Friday, May 27, 2016

The Ghostbusters of Christmas future.

Something else along with "In defense of the Ghostbusters reboot", and "Ghostbusters: The Lean Years", to add to my GB16 review.

So here, I lay out the future of the franchise as revealed by Ivan Reitman.

Reitman and Aykroyd have created a production company within Sony called "Ghostcorps", to develop this stuff, and they seem to have a hand in the merchandising, but that's another post. Maybe.
Anyway, here's what Ghostcorps has baking in the oven.


This one's made, and ready to go in 50 days.


The mysterious animated film.
Ivan Reitman is co-directing it with Fletcher Moules, who directed the "Clash Of Clans", commercials.

So, for sure, it's going to be CGI, and not hand drawn.

But, who will the crew of Busters be?
Youth-ified versions of the original guys (minus Egon) picking up in 1992?
3-D versions of the 80's animated?
Animated versions of the comic book versions?
A crossover of the originals and the GB16 girls?
Or, some entirely new crew we haven't met yet?

I think we can rule out strangers if Reitman is directly involved.
I'm betting heavily on the classic Busters.
Whether they'll be realistic, or stylized, or if they'll crossover with the girls, that's the million dollar question.

Then there's the one with Channing Tatum.
It's supposed to be "futuristic", and also have Chris Pratt.
Reitman says we weren't supposed to know about this one yet.
Reports were that this was optioned alongside GB16, and GB16 beat it out, and killed it, but Reitman says it's in limbo, but not necessarily dead.
There's going to be a 21 Jump Street crossover with Men In Black called "MIB 23", would this also be a Jumpstreet crossover, or would Tatum be an entirely new character leading an as yet uncast crew of Busters?
No way of knowing.
A veil of secrecy hangs over all this stuff, but I'm just passing along what's known, and speculating.

Then there's a mystery live-action film that's being written as we speak.
Nothing is known about this at all, but Reitman says this exists on top of the Tatum one, so it's not the Tatum one.
And if it were a straight GB16 sequel, I think he might have said so.
I infer that this comes right after the animated one.

A third GB crew? Who? Who??? Who, dammit, who?? ARGH!!
Maybe the belated torch pass to Oscar?
No way to know, but it's driving me crazy.

And finally...

A TV series.
Again, nothing else known about it.
Animated? Live-action?
Network? Cable? Netflix?

Reitman says of this one "there's remarkable ghost lore in every tradition. It's totally different in China and Japan and Korea, and there's extraordinary opportunity in that".

So, sounds like Ghostbusters International.
But how would they handle that?
One crew that travels the world, or an anthology like "True Detective", with a new crew every season?

Anyhoo, I hope all this shit happens, cuz they need to make up for all the lost time where the franchise had nothing but cricket chirps.

Oh, you Boomer-age Trekkies think you had a long wait between TOS and TMP?
*Points to left buttock* kiss it.

And you GB16 haters wanna sabotage this?
Go climb into an oven.

Anyway, this is the time capsule.
We'll see where this stuff stands in the next 5 years.
Stay tuned!


B. D. said...

I just watched "Spock's Brain". Well, geez, I guess they decided, gosh, if we filmed this whole retarded episode, we might as well air it! WORTHLESS ZZZZZZZZZZZ. "Brain? What is brain?" What a shitty way to start a season.

Diacanu said...

I like a couple of McCoy's sarcastic lines in that, but yeah, it's pretty bad.

It's not as cut and dry as the fan legend that "3rd season is the shitty one".
Some of the famous good ones are in 3rd season, and some of the truly horrible ones are actually in the 2nd season.

B. D. said...

What are the turds in season 2? I didn't like that "Assignment: Earth" one or "The Omega Glory."

Diacanu said...

Eh, now that I look over the list, nothing is horrible.
Although "A piece of the action", and "Catspaw", are kinda goofy.

B. D. said...

"The Enterprise Incident" seemed like a shot down the third base line after the worthless "Spock's Brain." I still say The X-Files episode "Space" is the worst episode of TV I've ever seen, sillier and stupider and more embarrassing than any Ed Wood movie, SB is just awkwardly slow and dumb and pointless.

Frankly, the show's got quite a few silly episodes, which didn't have to be a bad thing (the Tribble episode is silly, and it's one of the most famous.)

Diacanu said...

The GB series is Ghostbusters: Ecto Force.

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