Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #1-60 compilation.

And, here's both batches so far.

Now, to link this to archives.


B. D. said...

This list was, uh, unusual...

Diacanu said...

I'll say!!
They couldn't have gotten that more wrong if they'd thrown darts at a paper wheel with all the titles.

Once "Spider-Man: Far From Home", comes out, I need to re-rank my list.

As a complete film with cool shit always happening, Infinity War is better than Endgame, but Endgame's final act delivers the goods of the whole series so well, damn...I dunno.
I dunno where to place it.

Definitely not towards the fucking bottom!
Jesus fucking Christ!!

B. D. said...

Yeah that was just weird--didn't "Guardians Of The Galaxy 2" get terrible reviews?

Oh, and I caught "Glass." The first hour was really good buildup, I love how Samuel L. Jackson doesn't say anything, the thing with the cheerleaders is over really quickly, and the storytelling is more efficient than "Split."

Then it just builds up to the silly fight in the hospital parking lot, and some thing about a skyscraper that doesn't mean anything, and the usual mess of "twists."

Eghn. Not bad but not great either.

I also watched Danny Boyle's "Steve Jobs," which is really an Aaron Sorkin movie for two hours of constant rapid fire back and forth dialogue and which unashamedly paints Steve Jobs as the BIGGEST DICK ON EARTH.
It was probably better than the Ashton Kutcher movie, I don't know if you were even the least bit interested in seeing that one.

I also watched the 1983 teen sex comedy "ScrewBalls," which makes "Class Of Nuke 'Em High" look like Shakespeare by comparison--if it weren't for "Getting Lucky," it'd be easily the all time lowest of the low as far as teen sex comedies are concerned!!

Diacanu said...

Guardians 2-

Eh, not terrible reviews, but most people don't like it as much as Guardians 1.
I think they're almost tied, but that's me.


I still can't decide if I like it less, more, or equal to Split.
They do different things better and worse, and it kinda balances out.

Steve Jobs-

I can't remember which one the critics liked better, that or the Kutcher one.
No, you're right, wasn't something I was interested in.
I dunno, I liked "The Founder", and sought that out.
Maybe it's because I've had more burgers than I've had computers?
I dunno.

Screwballs-'s in that weird magic year of 1983, maybe I should check it out...

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