of the updated ones, the only one I regret missing in the theater was Thor.
See, I didn't want to break my summer movie rule, and I didn't want to drive in the snow, but this year, Star Wars is for Christmas, so that rule has to go.

Up next, 2014.

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