Thursday, August 15, 2019

Hey, some actual Star Wars news!! (MM #126)

Remember Star Wars??!
Yeah, it was this thing I used to talk about, and then Disney sealed it up in a vault three miles thick, and no electromagnetic energy, be it light, heat, or radio escaped from it for what felt like decades.

Yeah, well the vault groaned open, and a little ant-sized booger of news scurried out before the vault slammed shut again.

Obi-Wan prequel series!!!!

With Ewan McGregor!!!

They've been circling around this rumor since...well, since 2017.
My anal retentive journaling confirms it.

Yeah, it was supposed to be the 3rd anthology movie, then Lucasfilm chickened the fuck right out after Solo, but now its been revived as a streaming series.
Which also has been rumored like crazy, but I haven't followed the rumor here.

Well, it's rumor no longer.
Ewan has signed on board.

Hopefully, we'll find out more at D23 a week from Friday.

Now, to update the text timeline yet again.
Hey, you may eyeroll at my compulsive rituals, but as I showed above, they pay off.
Sneaky secretive companies like Lucasfilm, you gotta scrapbook your shit to remember it all.

1. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999)
2. Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones (2002)
_. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008-2014, 2019-???)
3. Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith (2005)
_. Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
_. Star Wars: Obi-Wan (2020?)
_. Star Wars: Rebels (2014-2018)
_. Star Wars: Cassian Andor (2019)
_. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
4. Star Wars: A New Hope (1977)
5. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
6. Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi (1983)
_. The Mandalorian (2019)
_. Star Wars: Resistance (2018-2019)
7. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)
8. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)
9. Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker (2019)

Yellow = Saga
Brown = Anthology
Orange = TV


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Ranking the DCU shows so far (2019) (MM #125)

Okay, so here's the DC streaming shows ranked.
Only 3 so far....

1. Doom Patrol

Best of these so far.
Artistic masterpiece.
Weird like Twin Peaks, or Legion.
But also funnier.
I put 1 & 2 on this list right up there with the Marvel Netflix shows.
Doom Patrol, I think I may even like better than Marvel Netflix.

Only DC show better than this is Preacher, and that's off in its own little Vertigo-verse bubble.
Better than Krypton?
Oh, fuck yeah!

2. Titans

Man, this sure ain't "Teen Titans Go!".
As with Doom Patrol, I put this right in there alongside the Marvel Netflix shows.
I'd put this more alongside Daredevil and Jessica.
Or first half of season 1 of Luke Cage.
Good stuff.
Also better than Krypton.
By a smidge.

3. Swamp Thing

Ssss, welll....

It's better than the 1982 movie.
It's better than the 1989 sequel.
Loads better than the 1990-1993 TV series!!

As good as the Alan Moore comics?
Sss...not quite, but dammit, they try.
It didn't help that their episode count was trimmed from 13 to 10, and then they were unceremoniously cancelled, and they had to hammer their final episode into a series finale on the fly.

They get the major plot points of famous and vital comics issues in there, but it's so rushed.

If it could have had 2 seasons to breathe, I really think they could have nailed the Alan Moore pace and tone.

Bless you for trying, Swamp Thing show-runners.
Derek Mears who plays Swampy nailed it right, think of it as a 10 hour Swamp Thing movie.
As a movie, it's the best Swamp Thing ever produced.

Ranked against other DC-TV shows?
Below Black Lightning, above Flash.

Up next for DCU, the R rated Harley Quinn cartoon.
I dunno if I'll just say where it ranks among these, or redo the whole list.
We'll see.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Movies I was waiting for #4 (MM #124)

Yep, I'm bringing this series back for one last go-round.

To refresh reader's memories, this is where I look back at the franchises I was waiting for sequels to back in the 90's when the internet was new, and catching it up to where those franchises are now.
So, here we go...

Star Wars-

Solo came out, Mandalorian is on its way on Disney+, The Rise Of Skywalker is on its way, and is gonna close out the Skywalker Saga.

Oh, and The Phantom Menace turned 20.

