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A GB16 lover's guide to Ghostbusters merchandise.

Previous GB16 related posts-

Last time, I covered all the GB1/GB2 merchandise and flicks that the GB16 haters are getting.

Now, if you're open to the new flick, and haven't made up your mind to hate it before seeing it, or, if you've fallen head over heels for it with what little bits you've seen, naturally, you get even more, so here's the rest of all that.

Warning: the books/toys/games give away a lot of spoilers, so if you want to walk into the theater completely fresh, bail out now.

Well, the flick hasn't come out yet, so we get no theatrical or home video stuff, but July 8th, give or take a week, will be....

The soundtrack albums.
One for the pop songs, one for the score.

"Good Girls", by Elle King already premiered yesterday.

I can only assume this is to GB16 what "Ghostbusters", was to GB1, and "On Our Own", was to GB2.
I like it. I can totally picture a Ghostbusting montage happening with it in the background.

Also, from the press release:
Other artists to be featured on the soundtrack include G-Eazy ft. Jeremih, 5 Seconds of Summer, Pentatonix, WALK THE MOON, Fall Out Boy ft. Missy Elliott, Wolf Alice and more.  A full track listing will be announced soon.

That's the only digital media we get until the flick, so let's jump ahead to books.

"Ghosts From Our Past".
And the spoilers begin.
GFOP is a fictional book within the movie that Abby Yates (McCarthy) and Erin Gilbert (Wiig) wrote together before they were Ghostbusters, and was a bone of contention that broke them up before the film starts. So, this imaginary updated edition no doubt includes events from the film.

There's the novelization of the flick you can pre-order now.
This one is for adults.

Then, there's this line of easy-reader for kids ones that retell the story of the film from different vantage points.

Then, as with the GB1 crew, the GB16 crew gets their own Little Golden Book. fact, let's see those together.

Ahhh, nice.

Then, we're back to the IDW comic again.
Even though it's the original crew, they maybe planted a seed for a GB16 crossover.

In March's "Ghostbusters International issue #3",....

....this panel clearly has the GB16 girls applying for a job at the firehouse.
We don't see their faces, but those are clearly their outfits from the leaked set pics last summer when they filmed in Boston.

So, that happened.
If nothing else, the comic book dimensionally connects the two universes.

And of course, Ecto-Cooler, Twinkies, and Campfire Marshmallows exist in both universes.

Then, like the guys, you get 6 inch figures of the girls.
Spoilers again.
They come with body parts of Rowan, the final bad guy, who you can build if you get all 4.

Here he is, assembled.
Clearly, his appearance is based on logo-ghost.
So, logo-ghost is named now.

The latest international trailers show him at the end, and I heard some idiot hater say "he's meant to be a generic ghost, not a real ghost!!".
Duh. He's a shapeshifter job like Stay-Puft.
But, he is not Stay-Puft like some sloppy movie sites have reported.

Anyhoo, if you get all 4 classic Ghostbusters, and all 4 new Ghostbusters, you can do your own crossover, and mix and match the accessories.

Okay, here's where we get into deep spoilers, so run away if you haven't already at the red text.

Stay-Puft IS in the film.

Here, we get the 6 inchers of the monsters, and it's Mayhem (dragon guy from second trailer), Stay-Puft, and Rowan.
They all have light up action, and Rowan has a different face, so he's not doubles of build-a-figure Rowan.

But zoom in on Stay-Puft's box there.
"Stay-Puft Balloon Ghost".
And if you look even closer, he has balloon seams on his arms and legs.
Combine that knowledge with that there's a scene in the second trailer where the girls are shooting at haunted parade balloons, and that must be how Stay-Puft is shoehorned in.
Not as a Gozer incarnation, but as an inflated mascot become possessed.

Okay, last time I said of the minis...

The whole GB16 line centers around these, but I'll get into that in more detail in a later GB16 merch post.

So, here's where I explain that.

We start with the main minis.
There's Abby Yates, some split-face ghost, and Slimer eating hot dogs.

There's Erin Gilbert, some kind of bug-man ghost, and a baby Rowan.

There's Jillian Holtzmann, a baby Rowan getting sucked into a trap, and (I think) the new library ghost from the trailer.

