Saturday, March 11, 2017

Big Winter Movies Part 2. (Part 7).

And finally, after much delay by weather and bullshit, it's.....

Logan (2017)

Previously with this franchise...

  • Fucking WOW.
  • The best of the 3 Wolverine spinoffs sweatlessly. It didn't have to leap high to get over those. 
  • The best X-Men film? Sss...I dunno...hmm....yeah. Yeah, it's a smaller film than the big CG fests, but story and character wise, fuck yeah.
  • One of the best superhero movies ever? Hmm...yep. Yeah, easily right up there in the upper echelon with "The Dark Knight", and "Winter Soldier".
  • This is the Wolverine we always wanted to see, and that Jackman always wanted to play. This is what you've been waiting for. 
  • If we lived in my perfect dream world, this deserves a stack of Oscars. One for Jackman, one for Stewart, one for the movie itself. I'm not optimistic about the Academy's tastes, never know, Heath Ledger got one for "Dark Knight". We'll see. If it gets snubbed, 2017's Oscar-bait movies had better be absolutely fucking incredible. 
  • I can't think of any nitpicks. This thing is perfect as far as I measure things. 
  • 10 out of 10 for me. 
  • I know it's some critic superstition you're supposed to save that 10 for like, if aliens arrive on the White House lawn, and holo-project the movie so good that it kills you, but...fuck that chickenshit bullshit, 10. 10 muthafuckas. 10!!!
  • The rest of the superhero movies for this summer will have to be pretty damned fantastical to knock this off its perch. The bar has been set. We'll see. 

So, yeah, go see it.

Up next, to kill off winter once and for all, Ghostbusters 101*.

(*Yeah, it's a comic instead of a movie, but it's movie connected, part of canon cuz Ivan Reitman says so, and the only direct "Answer The Call", sequel we'll probably get)


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Yeah, it's a real drag.

Swamp Thing, Frankenstein, Creepshow, Cycle Of The Werewolf, Captain Sterrn, the list goes on forever.

He will be missed, but he will be remembered.

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