Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Big Summer Movies Part 4. (Part 4.75)

It sure ain't "The Secret Life Of Pets". ;-P
And it never will be. *Finger*

Ghostbusters: Answer The Call

1st time.
2nd time.

Yeah, the title pops up in the credits, I'm finally giving in, and going with it.

Still no Ecto-Cooler. B-(
Gonna have to go out hunting for it, I guess.

Rundown...(with some mild spoilers)
  • I love it better every time.
  • This was my favorite time, both in how it hit me, and my viewing experience.
  • I was in the theater with the best sound, and best air conditioning, so no sweating, or struggling to hear lines.
  • Still laughs in the theater. It's fucking funny.
  • Still want a sequel.
  • "Ghosts From Our Past", definitely augments the experience.
  • Caught some Easter eggs, and they are as follows...
  • When the girls go to the firehouse for the first time, there's a woman standing on the street corner holding up a baby. That's Harold Ramis's daughter, and grandson.
  • When Rowan goes to the metal concert, a guy runs up, slaps him five, and says "Ozzy rocks!!", that's Harold Ramis's son.
  • When Holtzmann re-holsters her proton pistols, a digital readout on her proton pack says "1984", which is the year the original GB came out.
  • When Time's Square morphs, for a brief instant, I saw an 8-bit animated version of Flo from the Progressive ads. Just above the Twinkie ad. Progressive had an advertising tie-in to the film. That one's probably something everyone saw, but I finally caught it this time.
  • All the "controversy", bullshit has blown over, so none of that was in my head. I could just enjoy it full tilt.
  • You know, the Bill Murray cameo didn't even bother me this time. In fact, you could even read Melissa McCarthy's dialog as goofing on how pointless the scene and his character was, so the movie was in on the joke.
  • When I said last time Kate McKinnon's performance was cartoony? Fuck that. I saw footage of her way before she was even on SNL as a sidekick on a lesbian talkshow, and that's really her. She's always been Holtzmann. Some complainers said "who acts like that?". Kate McKinnon, motherfucker. Kate McKinnon.
  • Thought it would go down at least half a star, but nope, I'm keeping it at 9 out of 10.
  • Favorite movie of the summer so far. (Loved Civil War, didn't see it 3 times)

Alright, big time spoilers now.

Here's all the cameos.
You've probably either heard them, or seen them by now, but in case you missed even one.....

Harold Ramis- As a bust at Erin's college.
Bill Murray- Dr. Heiss. Can't miss him.
Annie Potts- Desk clerk at the Mercado Hotel practically playing a Janine clone.
Dan Aykroyd- As a cabbie toward the end. Erin talks to him to try to get him to take her back to the GB headquarters just before the final big fight.
Robin Shelby- She played Slimer in Ghostbusters II, and here, she voices Lady Slimer.
Ernie Hudson- Patty's uncle towards the very end.
Sigourney Weaver- Holtzmann's mentor during the credits.
Harold Ramis's kids- See Easter eggs section in the rundown.

For an extra treat, here's all the music videos.

So, that's it, that completes my Ghostbusters journey until the Blu-Ray comes out.
I think...
Something else could happen, you never know....

Next time, Suicide Squad, then Star Trek.


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Target says the Blu-Ray is coming October 11th.

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Review of the digital extended cut.


Diacanu said...

Blu-Ray review.
(Also retro-linked in the main review)


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