Friday, July 15, 2016

Big Summer Movies Part 4. (Part 4)

Well, it sure as shit isn't gonna be "Finding Dory", is it? ;-)

Ghostbusters (2016)
"Ghostbusters: Answer The Call".

First, the loooong and winding road to get to this moment.

So, woke up, brushed my teeth, washed up, dressed, pounded down 4 Key Lime Slime Twinkies for breakfast, got right on the road, saw the flick, came back, had a chickenburger, and 4 more Twinkies for lunch (2 to go!).
Now, here we go...

  • Loved it.
  • Loved the shit out of it.
  • Loved the cast. Loved 'em before, but even more now.
  • Kate McKinnon is a goddess. Holtzmann deserves to be up there with Superman and Luke Skywalker. 
  • They all have moments to shine though.
  • They're great as a group, the chemistry is excellent.
  • Leslie Jones isn't a stereotype, she's awesome.
  • Chris Hemsworth was great.
  • My theater laughed out loud through the whole thing.
  • Score was awesome.
  • Songs dropped in at the perfect moments.
  • Humor started within the first few moments. It hits the ground running.
  • Jokes almost all the way through.
  • Wanted it to be at least better than GB2, it slaughters GB2, and I like GB2.
  • The look and feel is a crossbreed of the first movie, and "The Real Ghostbusters", with a teensy sprinkle of "Extreme Ghostbusters". They cherry-picked the whole legacy.
  • In fact, the final fight is "Real Ghostbusters", meets "Avengers".
  • Way better than the trailers, and I didn't hate the trailers.
  • Someone at Sony is getting fired for that ad campaign.
  • All the internet controversy and nastiness? Stupid. Waste of time. Waste of electricity. Especially where it got political. You're all fuckin' idiots.
  • The ads spoil an awful lot, but there's so much more in there, you're still good to go if you've seen that stuff.
  • I personally had almost everything spoiled via toys, and lots of other shit, and that's my own stupid fault, but there was still enough new jokes, and character stuff, and connective tissue to burn away the spoiled feeling.
  • Some critics have whined that the classic cameos were annoying. They didn't bother me at all. The only one that kinda slowed things down was the Bill Murray one, it wasn't necessary to the story, but, I just didn't care. It was fun to have him there.
  • Stay through the credits, there's a stinger, and the credits are entertaining anyway. It's not a painful wait like a Marvel movie.
  • It's exactly two hours, and it moved along really fast.
  • In fact, my only gripe, I wanted more. Of everything. More of the fight, more character backstory, more time with everybody, just more. The DVD/Blu-ray is gonna have another 15-17 minutes, and I want it all. I want a 3 hour cut. I want sequels. 
  • Oh, I definitely want sequels. If this is all we get, I can deal, but...I'd like more.
  • I totally need to get "Ghosts From Our Past", because that's got a bunch of the Erin & Abby backstory I was craving.
  • How does it stack up against GB1? *Inflates cheeks, exhales* Shit, tough call. Gotta say, I heard more laughs in my theater than in '84. I really did. Sorry, objective fact. Umm...y'know, apples & oranges. They're in the same multiverse, but they're so different. I personally had the most fun with this one of all three. Take that as you will.
  • Will I go again? Oh, FUCK yeah!!
  • Should you see it? Oh, fuck yeah!
  • Will it change the minds of the people that were nasty about it? No. Those pricks can stay home.
  • Rating? Hmmm, 7.5 out of 10.

Ahhh, there.
27 years of new cinematic Ghostbusters blue-balls is finally over.

Up next? After seeing this one or two more times, Suicide Squad.
Mmmaaaybe "Star Trek: Beyond".
I'm going back and forth on that one.

See you next time for whatever it turns out to be!


Paladin said...

About where I figured you'd be. I liked it, and I knew you'd like it more!

B. D. said...

Are you joking about the 7.5 thing? I can't tell from your tone. Your 7.5 must be the highest 7.5 ever if you can love the movie THAT much and still only give it a 7.5.

I know this much: the SNL women they got are almost certainly the best people on that show now. That's kind of a backhanded compliment. I stopped watching SNL after the "real Sarah Palin" appearance a few years back and relegated myself to only watching viral-video clips if something they did got any attention, and from what I can tell, they're the closest thing that SNL has to ANYTHING "good" now. I don't know if you've seen any clips of Leslie Jones or Kate McKinnon on SNL but SNL aims VERY, VERY low now. Maybe not as low as when Adam Sandler and Chris Farley were the stars of the show, but...low. Maybe Larry David doing Bernie Sanders was okay, but aside from're in hell, as far as I can tell.

Diacanu said...

I dunno, it could go up when I see it some more.
It wasn't perfect, but the good outweighed the nitpicky stuff.

I gave BvS an 8.5, which I'd lower to 8, but bump right back up to 8.5 for the ultimate cut.

If I said 10 out of 10, people would dismiss it as the ramblings of a madman.
9 of of 10, same.
8.5 same as Bvs?
Hmmm...IIII dunno...
6.5 is way too low, total bullshit, even though a lot of critics are doling those out.
7, still too low.
I thought 7.5 was a good balance.

It's hard, movies aren't science.

Again, I'll see it some more, so it could go up.
There's some Easter eggs and subtexts I want to look for next time.

Diacanu said...

As for SNL...yeah, I only watch it for Jones and McKinnon.
I started watching to find out who they were, and got sucked in.
But, as soon as movies can rescue them like Christen Wiig, the better.

B. D. said...

You're probably watching SNL more than I am, then....really, the stuff that gets my attention is few and far between now. Even their Donald Trump stuff isn't terribly funny and they seem to have so little confidence in their new male cast members that they actually drug Darrell Hammond back from the dead to do Trump again! He was on the show like 15 years!!!

Also, Frankie Teardrop died (okay, just the guy who did the vocals, including those unearthly high pitched screams.) He was actually pushing 40 when he did that track, just FYI. Guess I could play the song in tribute (note: most of the rest of that record is not very good at all--really, really primitive, repetitive, simplistic art-rock being made by two guys with almost no instruments!)

Also also, before I forget to mention it, that new Radiohead album ("A Moon Shaped Pool") is fairly good. Better than their last one from five years ago, which people seem to have forgotten by now, that's for certain. They're VERY low key and piano-ballad-ish now and it's all very subdued and quiet and does little to draw attention to itself, and they have BARELY any interest in "rocking" anymore (they're all in their mid to late 40s, too).

Diacanu said...

Whelp, looks like the GB16 sequels and spinoffs are on their way.
I know some annoying people this news will upset.

Diacanu said...

Ivan Reitman says the Channing Tatum movie was never a thing, and the thing he's working on could bridge the worlds of GB1/GB2 and GB16.

Diacanu said...

Paul Feig on his ideas for the sequel.

Diacanu said...

Part 2.

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