Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Back To The Future 2 day!!

It's October 21st, 2015, the future date in "Back To The Future Part II".
And after today, BTTF2's future will be our past.
Wrap your head around that shit!

Here's some neat Youtube stuff that commemorates it.

Pepsi Perfect.

Jaws 19 trailer.

Jaws 19 review.

Nike Air Mags.

Hover Board.

Cinemassacre: Back To The Future - TODAY IS THE FUTURE! 


Diacanu said...

Doc Brown's message.

Diacanu said...

Toyota re-creates Marty's truck.

Diacanu said...

Nintendo brings back "Wild Gunman", for Wii U

Diacanu said...

Nike makes prototype Air Mags.

Diacanu said...

USA Today re-created their front page from the film.

Diacanu said...

Jimmy Kimmel sketch.

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