Thursday, October 20, 2011

I love the EeeDees!!

EeeDee, ED, Evil Dead, get it?

Okay, so, now we go from Leatherface, the first filmic chainsaw wielder, to one who wields the 'saw for righteousness.


The Evil Dead

The film-

So, it all started here.
The start of Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Rob Tapert, and some other folks.

This one is pretty damned gore drenched, and played for straight scares.

Little bits of it kinda break the illusion, or are unintentionally goofy, but overall, a nice little horror show.

In hindsight, it ends up kind of being a dress rehearsal for Evil Dead 2.

The history-

Well, I covered my history will all three films rather succinctly in the entry on "Army Of Darkness", in this post (I H8 The 90's part 3!!!!).

But, ehh, what else can I remember?

Oh, I watched my (overpriced, and hard won copy of) the VHS with Hyla the exact same day he gave me the pics of Zoria, and Harry's ex-wife.

His brother was cleaning his bong, and I was terrified he'd blast it into full gear, and get me high.
That's hilarious to me now.

What else?
Oh, yeah, I dissected the Evil Dead 1 Necronomicon in this post here.

And on the topic of the Necronomicon, the doc "Invaluable", is on its way.

Yeah, that's it.

Evil Dead 2 (Dead By Dawn)

The film-

Hell, if this isn't already on your shelf, and watched at least 10 times, hand in your fuckin' geek card.

I mean, it's this, Princess Bride, Star Wars original trilogy, Wrath Of Khan, and Blade Runner, or you're kicked out of...existence.

The history-

Well, I re-reiterate this post.
Mark recommended it to me, and I've been a fan ever since.

Here's a clip from the times of Sam Raimi debating some prudes.

It turned 24 years old this March.

Damn, where does the time go?

Army Of Darkness

The film-

Well, ditto Evil Dead 2 I guess.

The history-

I re-re-reiterate this post.

Evil Dead: Hail To The King

The game-

Hard to find now.
Watched a walkthrough on Youtube.
Everyone I've heard who've played it says it's too cumbersome and hard to be worth it. spawned this funny commercial, anyway.

The history-

Evil Dead: A Fistful Of Boomstick

The game-

I re-paste my quickie review from this post....

A nifty little game, okay fight system, maybe a little clunky, but with practice, one can juggle it fairly well.
Bruce Campbell's dialogue is funny enough.
On par with the films, anyway.
There was an Evil Dead game before this "Hail To The King", but I hear it sucked.
I watched the cutscenes on Youtube once, eh...
This one's better.
The next one better still.

The history-

Um...I bought and played it.

Evil Dead: Regeneration

The game-

Another re-paste from this post...

Evil Dead 2 and a half.
Great game.
A definite step up from "a fist full of boomstick".
Ted Raimi is a fucking riot.
His character is strangely the best video game weapon since Belmont's whip in Castlevania 4.
When you beat it all the way through, you get to play all the cinema scenes, and as a movie, yeah, easily worthy of being canon with the films.
Not bad.
Any Evil Dead fan should give this one a spin in the ol' PS2.

The history-

Ditto "Fistful Of Boomstick".

Marvel Zombies vs. Army Of Darkness

The book-

Yet another re-paste from this post...

A prequel to "Marvel vs. Zombies", with Ash from the "Evil Dead", trilogy bumbling into the MZ universe, and accidentally causing the zombie plague.
Funny stuff, better art than the main MZ books.
Like I said further up, the spinoff stuff like this is actually better than the main series.
Chronologically, for Ash, this would be...after "Army Of Darkness", and before "Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash".

This, and FvJvA were the best of the Ash comics, the rest ranged from mediocre fanfic, to rushed scribblings.
You can live without 'em.
Trust me.

The history-

I read it *shrug*

Freddy vs Jason vs Ash

The book/the history-

Nailed it here.

Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: The Nightmare Warriors

The book/history-


Bubba Ho-Tep

The film-

'Nother re-paste...

Bruce Campbell's best movie to date.
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll cheer.
Just go out, and rent/buy it.
Do it.
Anyway, why I count this as a sorta-Evil Dead will be explained later...

The history-

Bruce Campbell came to the Borders in Portland, and I didn't know until I got there, and I was bedraggled looking, and didn't have anything for him to autograph, so, I figured he'd be there at least an hour or two, so I raced home like a maniac, cleaned up, grabbed  the DVDs of "Bubba Ho-Tep", and "Evil Dead 2", raced back...and he was gone.
Every rare opportunity like that goes to shit for me.
Oh, well.
It's my goofy George Costanza-ish lot in life...

Anyway, I totally think he was there to plug....

Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way

The book-

'Nother 'nother re-paste.

The audiobook of this is the one to go with.
It's essentially a full cast radio play, and a fucking riot.
I happen to think, the best thing of Bruce Campbell's career so far.
I'm serious.

The history-

See my Bubba Ho-Tep story.

My Name Is Bruce

The film-

One more re-paste...(from this post)

Anyhoo, it (Evil Dead 4) sort of reincarnated as "My Name Is Bruce".
And that one's okay.
Really goofy, almost a Don Knotts, or Abbott & Costello style of humor, you gotta be in the right mood for it.
But at least it was something Evil Dead adjacent.
I count it as Evil Dead 4 in my personal canon.

Why I count it as Evil Dead 4, well, if "New Nightmare", is set in the real world, and counts as Freddy 7, then surely, this counts as a backdoor Evil Dead 4.

And, it has reference to "Bubba Ho-Tep", and "Make Love!", so, I throw those in the cauldron too.

The history-

Not much. Bought it offa Amazon. *shrug*

Bruce vs Frankenstein

The would-be sequel to "My Name Is Bruce".

Bruce Campbell wants it to be "'The Expendables' of the horror stars", so, that would easily include him, Robert Englund, and Kane Hodder.

Who else would be good?

Doug Bradley, and Jeffrey Combs would be good gets.

Maybe Heather Langenkamp, and Mark Patton.

Angus Scrimm, and Reggie Bannister (who Bruce already worked with in "Bubba").

Linnea Quigley. Ron Perlman.

Yeah, I can't fucking wait, I hope he pulls it together, and it doesn't rot on the vine in development hell.

So, that's all the Ash stuff, and Ash-adjacent Bruce stuff.

Up next...*drum roll*....Hannibal!!

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Baon Scarpia said...

Ah, but you haven't said much about ED's British history.

ED was one of the infamous video nasties. Oddly enough, ED was released in Britain by Palace Video - I say 'oddly enough' because Palace genuinely cared about the films they released, and fought the censors all the way to the courtroom. (This was, and is, rather uncommon) Sam Raimi actually turned up to defend his film.

The result was that ED is the most famous film to be DROPPED from the video nasties list. 33 films out of 72 managed to do this; none of them have the following that ED has.

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