Saturday, January 28, 2012

Paramilitary Groups

These were hard to pin down, lotta Army movies about the official U.S. Army, not so much mini-pseudo-armies.

Thought there'd be more.

Gordon's War

See here. 
(Under "Ossie Davis")

Brotherhood of Death

See here.
(Under "The Revolution")

Angel's Brigade

The film-

A.K.A "Angel's Revenge".

It's "Charlie's Angels", meets "The A-Team", but way before "A-Team".

So..."A-Team", is actually a ripoff of "Angel's Brigade".

Knowing that makes me smile for some reason...

The history-

MST3K did this one.


The film-

Preeeetty much the basis for the cartoon/toy line "M.A.S.K".

I mean, they ripped it, lock, stock, and barrel.

Ace Hunter = Matt Tracker?

Not even subtle.

So, you got a flying motorcycle, a truck with a hologram projector,  various gadget-mobiles that dance the edge of Transformers.

Sounds better than it actually is in execution.

The history-

Watched back-to-back at a friends birthday, along with "Ice Pirates".
Good times.

Red Dawn

The film-

Ooooh, oookayyy....I've been rough on this one over the years, time to let go of the bile...

Oh, I still think Milius is politically batshit, but....

Well, lately, I think of it this way, if little black-power kids got "Gordon's War", I guess little flag-waving honkeys deserved "Red Dawn".

The history-

This one had Liberal critics foaming, and frothing, and shooting sparks.
Given the Tipper Gore thought-police shit they were in on back then, maybe that's a good thing.
Maybe Milius needs not just an apology, but a medal....

No...this is...this is still...still so awful...

Starship Troopers

The film-

Paul Verhoeven's second satirical masterpiece after "Robocop".

I'm so damned glad this man existed.
*Wipes a happy tear from corner of eye*

So, it's army guys versus bugs, which may seem like a rip of "Aliens", at first blush, but the novel came WAY before.

The history-

Rented once, ran right out, and fuckin' bought it.
Gotta upgrade it to DVD.
One of those Essential Geek Films.

Team America: World Police

The film-

From here...

Eh, it's no South Park The Movie, but it's got some laughs.
Sadly, some people missed the satire, and took the "america, fuck yeah!", shit at face value.

Oof...those fuckin' Bush years, I tell ya...

Yeah...I stand by that rough-draft assessment, I guess...

And, this is the one exception to what I said in my "Orgasmo", review.

The further out it gets, the more I see this one as what the 00's boiled down to, the way "Saturday Night Fever", is the disco 70's.

The history-

Eh, nothin fancy.

The A-Team

The film-

Fuggin remakes...*mumble, grumble*

Ah, well, I can loophole the show in with this...(see below)

The history-

From here...

Wasn't a fanboy for it, I could take it or leave it.
Oh, heh, there was one time, they were trapped in a warehouse, and they built a fucking forklift out of junk, and powered it by burning,...I shit you not, fertilizer.
My friend's dad goes "so, you think horseshit could really get that going?".
My dad goes "nah, nothing short of BULLshit would burn hot enough".
Heehee, that about sums that show up for me.


Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. 

See here.

G.I. Joe

See here.

Small Soldiers

The film/history-

Man, this army really is mini, and really is pseudo...

Shoulda chucked them in with "Silico-Sapians", shouldn't I?
Ah, well...

Anyway, see here.

The Avengers

The film/history-

Yeah, they're kind of an adjunct to S.H.I.E.L.D. aren't they?
Good enough...

See here.


The film/history-

The live-action version of the marionette show, that was the basis for "Team America".

Imagine Voltron if the cars didn't turn all the way into Voltron.
And, the human characters are dull as dust.
Yep, that.

See here.

And...that's all I could find, or remember...

Up next...The Power Of Music!!

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Paladin said...

MEGAFORCE! Oh, dear sweet mother of fuck have mercy! I would walk out on that one if I was on an airplane! A commando force of glam rock rejects with magnificently quaffed Barry Bostwick as their leader. And the flying motorcycles? *dry heaves* It makes the Chuck Norris "Delta Force" movies look like "Citizen Kane."

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