Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #65.

Star Trek series 10!!

It's another animated series.
I heard about it some months ago, but the details were so vague, it wasn't worth reporting.
The details are still vague, but better than last time.

Here's what we know...

Star Trek: ????? (2020??)

  • It's going to be CGI.
  • It's going to be on Nickelodeon.
  • The plot "follows a group of lawless teens who discover a derelict Starfleet ship and use it to search for adventure, meaning and salvation."
  • More at this link, but not much more.
  • I'm going to call it "Nick-Trek", until they give it a title, cuz I have to call it something.

Aaand, that's it for now.


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Meedyah Morsels #64.

A couple Star Trek crossover comics.

Star Trek vs Transformers (2018-2019)

Generation 1 Transformers drawn in their original animated style meet the Original Series crew in their animated style.

So, Transformers meet Star Trek, Transformers meet Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters meet TMNT, and Transformers have met GI Joe countless times.

So, everyone from Infestation have inter-met.

Last issue came out  little while ago.
It was neat, but just neat.
Not awesome or nothin.

Star Trek: The Q Conflict (2019)

Q, Trelane, a Metron, and an Organian decide to use human champions for some cosmic argument they're having, so they summon from the time-stream the crews of Original Series, Next-Gen, DS9 and Voyager, put them into mixed up teams, and send them on scavenger hunt quests.

Whichever team wins settles the argument in favor of one of the 4 immortals, and restores order to the universe.

Pretty fun so far.
I assume to maintain the timeline, everyone's memories will be erased.
Except maybe Picard, cuz he's furthest in the future (he's in the TNG-movie era, but sometime before Nemesis).

A shame Enterprise and Discovery are left out, but it's all the classic crews from the 90's heyday of Trek.

I wished at the time this plot had been the 11th movie.
I'll settle for the comics, I guess.

You could still sorta pull it off.
Everyone from the 90's shows is still alive, even if they've got a bit grey, and you could replace the TOS crew with the JJ-Trek crew.
Hell, you could make it JJ-Trek 4.

As it is now, the movie franchise is stuck in limbo for a long time to come.
A pity.

Anyway, that's those.

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Monday, April 29, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #63.

Endgame is shattering records!!

Yep, it made 350 million domestically, and 1.2 billion worldwide just on the opening weekend.

Now, it just has to topple Avatar's record, and complete its run at 3 billion.

Also, Captain Marvel is still out, and got a bump from Endgame, and made an extra 8 million, breaking Wonder Woman's domestic record.

I don't normally follow every in and out of box-office stuff here, but the 350 million alone is a colossal record smashing, let alone the 1.2 billion globally.

You'll never see a record smash that huge in your life again.
Something will come along someday to topple Endgame domestically, but it'll be a couple million here or there, not by a jump of 75%.

I'll link this to the Endgame review in comments, and I'll update again when/if it beats Avatar.
That's the one I'm rooting for.
Avatar being the #1 movie ever is an obscenity to me.

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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #62.

Another trickle of Ghostbusters 3 casting news.

Sigourney Weaver!!

It's from a fairly reliable source, but it's not confirmed by Sony, and I'm a bit trigger shy after the Ernie Hudson thing turned out to be BS.

Course, I'm still fairly confident Hudson will be in it, so I ain't taking the post down.

And I'm confident Weaver will be in it, so I wanna scoop this regardless.
Take it with a grain of salt for now.
But...my gut tells me it's true.


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Meedyah Morsels #61.

Parts #1-60.

Another Transformers/Ghostbusters update!
Haven't had one of these in awhile!!


Y'know how there's Ectotron, the Ectomobile Transformer, and he was revealed by the toy?

And y'know how there's a mystery character that's been hidden behind a black bar on the cover preview?

As with Ectotron, the mystery character has been spilled by a toy.



Damn, if this had come out back in 84-87, when I was collecting TF and GB, I would've been all over this like stink on a monkey.

Here he is in truck form in the package.
Apparently, he's classified as "Ecto 35", in the vehicle lineage.

Here's a better look at his trailer.
Apparently, Ectotron is scaled just right, that he can fit in there.

