Monday, March 28, 2016

Big Winter Movies (Part 5).

Finally, after being beaten down by crap weather, we limp into spring with....

Batman v Superman:
Dawn Of Justice (2016)

When last we met Kal-El and Bruce...

And now, this flick.
  • Fuck the critics, this doesn't suck, they're being assholes.
  • I really dug it. Don't quite know if I love it yet, still processing.
  • The whine about the editing is blown out of proportion. I followed it just fine.
  • Ben Affleck is the best Batman ever.
  • Gal Gadot is just fine as Wonder Woman, her detractors can go eat a dick.
  • All the returning supporting MoS cast are great, especially Amy Adams.
  • The B vs S fight when we finally do get to it is everything we wanted, and more.
  • The WW, Bats, & Supes vs Doomsday fight (its spoiled in the trailer, stop crying) is great, but dances the edge of "so much you go numb", territory. 
  • You'll either love or hate Eisenberg's Luthor. I thought he was fine. If he doesn't click for you, you're gonna be bitching.
  • If you didn't like Snyder's style on "Man Of Steel", you're probably not gonna like this.
  • Don't take little kids, idiots. It's PG-13 for a reason.
  • Someone brought a fucking baby. Fuck, people are stupid garbage.
  • Asshole behind me fell asleep and snored. Had to wake him with a loud cough. 
  • Really looking forward to the standalone Bats and WW films now.
  • This looks critic proof box-office wise, the DCCU is in good shape.
  • Definitely will go to see a second time.
  • If you at all liked MoS, go see it.
  • If you've waited decades for Bats & Supes to duke it out, go see it.
  • I repeat, fuck the critics. I'm normally not a conspiracy minded person, but they seem to have an agenda for this to fail. Fuck 'em.
  • Only real gripe, takes an hour 40-something minutes to get to the meaty bits. Needed trimming.
  • Will be interesting to see the 3 hour R rated cut.

So, yeah, that's it.

Tonight, Flash meets Supergirl on TV.

Next time, this again, then the winter recap.


Diacanu said...

Also, this is post #2200!!

B. D. said...

Hahahaha at the guy falling asleep behind you and snoring. Throw that in your theater etiquette rules...

Diacanu said...

Rule #6. If you have narcolepsy and/or sleep apnea, bring a spotting buddy with a poking stick.

Paladin said...

In full agreement.

I liked it the first time I saw it. On second viewing, I think I might have gotten to love it. It *is* long and, in places, poorly edited, but, man, does it deliver what I want out of a comic book movie. Not a perfect film, but it's 2.5 hours and I never felt like looking at my watch (er, phone); that's a pretty impressive feat.

If I had one wish--and it applies to all current comic book movies, including those by Marvel--it's that I'd like there to be a little more fun. You know that scene in Man of Steel, where Clark learns to fly and we follow along? I love that.

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