So, no matter where Star Wars goes after TROS, my 90's self's SW dreams have already come true.
I can finally close this chapter for him.


Scream Queen is finally done!!!

But it's going to tour the festival circuits for goodness knows how long before a disk release.
But, it exists, so now we wait.

Nostalgia and commentary is all this franchise puts out anymore.
But I'll take it.

They're never gonna bring back Robert Englund, and further reboots will just keep missing the point.
Nightmare was a thing of the 80's.
In theory, they could period-piece it like "Stranger Things", but...New Line can't be trusted anymore.
Not without Bob Shaye.

And Jason?
Fuck Jason.

Superman 5-

As mentioned in previous entries, "Superman Returns", ended up being Superman 5.
But, then I continued it on with the DCEU.

Well, were getting a REAL Superman 6, because Brandon Routh is coming back as Superman for CW's "Crisis On Infinite Earths".
(See here, here, here, and here)

Kevin Smith (writer of "Superman Lives") got to direct an episode of Supergirl titled "Supergirl Lives", and there was a Thanagarian snare beast (giant spider) joke in there.
Yeah, that was quite awhile ago now, but it still needs mentioning.
Plus, Supergirl is part of "Crisis", so that all ties in.

John Schnepp (director of "The Death Of Superman Lives, What Happened?") died!! :-(

Nicolas Cage voiced Superman in "Teen Titans Go To The Movies".
And Spider-Man-Noir in "Into The Spider-Verse".

DC Animated remade "The Death Of Superman", again.
Followed by "Reign Of The Supermen".
Eh, they were all right.

Doomsday is on "Krypton".

There's no DCEU Superman sequel in sight though.
The DCEU Superman made a (headless) cameo in "Shazam", that's about it.

Current state of the DCEU-

-Aquaman made over 1 billion.
-There's Oscar talk for "Joker!".

Batman 5-

Batfleck's out, Bat-Inson is in.
And we're getting our first Batman standalone since "The Dark Knight Rises", in fucking 2012.

Evil Dead-

The show wrapped up after 3 seasons. 
Bruce Campbell retired from Ash.
Now talk of an Evil Dead 4 after all!

No matter what happens, the show was ED 4-12 for me.
I'm all set.


GHOSTBUSTERS 3!!!!!!!!!!

Star Trek-

Discovery season 3 is on its way.
Star Trek: Picard is series 7.
Star Trek: Lower Decks is series 8.
Pine And Hemsworth bailed on JJ-Trek 4, and it fell apart as a result.
Possible Tarantino involvement with the fourth movie, whatever it incarnates as.

Fuck the movies, TV is where it's at for Trek.
"Unidiscovered Country", and "Generations", wrapped up TOS.
"Picard", will wrap up the TNG/DS9/Voy-verse.
"Discovery", is a fresh new chapter.
90's me is satisfied.


Seen Rampage. Meh.
It's cute, it represents the game well.
Not on my top 5 of the year or nothin' though.
"Godzilla: King Of The Monsters", came out.
It flopped!

The alternate ending of "Little Shop Of Horrors", is my Rampage movie.
I'm done with 'Zilla.


Still no word on video release of "Nuke Em high 2".
They're gonna do "Shakespeare's shitstorm", a remake of "The Tempest", before finally doing Toxie 5. If they ever do Toxie 5.
Word on the Toxie 1 remake has stalled.
Legendary just bought the rights, haven't heard jack shit since.
Not holding my breath for Troma anymore.
As I said in a previous entry, I've got the classics on DVD.
I'm all set there.


I retro-added this via James Cameron's Spider-Man in the 90's.

Since then "Avengers: Endgame", and "Spider-Man: Far From Home", have come out.
And I collected the reviews of the whole Infinity Saga.
And I'm one Blu-Ray (Far From Home) shy of having the whole Infinity Saga.
And, it looks like the Sony/Marvel deal will probably get renewed.
Spidey is in good shape.