And finally, here's Patty Tolan, a regular non-hotdog Slimer, and a rat ghost.

So, if you get all 4 girls, you get a fistful of ghosts.

Big spoilers coming up again....

Here's a character chart off one of the playsets or vehicles, and you see there, the 4 girls, Kevin, and the guy in the red suit, who I'm guessing is human Rowan.
Yep, Rowan starts human, then dies, and comes back as logo-ghost.
I think these also come in blind-bags, and that's how you get the Kevin and the Rowan.

Okay, now here's how the minis tie the whole thing together....

As with the dudes, the minis are meant to fight the 6 inch monsters...

...then, there's an Ecto-1 for the minis, and it makes the ghosts light up.

Then, slime is coming back, and it comes with minis, and (mega-spoiler!!!) one of them is female Slimer.
Yep, apparently, Paul Feig is getting Slimer laid.

The slime comes in jars that look like the new traps.

Then, there's a child-sized proton pack, and you can put your minis in a compartment in the barrel, and project them onto the wall.

Then, there's a ghost trap that hooks to the pack, for storing the minis, play-capturing the ghost minis, and.... unfolds into a playset of the subway fight from the film.

Then, there's a proton pistol that shoots little Nerf bullets, and also hooks to the proton pack.

So, the minis tie the 6 inch inch figures, the mini-scale play, and the child-sized play all together into one interconnected little play world.

So, that's the minis-verse.

As with the guys, the girls also come in Minimates form.

Ditto Legos.
You get all 4 girls, the new Ecto-1, Kevin, Ecto-2, and a Lego version of Mayhem.

All with proton packs, traps, PKE meter, and other assorted gizmos.

Then, there's the Funko Pop figures, which I guess is a fancy name for bobble-heads.
You get the 4 girls, Kevin, Rowan, Gertrude Eldridge (library ghost), and a Funko-sized Ecto-1 with a variant Jillian Holtzmann.

Then, there's a line called Monster High, which are basically Goth Barbie, and they're doing one in a GB16 suit with a pack and a gun, and a stylized Slimer.
It's a convention exclusive.
I include it for completeness.

There's Hot Wheels of new Ecto-1, and Ecto-2.
As I said before, they do the cars of everything.

Rubber finger puppets of the girls, Kevin, 2 forms of Rowan, Slimer, and Mayhem.

Squeezie dolls of Slimer, split-ghost, and rat ghost, where when you squeeze 'em, their eyeballs inflate out of the sockets as stretchy latex bubbles full of slime with the eyeballs floating in it.
They did this trick with Madballs some years back.

A puppet of Slimer where if you pull on his tongue, he screams, and it's not a static recording, he screams for as long as you hold his tongue.
Also, if you pull his arm like a slot machine, he plays the Ghostbusters song.

Madame Tussauds in New York is going to have...I dunno what for dummies, if it's the guys, the girls, or both, but the main headliner thing will be a VR tour thing where instead of being tied to a treadmill or a stand, you walk through a hallway where the VR syncs up, and lets you touch walls and objects keyed to the simulation.

Then, there's going to be a PS4 game set sometime after the movie, where Ghostbusting branches out into new franchises, and you create your own team of characters.

Then, there'll be a board game called "Protect The Barrier".
It WAS spoilers for the big Rowan fight until the international trailer came out.

An Uno deck with the girls.
'Nuff said.

Now, back to t-shirts.

Again, Teepublic has the best, and they're the only ones with GB16 designs.

Shirtpunch did have that first Real Ghostbusters style design, but they don't anymore.

Now, I haven't seen them officially hit stores, but I have it on pretty good authority, and just plain common sense, that Jillian Holtzmann's glasses, and "screw u", medallion are totally gonna be a thing.

And finally....

Halloween costumes.
Women, men, and childrens.
The cheap ones will have inflatable proton packs, but the second wave will have expensive ones with plastic packs.
OR, you could go whole-hog with that $1000 Anovos pack from last time.

Oh, and also, sexy Stay-Puft.

Cuz remember how you always wanted to rail Stay Puft?
Well, clearly, somebody did.

And, that's all of that.
For now.
There will be more when the movie comes out.


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