Here's the little drone car that comes out of his trailer, but as a ghost trap.
You can see Prime holding it as a trap in the first pic.
It comes with the Slimer too.

And, finally, the box it comes in is a proton pack.
You can see in the second pic up there, there are rolled up little straps so a kid can wear it.

So, that's Ectotron, Ecto-Optimus, a blu-ray player with a copy of "Bumblebee", and the graphic novel of these TF/GB comics I have to send back in time to my 12 year old self.

Boy, is he gonna get a great Christmas in a splinter timeline.

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Friday, April 26, 2019

Big 2019 Movies Part 6.

A year to the day later, it's.....

Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Previously on MCU phase 3....
Previously with the Avengers...

The rundown...
  • Holy fucking shit!!!!!!!!
  • Infinity War was Empire Strikes Back, Endgame is Return Of The Jedi.
  • You needed every speck of that 3 hours.
  • Don't stop to pee. Pee everything out before you go, and don't drink a drop until you get home.
  • You will walk out of the theater with a smile on your face.
  • Don't wait for an after-credits, there's nothing. Not even mid-credits.
  • Although, there's special mid-credits, watch those.
  • No special dedication to Stan Lee, they blew that wad in Captain Marvel.
  • Although, this is his last cameo. :-(
  • The third act is the greatest thing in human cinema ever.
  • Continuity porn for the other movies out the yin-yang.
  • I managed not to bawl, but you just might.
  • I got lucky, and got a little theater full of quiet old people. No bullshit with teenage shit-lords like my first viewing of Infinity War. It was damned near perfect.
  • That tears it, no more Westbrook Cinemagic, I'm sticking to the new place.
  • I just might just go see it again!
  • I hope it curb stomps Avatar.

Um...yeah, everything else from the opening frame practically is a spoiler, so....

I don't need to tell you to go see it, the whole planet is going to go see it.

Next time, probably this again, then Brightburn!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #1-60 compilation.

And, here's both batches so far.

Now, to link this to archives.

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Meedyah Morsels #31-60 compilation.

Here's the second batch all together...

Next up, combining it with the last batch into a compilation of parts 1-60.

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Meedyah Morsels #60.

There's a reason I folded books and comics into this series.
So they don't clog up movie reviews, even if technically, they're often movie sequels/prequels.

So, we start off the category reboot with.....

Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary (2019)

Previously with this franchise...

Yep, another "Answer The Call", sequel.
Mixed in with the other 3 generations.
As long as they keep doing ATC sequels, I'll keep reviewing 'em.

So, these one-shots came out over the last 4 weeks, and the last one was today.
Here we go....

1. Ghostbusters.

Remember when in the original movie, Winston was applying for the job of 4th Ghostbuster, and Janine rattled off all the bullshit he was expected to believe in, and one of them was "the theory of Atlantis"?

They finally meet up with Atlanteans.
Yep, they did it.

A spell tablet releases an Atlantean ghost, then the ghost raises Neptune as a disturbing Golem made of fish.

Nice fun little quickie.
Feels like a really good RGB episode, even though it's original recipe Ghostbusters.
Lots of little Easter eggs for the first 2 movies, and RGB.
Probably the best one of these.

2. The Real Ghostbusters.

Pretty cute.
Nails the style and pace of an RGB episode dead-on.

Lots of little callbacks to previous RGB episodes.
Both as direct Easter eggs, and little similarity echoes.

Story was a bit thin and fluffy though.
But...even that's a callback, cuz the old RGB comics by NOW publishing were thin and quick like this.
Hmm, y'know, this is the first solo RGB comic SINCE the NOW run!
Yeah, that ended in 1992, one year after the show ended.
It's been 27 years since an RGB comic!

Anyway, plot...
A competitive ghostbusting business outdoes the Busters, and tries to head-hunt Ray.
They turn out to be frauds, and Ray and Slimer bring them down.

I guess this was the weakest.
It wasn't bad, just the other three were better.
I liked the RGB guys better in the crossovers.
Those interactions were far more interesting than going back to formula.

3. Ghostbusters: Answer The Call

First non-crossover adventure of the girls since "What Dreams May come".

Again, just cute.