And finally, I waited for all the 90's versions of these sequels via "Ain't It Cool News", and Harry Knowles ended up on the pervert pile.
That's the end of that asshole
But, I've still got good old reliable Dark Horizons.
And Collider, and Comic Book Movie, and a jillion other better sites.

And, that's the end.
Any further updates will be individual Meedyah Morsels.

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The evolution of franchises (MM #26)

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Monday, August 12, 2019

Disney are sons of bitches!! (MM #123)


Disney/Fox Part 13.

Short version?

The Dragon's Lair movie?

Slightly longer version?
The Disney/Fox merger allowed Disney to go over Fox's development slate, and slash 300 movies to trim the fat.
And the sinew, and the bone, and the marrow, and...

Anyway, Dragon's Lair got the axe.
Because it's by Don Bluth, and Disney has been playing dirty pool to screw Don Bluth since the very beginning with "The Secret Of NIMH".
Usually by threatening advertisers and merchandisers that they won't get the next Disney movie if they deal with Bluth.

Well, this is their final "fuck you", to Bluth, and probably the final nail in his career coffin.

Sons of bitches.

Really longer version?
Here's all 300 movies that fell to the axe.


Other bummers.

Mega Man
The Caves of Steel (Asimov book)
The Foundation (Ditto)
Flash Gordon
Untitled McDonald's Monopoly project
Bob's Burgers movie
Fraggle Rock movie

Shit that deserved to die.

Charlie Chan
Father Knows Best
The First Omen
Romancing the Stone
Missile Command
Assassin's Creed 2
Mister Men
The Family Circus
Pink Panther (they just rebooted the fucking thing! No more! Ever!)
Death on the Nile

That's just what I picked out, check the whole list yourself.

So...anyway, yeah, all that happened.

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Hulu meets Freeform! (MM #122)



Just a really quick one...

The Runaways and Cloak & Dagger are teaming up.
Kinda saw it coming, they've been hinting towards it for awhile.
"They", being the showrunners, and various cast members.

Anyway, it's coming, they shot this little promo on the set of Runaways.

And, that's it.

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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Ghostbusters 2020 set pics #2. (MM #121)

A couple more quickie pics, but a little more revealing of story.

A stop sign with a bite taken out, presumably by a ghost.
If you squint, you can see slime stains.

A similarly chomped bench with more obvious slime splatter.

So, we're not in New York, like GB1 & GB2, or Boston pretending to be New York like GB:ATC.
Now, we're in Summerville County South Carolina (shot at Calgary, and Fort MacLeod Canada) when the paranormal shit hits the fan.

We've kind of known it would be a town setting from the pre-trailer.

The change of setting is interesting, and the biggest change.
New York has been a character in the Ghostbusters world through all three movies, and most episodes of RGB.
The venue change will definitely give it a whole new flavor.

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Parts #1-120.

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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #1-120 compilation.

And, here's all four batches so far.

Now, to link this to archives.

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Meedyah Morsels #91-120 compilation.

Yep, time for the fourth batch of 30 entries already.
Lotta news dropped this summer, and I had a lot to say about it.

Next up, combining it with the first three batches into a compilation of parts 1-120.

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DC animation doesn't suck. (MM #120)

I watched the following movie just before "Mandy", and I was going to review it right after "Mandy", but...I really wanted to get that one about the catalog done.

I wish I had watched it after "Mandy", so it would be the antidote.

Batman: Hush (2019)

A mysterious new villain named Hush shows up, and knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman, and is out to destroy Bruce's life by hurting the ones he loves.
So, the race is on to find and unmask Hush, and put him away.

The whole rogue's gallery makes appearances, and Batman and Catwoman team up, and become a full-fledged romantic couple.

I loved it!
I make no bones about that I'm a Catwoman fanboy, so the development she gets as a character in this made me a happy camper.

Y'know how in "Batman Returns", Catwoman gives a speech at the end about how part of her wishes she could go live with Bruce in his castle, but then she doesn't?

We see what would have happened if she did!

Y'know how in Batman '66 the series, Catwoman said her and Batman should be a team, and Batman asks "what about Robin?", and she says "...let's kill him!".

