Friday, July 31, 2015

My birthday haul.

Picking up from yesterday...

So, here's what I got...


Big Hero 6 (2014)

It's based on a Marvel comic, its got Stan Lee, it goes in the Marvel collection.

Hyla had a lotta nitpicks for it, I liked it a lot better than he did.

His major beef seemed to be the origin story stuff being formulaic.
Way I look at it, there's only three stories out there, and it's all in how you tell them.
I liked the characters, it gave me the feels in the right spots, and I laughed at the jokes.
It entertained, it accomplished its job.

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

See here, here, and here.

Like I said in the third link...

I might collect them if/when they're ever in a cheap DVD set.

Boom, done.

Howard The Duck (1986)

See here.

Yeah, what the hell.
It connects to "Guardians Of The Galaxy", now, so...into the collection it goes.

Fantastic Four (2005)
Fantastic Four: 
Rise Of The Silver Surfer (2007)
Daredevil (2003)
Elektra (2005)

FF 1 & 2, see here.
Daredevil/Elektra, see here.

Only one that I consider a stinkbomb is "Elektra".

The rest are watchable.
The set was super cheap, so what the hell.
Also, wanted to be prepared for the Josh Trank FF in case there's Easter eggs or something.
Also, also, more Stan Lee cameos.

Also, also, also, I consider Howard, FF, Daredevil/Elektra, Punishers, Spideys, and Ang Lee Hulk the trial run for the MCU.

I call it "phase 0".

The Toxic Avenger Part II (1989)
The Toxic Avenger Part III: 
The Last Temptation Of Toxie. (1989)

See here, here, here, and here.

Yeah, nostalgia finally won out over taste, I got 'em.

And as I said in part 2 of my "Guardians Of The Galaxy", review....

The slug things in Collector's collection are meant to be the worms in "Slither", so, that makes "Slither", part of Marvel-canon, and thus so too all of Gunn-canon, and Gunn-canon splinters off from Troma-canon, so....Toxic Avenger is actually an Avenger. ;-D

And, Toxie had a Marvel comic, and Stan Lee is in Toxie 4, and Nuke 'Em High 4.

Father's Day (2011)

See here, and here.

Freaked (1993)

Came out my graduation year.
Fucking brilliant.
Hyla & Spencer turned me on to this.
No idea how it got under my radar, I usually went over cult cinema with a lice comb.

Anyway, a must see.
Right up there in the annals with Toxie 1 & 4, Evil Dead 2, stuff like that.
Total Garbage Pail Kids & Madballs level of humor.
Track this down now.

Knights Of Badassdom (2013)

The director of this came out of Troma, and even though he washes his hands of this, because he wasn't given final cut, I think it's fucking great.

About LARPers who have to fight a real monster.

It's got Peter Dinklage, nuff said.
Okay, so does "Pixels".
Well, this is "Pixels", if it didn't suck.

The Purge: Anarchy (2014)

My friend Max called this "Frank Grillo's audition reel for The Punisher".

I'd flat out call it an Elseworlds Punisher.

Approach from that mindset, and enjoy.

The Crow (1994)

See here.

Finally saw this a month or so ago, and loved it.
I consider this a 90's remake of "The Wraith".
Lotta similarities.
This oozes 90's the way "Wraith", oozes 80's.
Great time capsules both.

Didn't like the 90's when they were happening, I wouldn't have let myself enjoy this.
Glad I waited.

Anyhoo, the Amazon seller sent some book instead of this.
Have to sort that out.

Consider this another retro-link placeholder.
Stay tuned.

That was the movie pile.

Then there were a couple t-shirts, a box of bags of gourmet taffy, and a box full of 1975 stuff.
In the '75 box, there was a historical booklet and DVD of the year, and a box full of candy that was around back then.
Oh, and I got a "big 40", teacup, and a big "40 vintage dude", soda/beer mug.

So, here's how the day went.

Got up, checked Facebook, the crows had torn apart the rubbish, so I had to go out using a plastic grocery bag as a glove, and pick all that up, and re-bag the stray trash and the ripped bags in a larger bag.
I kept grumbling "happy birthday", as I did that.

Then, I opened presents, and that cheered me right up.

Then I pigged out way too much on taffy, and passed out into a nap.

Then I watched the Toxies, did some Facebook-ing, and had the rest of a normal day.

The 1975 box, and 40 mugs were my favorite things.
And that was that.
Like I said yesterday, not too eventful, but nice.
The big birthday party with family is this weekend.


B. D. said...

I know that enough people have seen "Freaked" to the point where I'm kind of wondering what the hell even became of Alex Winter whom you almost never see anywhere these days. Yeah the wrong half of Bill & Ted became famous huh!

Too bad the director of "The Crow" has to do crap like "Knowing" these days eh?

Diacanu said...

Alex Winter is still around, he's directing documentaries these days.

He did one in 2013 about the history of piracy from Napster to Torrents.

He just did one this year about the deep web.

Diacanu said...

Also, R.I.P. Rowdy Roddy Piper. :-(

B. D. said...

I guess the director of "The Crow" and "Knowing" at least got what he wanted: "Dark City" was enough of a cult classic to get some kind of fancy pants director's cut on DVD.

Rowdy Roddy is probably better known now for the "They Live" fight scene than his actual wrestling. Do ANY wrestlers make it to an old age now? No Vince McMahon jokes please.

Diacanu said...

Oh, and forgot to list the taffy flavors.
Might wanna remember someday.

Blueberry muffin.
Cinnamon roll.
Chicken & waffles.
Xtreme hot.
Frosted cupcake.
Red velvet cake.

Diacanu said...

Old wrestlers....Um, Hulk Hogan is still ticking.
He probably wishes he weren't these days though...

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