Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Ranking the Marvel-TV-verse so far (2018)


These keep coming out, so I can never keep up, but, there's enough now, that now is as good a time as any.
Disney just announced they're going to do spinoff shows on their streaming service for Loki and Scarlet Witch, and then after that, more obscure characters who probably will never have a standalone movie.
So, the shows are only going to multiply more voraciously after this.
Better just do this already...

1. Punisher season 1

Best so far, hands down.
My Punisher dreams are fulfilled.
And yet...season 2 is coming soon, so I'm getting more than my dreams!

2. Daredevil season 2

With Punisher!
I break the Netflix ones up by season, because their seasons feel like 13 hour movies with their own contained story arc.

3. Jessica Jones season 1

Daredevil 2, and Punisher are fucking epic, but y'know, I think she's my favorite Netflix character overall. I like the snarky girls.

4. Daredevil season 1

Still pretty damned good.
The one that started it off.
The "Iron Man", of the Netflix-verse.

5. Runaways

I've heard everyone rave about this, but I finally just caught up to it.
I held back, because I was worried about it having a "90210", vibe to it, but oh, man, you'll love these kids.
They're like a "Nightmare On Elm Street", cast in the best possible way.
Really, imagine "Dream Warriors", but their powers are real, and their Freddy is all of their parents.
Love the shit out of it
Can't wait for season 2.
They have the same news channel and reporter as the MCU and Shield, so its MCU connected.

6. Luke Cage season 1

Kind of runs out of gas on the second half, or else it would be up there in the top 3.
The first 6-7 episodes though are a fucking masterpiece.

7. Defenders 

Could've been glorious, but it had some wind taken out of its sails having to try to fix Iron Fist as a character.
Its still pretty damned good, and its great to have Jessica sneering and quipping at these other guys finally.
Sadly, Netflix has no plans to continue this. :-(

8. Jessica Jones season 2

Still love ya, baby, but this one was a step down from season 1.
Not bad, still enjoyable, I could watch 13 episodes of Jessica eating pancakes, but it just didn't have the perfect magic spark of last time.

9. Cloak & Dagger 

Its a really slow burn to get where its going, but when it finally gets there, it gets there.
Every other superhero origin story whether in a show, or a movie, gets the powers and the costume and the codename out of the way right up front.
Nope, they get their powers early, but they don't hero up until practically the end.
And Dagger still hasn't costumed up.
Her comics costume doesn't leave a lot to the imagination, I don't imagine the actress will ever want to wear it.
Anyway, it's a good show, and worth the wait for it to all come together.
Roxxon oil from the MCU is central to the plot, and they mention Tony Stark and Danny Rand, so its MCU-connected.
Speaking of Danny Rand...

10. Iron Fist season 2

MUCH better than season 1!
It's a fucking rebirth!
Yeah, I'm actually EXCITED for season 3!
Still not in the upper echelon though.

11. Luke Cage season 2

Sssss...yeeaahh, BIG step down from season 1.

12. Agent Carter

Season 1 was spectacular, season 2 dragged it right down.
Then they resolved the loose plot threads of season 2 with some throwaway lines in the Ghost Rider season of Shield.
A shame, the character (and actress) deserved so much better.

13. Agents Of Shield

If you ever get into this, know that it's going to be a slog.
The first season is very slow and dull, but it's all world building so you know the characters inside out before they start getting powers, or getting turned into robots, or clones, or any of the crazy shit later on.
Then, when they finally catch up to "Winter Soldier", on the movie timeline is where it really kicks in, and takes off. still get slow seasons.
The one where they're trapped in VR by an evil female android takes for-fucking-ever.
And the one where they're trapped in a future where Earth is blown up drags for an eternity.
BUT, the one with Ghost Rider was fucking magnificent!!
Netflix level awesome!
I want a fucking Ghost Rider spinoff goddamit!
Aaanyhoo, its because it's so inconsistent that I have to put it low on the list.
Even though I'm a loyal viewer, and it holds my interest overall.

14. Iron Fist season 1

Some good stuff sprinkled in there, but overall, the boredom to get to the good parts will melt your brain, and you'll only remember the frustration.
Same showrunner as Inhumans.
Hey, speaking of...

15. Inhumans

Full review link in the title.
Worst thing Marvel ever did.
In modern times.
Man Thing still takes the prize for worst ever.

And, there we go!
All the MCU-adjacent shows ranked until the Disney-streaming-verse overwhelms me, and makes my head explode.
See you then!
Bring a poncho and a mop!

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