We see what would happen if they were a team without Robin!
They don't kill Robin though.
He's aged out as Nightwing by now.

Slight spoiler, it still doesn't work out for them.
I mean, come on, if they got married, and had babies, and Bruce retired, the series is over.
Is it really a spoiler to know they broke up?

But, it's wonderful while it lasts.

Catwoman was my inspiration for Chokecherry, and Catwoman cracks all wise and snarky, and is very Chokecherry-y in this.
Again, happy camper over here.

Oh, and they fight Hush, and the writers changed his secret identity from the comics.
Yeah, yeah, whatever, it's the Catwoman stuff I cared bout.

So, because of the Catwoman character development and romance stuff, I put it up with the other classic animated Batman stories that also had good character stuff.

"Mask Of The Phantasm", "Return Of The Joker", "Under The Red Hood".
Yeah, up with that caliber.
For me.

And now, for a fluffier fun Batman adventure I also saw, but neglected to review here until now...

Batman vs.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

I posted about this being announced here.

It's really good.
If you're a fan of both things, you will be happy.
They don't just meet each other, there's tons of shout-outs and Easter eggs for the history of both properties.
It's everything you'd want.
Now that this has opened the door, DC should do "Justice League vs Power Rangers", and Nickelodeon should do "TMNT vs Ghostbusters".
Those comics are just sitting there waiting to be adapted.
Grab 'em DC/Nick!!

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Splitting out TV and home video. (MM #112)

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Friday, August 9, 2019

Opening an 80's time capsule. (MM #119)

An old posters and knick-knacks catalog from 1984 that I kept around for some reason.
I always wanted to blog this, but could never find an excuse, but 35 years and four months (it's an April issue) is a good enough justification.
Plus, I think watching "Mandy", got me thinking about it.

So, after two hours of goddamned scanning, let's do this thing!

AA Graphics 1984.
Posters and other magical gifts.

So, we start with the cover.
And for the first time in all these decades, I realize, that wizard's left thumb is all fucked up.
Everything else is just about perfect, but that artist just can't handle thumbs.

You can see when you zoom in, 35 years have made this thing all beat to shit.
I cared for my old stuff better than most people though.
Hell, most people would have thrown it the fuck away.
Not me, I know from Antiques Roadshow, aging things makes them become treasure.

April of '84, Ghostbusters hadn't come out yet, or there'd be GB logos all through this thing.

Anyway, I've scoured Google, and this company is defunct, and hasn't left a trace.
I think I'm safe from copyright claims.

Well, I guess let's start with the posters.
Most of it is movie posters, and celebrity posters, and there's a He-Man poster that's the image from the first issue of the mini-comic that came with the guys.
Everyone's seen that, haven't they?
Well, I assume, but if you're not an 80's kid, maybe ya haven't.
Anyway, I think I even had that poster in my room at the time.

He-Man being he big deal and not Ghostbusters tells me it's just before that hit the world like an a-bomb.
Cuz that logo was on everything.

Anyway, the commonality of a lot of those images is why I didn't scan all of it.
Ones that stick out though as pure 80's, and as famous images, are the girls.

Here's Heather Thomas showing off moose knuckle.

Here's Bo Derek just before being washed like a horse.

And here's Suzanne Sevareid giving her pet towel a place to nap on her shoulders.

I got these off Google so they'd be crisper images.
Out of the catalog, they'd have printer dots all thorough 'em.

Anyway, yeah, blended in with the movie posters and celebrity posters were softcore porn for teenage boys.
Cuz, 80's.

What really jump out as pure 80's though, were these artsy-fartsy ones for girls.

Yeeeaaah, now THAT'S 80's!
Pay attention, future set decorators of "Stranger Things", ripoffs!
This is the real stuff from 1984, not someone faking it in photoshop.

This stuff made me cringe at its garishness as a kid, but's the only time capsule you've got of unique art of the time that set its style.

Girl's stuff had that style.
Boy's stuff was just robots, and rockets, and movie shit that you can still get now.
No style!
Girly shit had all the 80's style!
So, that's mostly what I scanned, to show off that style.

