Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Big Winter Movies Part 2. (Part 3).

And, back to home video for a quick bit.....

Return Of The
Caped Crusaders (2016)

Previously with this timeline...

  • Excellent! Loved it!
  • Batman '66 is back! They nailed it!
  • Chock full of Batman '66 Easter eggs, and even a couple references to Batman '89, and "The Dark Knight Returns".
  • As an example, there were some sly references from the Aunt Harriett character that she thinks Bruce and Dick are gay, which is a goof on that the character of Aunt Harriett was added by the network suits of the 60's to deflect the whole gay thing. These jokes were done well, and were funny, IMO. A kid wouldn't pick up on them, but an adult would.
  • There's even a quick gag about the three Catwomen. The show never addressed it, and it was weird. 
  • Instead of the classic animation opening of the old show, we have Batman and Robin re-enacting historic covers of the comic. Loved it.
  • If you dig Batman '66, you will worship this. A worthy sequel to the first movie, and a beautiful homage to the whole show.
  • If you're a Batman '66 may like it anyway. This movie has a sense of humor about itself. I mean, if you can accept LEGO Batman, why not Adam West?

If you're a superhero junkie, check it out!

Up next in this revived franchise, a sequel to this with William Shatner as Two-Face.

The comics have done a crossover with Batman '66, and Wonder Woman '77.
I'd love to see a movie of that!
If they're planning a regular series of these, I say, go for it.

My ultimate dream would be if they could get together Batman '66, Wonder Woman '77, Superboy '88, and Flash '90 for a classic TV Justice League.
Can't say it would never happen, because look at all the crazy comic book things we're getting we never thought we'd see!
Who thought we'd ever get a big screen Dr. Strange movie!

Loving this comic book renaissance!

Next time, Dr. Strange again, then Rogue One!

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B. D. said...

"Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" - Dull and mediocre. Honestly, I didn't cringe at a single moment of it, except for when the friendly Voice of God showed up....but they immediately made it clear that that was just a dupe. Forgettable plot and forgettable villain, but Uhura's fan dance is like 10 seconds, the old TV show had scenes far sillier than the campfire bit, and I don't know if it's due to him being director but there weren't any bad Shatner lines.

It's still a weak movie, by far the weakest of the five I've seen, but I seriously didn't come close to puking at it once. We'll watch it again to be sure...

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