Here, the character interaction feels more like the movie, but the plot and art style is what feels like an old NOW-era RGB comic.

A demon cult pulls a "Rosemary's Baby", routine, but the baby comes out a girl instead of a boy, so they abandon their plan.
The demon-daddy doesn't care, and tries to start the apocalypse anyway.
Proton beams, and quick thinking by Holtzmann save the day.

I'd rate this....third best.
A little better than the RGB one, definitely not as good as the classic-GB one.

4. Extreme Ghostbusters.

It's been 22 years since the last episode of EGB, and EGB NEVER had a solo comic of its own, so this is it.

I'd rate this second best after the classic-GB one.
1. Classic
2. Extreme
3. Answer
4. Real

Tim Lattie has been doing awesome variant covers for the GB series all along, and they've always been my favorites, but now he finally does interior art, and the wait has been too goddamned long.

And it fits like a glove that he's doing the Extreme team, cuz you can tell from the covers he did for "Crossing Over", he fucking loves Kylie.

And speaking of fucking loving Kylie, holy crap, they finally actually evolved the Kylie + Eduardo relationship.
Cartoons were always trapped in a grade school crush version of romance, but now that the show is defunct, the comic writers can do anything they want.

Oh, they don't get to fuck or anything, but in dialog, you can tell they're moving ahead a little further.
Better than poor Egon and Janine ever got, anyway.

Anyway, story is, the ghost of a PETA activist endows zoo animals with intelligence and speech so they can rebel against humans.

Lot of similarity to a certain RGB episode.
Hmm...an RGB theme runs through all of these, actually....

Story/dialog is about equal to the ATC one, but the Tim Lattie art blows it out of the park.
Not just the beauty of it, but the "performance", of the characters he portrays.
You can almost see it move like a Disney cartoon.

If he got a whole regular EGB spinoff series, I'd buy that for a dollar!

Overall, yeah, fun little experiment, and fun little trip through the memory lane of the franchise.
I'll definitely buy the collected trade paperback.

Doesn't top "Crossing Over", but it isn't meant to.
Now, the Transformers crossover, that might just give it a run for its money.
I've seen preview pages, like the comic version of a trailer, and I already like what I'm seeing.

Y'know, I was originally gonna cover only the ATC sequels, cuz that's where it looked like the series was going, but the movies are going back to the classic generation, so I'll cover all of the GB stuff now.
"Crossing Over", canonizing literally everything necessitates it anyway.
So, I'll do the Transformers crossover when all the issues are out.
See you next time for that.

And, this is the 60th Meedya Morsel, so up next, a compilation of 31-60!!

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #59.

Now, the Marvel version of the thing from last time.




Captain America: Civil War


X-Men: Apocalypse


Doctor Strange




Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2


Spider-Man: Homecoming


Thor Ragnarok


Black Panther


Avengers: Infinity War


Ant-Man and The Wasp


Captain Marvel


Avengers: Endgame

Comes out this Friday!!


Released....as a shitty TV show that fell on its face into a cow pie.

"Spider-Man: Far From Home", is stealing their spot.

Mystery movies (2020)

Looks like they're going to be Black Widow, Eternals, and Shang-Chi.

So, my prediction of a Black Widow standalone has finally come true, just like my wish for a Punisher 3 became a Netflix show.

You notice how Marvel's movies (mostly) came out as announced in a nice orderly fashion, and DC has been all sloppy, and piecemeal, and reactionary?

There's only one that looks dead, and it's Fox's fault.


Trapped in development Hell seemingly as long as Doctor Who in the confession dial.

And Fox execs, and the director, still act like it's coming.

Even after Disney bought Fox, and came out and said everything after Dark Phoenix and New Mutants is dead.

Fox is like the parent who refuses to believe their kid is dead even after seeing them in the casket.

"Gambit is happening!! Gambit is real!! He's real!! He's reeee-hee-hee-heeell! *Sniffle*".

He's dead, Fox.
Let it go.

The only hope this movie has, is if they shove it into the bubble-universe set aside for Deadpool.
But even then, don't hold your breath for it.

So, that's it, the slates for Marvel/DC are mostly fulfilled.
Took 4 years, but here we are!

And, that's the end!

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