Oh, holy shit, yeah, this is more like it!
Unicorns and pegusii out the ass!
Third row down from the top, left side, you've got a goddamned metallic unicorn running along a laser grid!
That's something right out of fucking "Moonbeam City", or the credits to "Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2"!!

I'm sure you could get these images on a Trapper Keeper too.
Speaking of Trapper Keepers, lets look at stickers.

"Mello Smello", stickers.
Cuz you couldn't say "scratch n' sniff", cuz they were a fucking brand that could fucking sue you.
Fuck you, scratch n sniff.
Jesus fucking Christ.
Zoom in on the art, its got that Trapper Keeper girl's bedroom 80's style to it.
Again, set decorators, art department, pay heed.
Gotta get this shit right.
I'll notice.
Then I'll tell my friends.
It'll snowball.
Get that shit right!

But not Scratch n sniff.
Oh, sorry, I meant "mellow smellow".

I saw these!
Sweetser fucking had these!
They had 'em by the fucking gross!
They used them as "good job", stickers on our papers!
Hey, I bet you couldn't call that peanut butter cup a peanut butter cup.
Or the Twinkie a Twinkie.
Well, notice they aren't wrapped.
And somebody sucked the text off those Lifesavers.
Goddamned lawyers.

Hot air balloons.
Sweetser had these too.
There was nowhere you could put that giant blue one where it didn't get in the way of everything.

Sweetser had these too, but I never took to 'em for some reason.
The ones I took to, but aren't in this catalog, were vikings and monsters, and you could arrange 'em so they were fighting.

I think these spaceships turned me off, because like the foods, they were so obviously dancing around copyright.
Top right, and bottom left, come on, those are clearly copyright safe X-Wing ripoffs.
I didn't want ripoffs, I wanted real Star Wars, goddammit.

Still, hindsight being 20-20 I should have stolen a few sheets of 'em as a time capsule so I'd have more than just the catalog pics.
Them, and the viking ones.
They wouldn't have missed them, cuz again, they had 'em by the fucking gross.
Hell, by the pallet, probably.

Some goofy ones to keep people out of your Trapper Keeper, or little sisters out of your room.
Did any of this shit ever work?
Once you put up signs and stickers like this, that made everyone want to snoop even more.
I like the monster guy in the box.
I would've loved that one for my Trapper as a kid.

Sickenengly adorable animals for little girls, and sensitive boys.
I'm sure things like this are still around, but the way they're drawn is an 80's thing.
There's a whole Hallmark card, Carebears, Mon-Chi-Chis, Shirt Tails, Get Along Gang aesthetic that was going around that everyone was copying off into infinity.

Stained glass windows?
Definitely not something that made it out of the 80's.
These had a specific target audience.
Only your mom, or your nerdy big sister who had a separate diary for sad poems liked these.
Mom took the rainbow, the strawberry, the flower, and the butterfly.
Nerdy big sis took the toadstool, the unicorn, and the owl.

Mom and sis fought over the seagull and the fish.
Sis got the seagull.
Mom got even by hiding sis's retainer in the dishwasher.
Sis got even by replacing mom's birth control pills with Smarties.
That's how you were born.
And that's the origin story.

Okay, that's all the paper shit, now for I guess what's meant by "magical gifts".

80's fridge magnets.
Magnets were a thing since...the refrigerator was a thing.
80's took 'em to an artform.
I'm sure you can still get all kinds of weird magnets out there, but this is where it started.
Here's foods.
I guess where there's foods inside the fridge, they thought it would be cute to remind you on the outside what that weird magic metal box was for.
Once you figured that out, and got it open, then there needed to be a note on each food item saying "put this inside tummy!".
Course, if you're that far gone, you'd probably just eat the magnets.

Capsule Critters.
Do they still make these?
Pretty sure they still make these.

Belts n' shoelaces.
The only clothing items on offer.
I think this shit might be making a comeback thanks to "Stranger Things".
Again, the girly shit had all the style.

