Friday, March 8, 2019

Big 2019 Movies Part 2.

Part 1 (Glass)

After what seemed like a goddamned eternity, it's....

Captain Marvel (2019)

Previously on MCU phase 3....

Ahhhhh, there!!
  • I dug it a lot.
  • It's a slow burn in the first half, but I like world-building and character building stuff. If you didn't mind the farm stuff in Ultron, you'll be fine.
  • Get there in time. They do something really special with the logo.
  • Stan's cameo is fucking awesome.
  • The continuity dots for a bunch of the movies are connected.
  • Great selection of 90's girl-power songs.
  • There's actually a scene that gives a finger to the "why doesn't she smile?", assholes.
  • Carol Danvers is frigging great. Most super-hero-ey of the characters so far.
  • Good overarching message of believing in yourself, and ignoring the controlling turds that say "you can't do it".
  • Stay for both after credits scenes.
  • You'll be even more pumped for Endgame!!
  • Overall...not top tier with Infinity War, or Civil War, or Avengers 1, but...definitely among the Ant-Man, Dr. Strange, Guardians 2 tier.
  • Fuck the trolls, they need to die. I hope this makes a billion.

Do I actually have to tell you to go see it?
It's Marvel, if you've stuck around this long, of course you're going to see it.

Next up for Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, and Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Next up for these, Shazam!!

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1 billion, muthafuckas!!

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