You'd think they'd make, I dunno, green skulls on a black background, or explodey clouds with "zap!", and "pow!", for boys, or...something.
Nope, boys that wanted style were considered fags, so we got generic shit.
Until you were a teenager, then you could decorate the shit out of your denim jacket with heavy metal band logos.
Oh, 80's.
*Head shake*

Finally, art supplies.

I had both of these!!
Up top, a bunch of colored pencil leads that hooked together centipede style into whole pencil, and you could pop it apart, and put the lead you wanted up front.

Down bottom, a colored pencil with multiple leads stored away like a bullet clip on the side.

Both were cumbersome, but I gotta say, I think the clip style was slightly sturdier than the centipede style.
There's no way these made it out of the 80's.

The 80's were obsessed with trying to Swiss Army Knife every tool on Earth somehow, and I was a nerdy kid who wanted to feel like Inspector Gadget, so I grabbed all this shit.

Pretty sure my mother got these for either a birthday or a Christmas right out of this goddamned catalog!
That, and the He-Man poster.
Heaven forbid I get the Heather Thomas one.
*Sad sigh*

Rainbow pencil.
Pretty sure if not this exact thing, things like it are still around.
Rainbow pens, markers, crayons.
It's a persistent idea.

And unlike scratch n sniff, no one's tried to own the words "rainbow pencil".

Designer pencils.
Y'know? I think I had the penguins, and the rainbow spectrum ones.
I think Ma got herself the teddy bears and the hearts.

As with the belts, and the shoelaces, and everything else, it was hard to be stylish as a boy.
Later on, toy companies realized they had an untapped market, and started putting Optimus Prime, and He-Man, and Star Wars on pencils.
But it was like, 86-87 by then.
Too little, too late, 80's!
Bad, 80's, bad!
*Hits the 80's with a rolled up newspaper*

Anyway, that's the greatest hits of the 80's flavored goodness from that catalog.
Hope you enjoyed it.
I might scan some other stuff out of there.
There isn't much more left, but there's a few things I could do.
If you want!
Only if you want!


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Thursday, August 8, 2019

"Mandy", sucks. (MM #118)

You were right, Billdude.

Mandy (2018)

I'll just hand it over to Billdude.

From here...

I don't know if you've already seen this movie, or were planning on seeing it, and I'm going to have to watch it a second time to really be sure, but the critically acclaimed 2018 Nicolas Cage film "Mandy" is possibly one of the nine or ten worst movies I've ever seen in my life and the worst I've seen in the last five or six years, worse even than "Suicide Squad," "The Dark Tower" and "Hesher."

More on this later.

...and here...

Go ahead and see it if you want, obvs.--YMMV. 

But for me, it was like someone took a 14 year old heavy metal fanatic, showed him a few David Lynch dream sequences, used CIA brainwashing techniques to make him think he was the new auteur director, gave him tens of millions of dollars to make a movie with, and then made him make a dumb super violent crazy Nicolas Cage revenge thriller.

The movie is drenched in bright red neon nightmare light; it's supposed to make you think of Lynch and nightmares but just makes it look like the whole damn thing was filmed inside an active volcano's lava lake.

The soundtrack is creepy string drones and sudden deafening noise blasts--again, a bit like any dark scene from "Mulholland Dr." but just repetitive and annoying.

The acting: Linus Roache (Bruce Wayne's dad from "Batman Begins") plays some creepy Jesus-Manson-LSD cult leader who leads some freaks (and some "Hellraiser" style psycho bikers) to kill Nicolas Cage's wife. He looks like a 1970s rock star and generally tries to conjure up Lynch demons like Willem Dafoe or Dennis Hopper (the Hopper line from Blue Velvet "DON'T YOU F***ING LOOK AT ME!!!" is used.) He could have been good, but the director gave him these long monologues that just bore you to tears because there's nothing of substance whatsoever in them.
Nicolas Cage meanwhile is totally dormant for the first hour of the film, then once the wife is killed, he just does his usual psycho raving crap, all of which go in the "Nic Cage Loses His S***" reel on Youtube.

The style: it's all crazy evil violent stuff from frame one to the end, it's set in 1983 Pacific Northwest for little discernable reason, and--again, like Lynch--the writer-director likes to throw in "whacky" ironic comedy moments like having Cage yell "Ya ripped mah SHIRT!!! Ya ripped mah SHIRT!!!" during a fight, or intertitles that look like 1970s/80s band logos, or other "badass" stuff. The end results comes far closer to "Hudson Hawk" than Lynch. Death scenes are, of course, as gory and torturous as you could imagine.

If I were still 12, this movie might have had some effect on me, but I thought it was beyond awful and the critical acclaim is inexplicable to me. 

Again, your mileage may vary, but for me this is a new Zero. 

Yep, all of that.
All of that happens in the flick.
And all of that for my experience with it too.

Except it's not my worst of all time, I've seen worse.
But not much worse.

I literally had to pop a couple Ibuprofin when it was over.
The annoying score, and annoying red lighting made me subliminally squint and brow furrow for the whole two hours, and it turned into a tension headache in my forehead and eyeballs.

Give this shitfest a pass.

I almost put this in my second "movies I missed", for 2018.
It was this > < close, cuz everyone online raved about it.
I was right to pass on it, and wrong to give it another chance.
I'll link it there to here in comments.
Yeah, I think I hated it worse than "Hereditary".
At least "Hereditary", was trying something, even though it didn't work for me.

If you want a grindhouse revenge movie, watch "I Spit On Your Grave".
You get a skinny weird looking chick with big poofy hair just like the chick who plays the titular Mandy, but she doesn't die, she gets her own revenge, and there's not all the pretentious pseudo-Lynch bullshit, and you don't get a stupid cult leader flapping his yap for long boring stupid monologues.

Okay, one thing I liked.
The Cheddar Goblin.
I wanted Nick Cage to have to fight the Cheddar Goblin.
He doesn't.
Worth skipping it for that alone.

There you go, Panos Cosmatos!
Make a whole spinoff movie about Cheddar Goblin!!
That I might enjoy!!

No, it's you, so you'd ruin it.
Let James Gunn direct a Cheddar Goblin movie, and accept half writing credit.


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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Ghostbusters 2020 set pics. (MM #117)

Some minor quickie set pic tidbits.

First, a pic of them painting an ad for Stay Puft Marshmallows on the side of a building.
It looks artificially age faded, so it's meant to have been there for awhile.

In the original movie, there's a Mister Stay Puft on the bag of marshmallows in Dana's kitchen in the scene where the eggs start popping and frying by themselves.
It's subtle, and you have to freeze-frame to really get a decent look at it.

Anyway, the image on that bag is identical to the one they're painting on that wall there.
So, they're going over the first movie with a microscope to make this one!

Fans are going to be happy!

Second, Here's the Ecto-1 in pretty rough and worn shape,

In real life, the real one has been restored, and kept shiny and purty.
But, within the world of the new movie, its been allowed to crumble and fade.
Like Mister Stay Puft.
They're using different duplicate Ectos for this movie.
The restored Ecto goes around to shows.

Anyway, that's that.
The Mister Stay-Puft will probably flicker past in the movie as a quickie Easter egg.
Whether Ecto will get an overhaul in the flick, or get replaced with a modern SUV or something,  we'll have to find out in 2020.

Oh, and IDW comics is already responding to the flick.
Here's the first GB2020 Easter egg.

Behind Janine on that file cabinet drawer, you can see just "2020".
This was in the Classic Ghostbusters issue of "Ghostbusters 35", for the 35th anniversary.

Teensy little thing, but they always start out with little Easter eggs, and then progressively build up.

Remember, three years ago, we got THIS little GB:ATC hint, and then we ended up with not one, but two crossovers.

So, buckle up, we're probably gonna get a bigger Easter egg, or two, or three, followed by some kind of GB2020 crossover prequel as things unfold, and IDW is allowed to know more.

And, that's all of that.

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